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Close Encounters of the Second Kind, physiological effects part eight-b.

Cases #s 111-115, 1976 era. We have a "star" in this set [Elmwood WI], and all the incidents have something about them which is interesting even when not thoroughly documented.

The newsclipping on the left represents one of the things that is chronically wrong with UFOlogy. It tells the story of an alleged encounter with a disk emerging out of a cloud of smoke, beaming colored lights, paralyzing policemen who draw their guns, and then re-cloaking itself in cloud and floating away. The police paralysis leaves when the cloud does. Well, great story and everything that one could want out of one of the primary "piles" of the CE2p phenomena [the "paralysis" pile]. But did any of it happen?? We've got pictures, and police --- sounds good. But who did anything with it in terms of witness interviews?? Any known and credible source?? We have these problems all the time with cases especially from certain countries. Due to the Internet, this is becoming a general problem worldwide. This COULD be a great case. We'll probably never know.

The Bolton UK case is a far more comfortable case as it comes from Jenny Randles' Northern UFO News group. It has a very odd-shaped object making wild vibrations and motions. The witness felt as if she were being pressed down. She had eye irritation, "sunburn", nausea, dizziness, and a temporary memory lapse. She was symptomatic for 2-3 weeks, during which time her tooth-fillings disintegrated. There was an MIB style visit later, which was attended by both the woman's parents. The conversation did not indicate a military visit. To my ear it sounded like some civilian nuts doing whatever they do, but who knows??

The Tunbridge case is also more comfortable as it comes from known top-notch UFO researchers of the Tasmanian group. The CE2p element isn't spectacular ["pins-&-needles"] but the case involves a "car stalker" lightform and that is right in line with a whole other pile of UFO cases. I also love it when the UFO vanishes every time oncoming traffic begins to show up.

The Bethel MN case is, I believe, poorly known. It is a case wherein the main witness who was interviewed differed in her belief as to the meaning of the investigation, which involved hypnosis. This is another car-stalker. An object with three lights followed a driver closely. The driver then picked up a friend, and, with the object now stalking from a greater distance, went on to a night class. After class the light was gone. The following day both women had menstrual cramping at a time far away from their normal time in their cycles. Hypnosis was attempted for the main witness [defined here as the one most willing to try it]. The results of the hypnosis were vague, but felt by Ted Bloecher and the forming "abduction" research community to hint of a CE4. The witness herself poo-poohed that idea. The investigation here, leaving the hypnosis aside, is very good, so it seems that we have an unknown. Whatever else might be implied by the partially completed hypnosis is far less certain.
The final case of this set is the "6", the Elmwood WI police officer incident. Here a part-time policeman encountered a very technologically appearing disk [see his drawing], which was seen by several other people a bit further away. It was about 250' in diameter and 30' tall [if so, then the drawing is way off scale]. Maybe the officer meant 30' off the ground. The disk sent out a beam at him. He tried radio-ing to base but the radio went dead. The witness became paralyzed and then lost consciousness. When someone came to his aid, he told his story and then lost its memory for awhile. He had headaches for some time. Later his memory was restored. As an aside, there may have been coincidental effects on television sets nearby and neighborhood dogs. The case is a six because of multiple witnessing, rapid getting to the witness affected, no doubt about his condition, and a police report. There is enough strangeness here [large techno-object, CE2em fx, CE2P fx, and perhaps animal fx as well], that this is considered a foundational encounter by nearly every old-timer in the business.

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Close Encounters of the Second Kind, physiological effects part eight-a.

Let's begin to pound along the trail on the CE2p's again. We're over 100 cases already and a few patterns seem to be appearing. Our intuitions about "sunburn" and "paralysis" being two solid but different sequelae here seem strongly confirmed. Other things are in smaller piles or are total outliers. Let's go on and see what there is to see. {I am, by the way, discovering this stuff for the first time right alongside you, and it's a nice little adventure at least for me}.
These are cases #s 106-110, 1974-1975 era. Although we will get a couple of "6's" shortly, none of these five rate that high. The three "2s" are a mixed bag. Two of them are very briefly documented in the files, so we can't say much. It IS rare to get a UFO case from Iceland, though. The third "2" is the Canberra, Australia case and there must be more information about it "out there" somewhere, as it seems to be a lulu. Here we have women controlled in their movements over a long length of time, a car which is essentially driving itself, an encounter which seems almost aboriginal vision quest in character, and possibly a "crazy" seeming effect on the local ecology. I'd love to know more about this case to see if it has any credible investigative foundation. The fact that police were supposedly formally involved makes such a hope optimistic, but right now my files won't let me go high on this. If this is solid, this is major high-strangeness.

