Sunday, July 4, 2010

Stopping Point

All. I have to stop this little experiment in the history of the anomalies [especially with focus on UFOs] . Hopefully the stoppage will be brief or moderate anyway. Things in Wheeling make this really hard to trudge on. Very little feedback on anything plus the occasional carping about my refusal to believe in every possible thing makes it unrewarding as well. Add to that a daily life with high points like arranging a prepaid funeral, or cleaning up a Will, or organizing bank accounts et al, ahhh, joy indeed. The straw that has broken me was when the high winds at home brought my willow tree down on my house, and I am 500 miles away from being able to deal with that. So, I am going to shed some lead. I don't like it, and if any of my UFO buddies wants to take over and occasionally produce blogs here, e-mail me at my "home" address and I'll tell you what the codes are to get in the saddle. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------In the midst of all this negativity, my Mother remains much the same each day [a blessing for the most part] and has actually had two more brief psychic manifestations at the old historical home where she lives. [one a brief vision of a lady leaving the room, and the other the moving aside of the draperies on her bedroom window]. So, even awash with mundane crud, my life is still lightly touched by the spiritual. Thank God at least for that, and may The Force be with all of you while I'm silent.