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FAERIE?: A small data-set indicating that folkloric entities or something very like them could be real, Part Eight.

I guess we could call this a "bulk data day". As such, it's probably a bit more boring than most, but I feel my old prof's duty to demonstrate that I really did read a lot of cases of these things, and thereby have not been entirely BSing [yes, I will admit to a CERTAIN amount of BS, but not TOTAL BS]. These cases in the lists below constitute what we might call the "ordinary core phenomenon" or "The Faerie Encounter pile". The critters encountered here are in a way the "guys we'd expect to see". I've listed 52 cases below, and that is the majority of the cases that I'd suggest cluster together. No other attempt at clustering can come anywhere near this amount. In the first 100 there was a cluster of Tinkerbells due to the one website, but even it would not have rivaled this littlefolk "pile". My instinct is: that if there is a "true" Little People phenomenon, it in major part looks like the cases below.

Baker's Dozen #1 contains a nice split of 1&1/2 footers and 3-4 footers. Two cases are tinier. They are, as you read, the older cases in this 100. Green and red dress dominate. Note the case where the farmer watches a riotous sloppy bathing activity, but upon the dwarves leaving the bath has not been disturbed. Note also the case where the dwarves seem to leave our world by spiraling down into a hilltop.

Although we have a dreadfully inadequate supply of pretty elfin creatures in these accounts, there was at least one with beautiful dancing faerie girls in sparkling dresses.

Baker's Dozen #2 contains a similar abundance of the "small" but neither tiny nor normal creatures. It is possible that only one case represented really small Faeries (depending how big the Rhododendron bush was [if we were in New Zealand all bets would be off on that]). Dress colors and style are more diverse here. Several MacManus cases here, so a stronger credibility. Music and dance not the majority. but this is establishing itself as a strong theme. Notice the Native American case at #21 --- possible hint of clothing matching local culture. The Anglesey case is pure Olde Style, with gifting back for service rendered. If I had to guess, I'd have picked Anglesey as one of the likely places where this might still happen.

The dancing and merriment element in these cases is very striking. Whenever there is a group, this feature is likely, though not universal [that would be too much to hope for wouldn't it??]
Baker's Dozen #3 contains [possibly] entirely cases of 1 to 4 footers. The two smallest encounters have "gossamer" dress. Once again, green and red predominate, joined by brown. These cases continue the "significant minority" of encounters where the entities simply vanish. Note the instance [#39] where the witness was told by the conversational gnome that his job was to convert dead plant debris into new life. Note also that in case #34, witness thinks that the experience is UFO-related [despite entities looking like dwarves from Snow White].

Although that last set had some uglier entities than typical, REALLY ugly characters are rare. This sort of troll-ish imagery may not have much support. See, however, case #38, wherein the entity seems to be composed of sinewy "tree-roots". This is a rare [to me] good old forest bogan at work. But even there, the witness said that the critter was "oddly cute".

Bakers Dozen #4 contains the most recent cases of this set. Again, apparently all of these are 1&1/2-to-4 foot tall. Green slightly edges other colors as the style of choice. Although some dancing and merry-making, less so than in previous sets. Note case #42 has faerie with lute acting like childhood "imaginary friend". Case#44 is like the "Georgia border" sighting which occurred at the same time the Kelly/Hopkinsville case did. The Bend,OR case [#50] has a "skin-clad" being leaving footprints.

Above is my rendition of the Wollaston Park, Nottingham, UK case of the mini-car merry-makers. [Case #46]. This experience was reported to elders by a group of young kids. Some of the elders took the kids separately and quizzed them about this "unbelievable" story, and amazingly the kids' stories held together. [one child differed on the hair-color of the dwarves]. In this tale, a very large number of little folk were racing around all over the park having a blast driving small autos. No adults were in that area of the park at the time. The kids saw these fun-loving mischief-makers not only driving like mad-men and pretending to chase the kids, always backing off so as not to catch them, but also up in the trees, emerging from and going back into holes [not stated but presumably holes in the tree trunks]. If this case is true, then it's all merry rock-&-roll good times in Faerie.

