Monday, December 17, 2012

The Mist at Death

Going through the SITU "junk boxes" and trying to discard contentless paper as well as redundant duplication ... it's an often-dull occupation but every so often you are rewarded with something interesting. The SITU files has/had a ton of FATE magazines. Often these were in duplications of four to a number. Well, as interesting as FATE can be, we cannot afford the shelf space for anything like that, and so they must go. I have a nearly complete run myself, so no help there. Several of my friends have their own or prefer to come over here and use mine [or now, Ivan's] and not lumber their own shelves. So, for some of these duplicates, I decided to "extract" the interesting articles and notes. place them into topical files, and recycle the remnants. None of these were REALLY old "classics", by the way. This makes content MUCH easier to access when one decides to make a review of a subject in the anomalies, and I've done the same thing with a duplicate run of PURSUIT. {and CUFOS' IUR}. I'll never do such a horrid act to anything rare but that does make research harder NOT doing so.

The relevance to a blog post is that in a very small number of FATEs that I was dismembering, there arose three notes from readers about "mists" rising from the bodies of relatives or patients at the moment of death. One hears, vaguely, of such things, but these were the first "personal report" sorts of incidents that I'd read. As my Mother is just going into hospice now, and maybe is facing her final soul-moments here in the physical universe, this coincidence stuck a little more tightly. [I am, by the way, perfectly at Peace with the possibility of an imminent passing, even of this person residing so near the center of my existence. Mother has lived a grand 96+ years, filled with outpourings of Love, and I am certain that God is proud of her. I'll feel her passing at the animal-level, but my own soul will ultimately be joyful for her new status in the next stage of her existence, surrounded by those who meant so much to her].

And so.... what did those readers say?

One person said this: [a woman was in hospital in a double room with an elderly patient in the other bed. She told this to her daughter] "Late one night shortly after twelve o'clock, my mother lay awake. Suddenly, she told me, she felt her attention drawn to Mrs. Melberger's bed. As she watched, she saw a white mist rise from her head. It hovered for a few seconds, then slowly began spiraling and floated away from the woman and out through the closed door of the room." This made the other woman nervous, but after a while she could fall back asleep. When she awoke the next morning, the other bed was unoccupied. Her nurse told her that the older lady had died a little after midnight that evening.

Robert Crookall of OOBE fame, wrote to FATE to mention that in a book by Reverend Maurice Elliott and his wife Irene, that they were present at a deathbed and witnessed some sort of angel-like "visitants" come saying that they were there to take the patient home. Shortly a "white hazy mist" began to form above the body and to take on the form of the near-deceased. The witnesses said that some sort of "cord" seemed to attach this mist to the physical body and the angel-visitants assisted in detaching it, whereupon the mistbody [soul as interpreted by those present] left the premises with a company of spirits.

The third anecdote was from a soldier in the Pacific Theatre [GUAM] of WWII. While treating a wounded soldier, a sniper killed the man who was accompanying the fellow who wrote to FATE. He in turn killed the sniper, made the other man that they had been treating comfortable, and knelt down next to his companion, now just barely with a beating pulse. The pulse flickered and stopped; his companion dying in his arms.

"As his heart stopped beating, I noticed what appeared to be a fine mist emanate upward from his face into the bright sky, and in this mist I saw a rainbow with all the colors of the spectrum. After a few seconds, it was gone."

Of course none of these stories would surprise meditative persons of a previous more-spiritually-oriented age, just our own which operates in puzzling denial of even the possibility of such a happening. Whether in a society emphasizing an afterlife or a reincarnation, our past is filled with imagery of soul-representing birds flying into the heavens or, like the Phoenix, burning and rising again anew.

Raymond Moody, he of the Stages of Near-Death-Experience fame, has apparently published a book, Glimpses of Eternity, which contains many further instances of the "Soul Mist" at the moment of death. Louisa May Alcott is apparently one famous person who witnessed such a thing, and, although I do not own the book and have not read it, there seems to be a whole list of more incidents.

So, are these experiences veridical objectively? Are they "evidences" for the lucky few that some subtle essential "me" discards the failing body in the end, and giving slight last manifestation of that separation here in SpaceTime, sails its way on to God?

I, as a Catholic, believe that something like that happens, and will, probably shortly, happen with Mom. But whether the event is accompanied by a subtle "mist", rarely glimpsed by a fortunate few, the scientist in me cannot say.

Blessings to you all as we grow close to Christmas. Don't feel sorry for me, if Mom passes. That will be one of her days of Glory, mist or not.


  1. Hello Prof, it's interesting material and a subject that strikes many of us somewhere deep inside. I can't say I believe in the veridicity of the accounts or be as sure as to disbelieve.

    One thing that we might agree upon is the appeal of the possibility that such phenomena could exist as reported. It's an attractive concept that offers so much reassurance.

    Just this evening I was reading an interview with Noddy Holder of Slade fame. He described his most prized possession as being an old Art Deco clock that stopped at 3:30...the moment his father died. Sure, we could cite coincidence or brush such experiences aside without a second thought.

    Or we can appreciate the value of subjective experience and let it bring comfort that there just might be something else going on.

    I hope your Mom and your back enjoy Christmas without any unexpected 'mists.'

    All the best for Christmas and whatever follows in the New Year.

  2. Thanks.

    My faith is thankfully quite strong and I don't need "miraculous witnessings" to buoy it up. but many seem to. I'll happily live in a universal design which has or has not "mistings" near death. That helps a lot with the old objectivity.

  3. God bless you and your Mom, and to both of you a very blessed Christmas.

    1. Thanks for your kindness, Pavel. Mom is actually dying right now as I type, as she has begun her last transition by no longer eating. The "animal" in me feels this as very sad, but all the other elements in my being exult in that she is going to the Midst of God's Love, where her loving life has manifested that she belongs. It is God Who is getting the great Christmas Present this time. .... and I'll see her again, I hope, in my turn.

  4. prayers for you both, patty

  5. I witnessed a mist that almost looked like smoke issuing from my mother's mouth the night before she died. There were four other people in the room, but I was the only one that witnessed it. My sister saw the look on my face when I saw it, but it disappeared quickly, within seconds. I always thought that the dead were just sleeping, awaiting a future resurrection to the earth. This vision has shaken my beliefs to the core. I am 100% certain that there IS life after death now. I'm just confused as to what form it takes. People can chose to believe me or not, but I am a very sane person who never, ever believed in such things until I saw it for myself. I saw it as sure as I am typing this account of it. What to make of it, I don't know. My mother never responded again after that. It occurred at around 6 p.m. on a Friday night, and she died at 8:20 a.m. on Saturday morning.

    1. Thank you, Beth for that extremely interesting and personal experience.

      None of us knows what the "mist" might signify, but it nevertheless seems to be real. I am going to speculate [so don't take me too seriously] that as the Soul of the Person [which is their true immortal spiritual self] "turns" away from its normal fixed linkage to the physical world and begins its purely spiritual journey, this final "letting go" creates a mild "energy rupture" between its spiritual {willful} influence and the physical body. Under the right conditions, we still-connected-to-the-physical humans can see that moment as a lightly released "substance". Whether that is steam-laden air or something stranger doesn't make any real difference. Either way we are being privileged to witness the result of the Soul's turning completely towards the Spiritual.

      I wish I had that privilege as you did, but in my case I had other "signs" that Mom's and Dad's Spiritual Journeys had begun. Thank you again.

  6. Thanks for your post. I had never come across such a phenomenon until last night when my wife's grandmother died. My brother in Law, a rational atheist type reported seeing a mist coming out of his grandmothers head at the very moment she died, he told his dad, who was not surprised, at all. He even told my brother in law that this is normal, as he himself had witnessed it several times. By the way, I live in China so am amazed to see that the references here to a strange smoke or mist rising out of the head at death are so strikingly similar to my bother in law and father in law's accounts.

  7. Good questions. There was an article at the site "" on one of the phenomena that appear during death.
    According to them there is a massive release of photons from the cells of the organism (my anatomy teacher at university used to say that the body also releases all endorphins at the same time).
    I sometimes ask myself how many anda what"elements" (substances, energy, etc) are suddenly freed if this event is somehow related with the departure of the spirit like the occurence of the mist.
    Best wishes,


  8. My sister left us Saturday evening. As I sat with her after her death, I saw mist leave her mouth and nose for a very brief moment