But it still isn't telling me what I'm dealing with....

Hoo....WHOOOOO goes there???


  1. Dear Professor,

    Who goes there? Under the KISS principle perhaps the answer is simply "The Good Neighbors". I have a wonderful mental image of a gnome declaring ala Popeye "I am what I am!".

    A bit simplistic, perhaps, but it works for me!

    - Steve Muise

  2. Hah!!! It sort of works for me too. But I'm lumbered with the explorers instinct, so I'll keep walking around the Enchanted Forest for a while longer to see what there is to see.

  3. I hesitate to tell this story, having read all your posts on fairies thus far. The summer of 2010, my ten year old grandson and I outran a tornado in Corfu NY. Next day, we were hit by a violent storm as we approached Clareton, NY. A large tree branch hit the top of our van. We pulled over at the waterfalls as thunder, lighting and wind raged. Through the insane elements, we saw, dancing around the falls about 35 feet away, a light about two inches across and four inches long. It traveled across the trees and the falls. It seemed to me to be a fairy/sprite as in it seemed alive, yet the elements seemed not to effect it. It was still there when the storm passed and we drove away.

    It gets weirder.

    Days later, as I drove by the same waterfalls with a van full of grandchildren, I saw an unicorn. I pointed, and my granddaughter yelled out, "An unicorn!"

    That was proof for me. I did not turn around. Because I knew it wouldn't be there. But I just said, "Look!" Not, "Look, there's an unicorn."
    My granddaughter saw it and said, "An unicorn!"

    I believe in magic and never will science explain it all.

  4. Thank you for your encounter stories. They will stand as you experienced them with our respect, as you were there to experience the fullness of the atmosphere of the incident and none of us were so privileged. I am attempting to create a sympathetic space here for non-judgemental and hopefully intelligent "conversation" about these mysteries.

    So as to that: The anomalous "ball/elongated lightform" phenomenon has many many other allied incidents in "our" case files. You've seen several here among the faerie literature. There are many hundreds within the UFO case files. Sometimes there are entities of more-or-less humanoid form associated but not usually. The bottom line is: we don't know what these are. They DO seem to [often] sail about as if they were intelligent or at least "alive". An Italian researcher of UFO lightfields [Hessdalen, Marfa, SW Arizona, et all] named Teodorani has constructed a hypothesis that they are conscious entities [not new] and is trying to come up with ways to test this [new].

    As to the unicorn: if we have a "world alongside", from which faerie presences manifest; and if this world is based upon paranormal means of operating rather than physics and biological evolution, then during the interfaces the denizens of that reality might manifest however they wish [perhaps]. This is just repeating what many of the old peoples have believed in [but related in their own words]. Why such a form would be chosen, who of us could know? I have almost no other "unicorns" anywhere in my files, but maybe I haven't been looking in the right places. One respectful caveat: because this creature differs from our well-known animal by so little, we need a VERY good observation basis for feeling secure on the element-of-strangeness [the horn] which makes the anomalistic difference in any incident.

  5. Prof

    Do you have any reference on the faerie adult witnesses , are they normal or psychic/sensitive people ? because not all people can see these manifestations even if they want it but it seems certain people are sensitive and see such phenomena multiple times (just like a repeater UFO witness having multiple sightings). As an old guard in UFO research, do you have any pattern/statistical data mapping psychic sensitivity to high-strangeness sightings ? whether its faerie, bigfoot, nessie, UFO or anything magonia like


    *NB: As for children especially smaller kids they are naturally sensitive till adulthood

    1. To my knowledge there are no such references. Field research publications like Evans-Wentz and MacManus do not indicate any such pattern.

      The concept of "mapping" psychic sensitivity would require a very effective means of determining such a claim. To my knowledge no such means exists with any scientific agreement. You have many assumptions which could be correct in the way you attempt to model reality, but those assumptions are often not at all obvious to others, even in these fields. This makes model-making unconvincing.



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