A more "comfortable" case is the Scarborough Ontario incident, which is based on a series of letters between the main witness and Allen Hynek. She was a member of the Royal Astronomical Society and an amateur astronomer. Her descriptions of what was seen are detailed, [see the drawings in the accompanying illustration] and her language intelligent and sensible. Hynek liked the case and the reporter and so do I.

We have 4 witnesses here to a "ball lightning" like object which hummed and followed the contours of the land [a feature which is seen in a substantial pile of UFO reports]. Witnesses were afflicted with bone-breaking headaches, dizziness, and nausea. One wonders if they were affected by an Infrasound undertone from the object, which can produce such generalized sickness [our military actually experimented with the effect, but had problems making its own soldiers sick]. This case has the feel of reality about it, but not the feel of a typical UFO. We could be dealing with one of those mysterious Ball-of-Light-or-Plasma phenomena that seems just about to be "discovered" by everyday science but never quite is.

The last case is fascinating to me, and not just because it involved a courageous and pretty lady. Our witness here is a county politician from Florida, who earlier in life had terminal cancer. Her political career is in Volusia FL but this event happened in a New York City hospital, so NYC is the location designation. You can read her description of the incident in the quote above. As you'll see it involved a small [8-10" d] disk. She was courageous because she was willing to describe this on national TV. Her political opponent in Florida smeared her for it, and, whether it was the cause or not, she lost her incumbent seat in the election. She refused to back away from what had happened to her regardless of the "politics" of it. I am happy to say that in a few years the idiots who voted her out forgot [90 second attention spans] and she is in office again.

It's possible that this is not a UFO case, but simply has the trappings of one. But, due to her forthrightness in defending it when she had nothing to gain and demonstrably something to lose, I buy her sincerity. If I do that, then I have an unexplained "something-or-other" on my hands.

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"Out Proctor" with George Hunt Williamson: a Marginally Serious Exploration Searching for Shamballa, part seven: The Quest Remains a Question.

This will be our last walk with George on the way to Shangri-la. It's a walk that he never made, at least not as he had planned. When he returned to The Abbey after part of his speaking tour, he wanted to go back to Pomatana. One member of the band died on the try and they never made it. Then, when he left for his European speaking tour, his wife Betty contracted an illness and died in a Lima, Peru hospital. Despite GHW being a man who lived a life as if it was a drama with only him, really, in mid-stage, this actually seemed to get to him. After returning to pick up his son Mark, he left South America [after one last look at Tiahuanaco], never to return. He spent the following years engaged in one unusual pursuit after another, including marrying a Hollywood starlet [Jennifer Hoyt], becoming a bishop in a fringe Christian church, and "discovering" that he was in fact Yugoslavian royalty --- I swear that I am not making this stuff up. And that's not the half of it.

But the idea that Shangri-la existed in a Temple and an entrance to the underground kingdom never left him. That Temple of the Seven Rays was in the high Andes, difficult to find and approach, difficult to see even when one was right upon it.

But in the last of the 1950s [and published in about 1960 or 1961], someone said that they HAD seen it. Japanese explorers flying over the mountains seemed to photograph a Temple in the highest peaks. Williamson went bonkers. He was not only sure that this was in fact the real lost temple, but that its "appearance" at this time was proof of messages that he was getting that this is when the lost supercivilization would be revealed. But other pieces of his wild life stopped him from going to climb those hills himself. For one thing, even the Japanese who did the photographing weren't sure where they were when the surprise photo was taken from their plane. And George could always rationalize NOT doing something by "getting a message" that the time wasn't ripe. Nevertheless, the proof was now in. Shangri-la had been seen and at least roughly located. All else would come in its proper time. But for our boy, it never did.
This is a blow-up of the photo that someone got for GHW from the Japanese who reported, however, that the original film had been mysteriously misplaced. Ummmm...THAT again.

Williamson bided his time pursuing his impossible-to-categorize life, and time then passed him by. His health gave way, in the form of heart attacks, and there would be no more exploring. Except, of course in his mind. Along came Erich von Daniken, and GHW was amused, sort of, that von Daniken was making such a killing putting out stuff that Williamson felt he had already revealed a decade or more previously. But what really interested him about von Daniken was nothing to do with EvD. It was the tale of Juan Moricz that ancient tunnels existed in Ecuador [von D & Moricz in photo] --- tunnels containing the remnants of the lost race, and possibly extending cross-continent or even beyond. Here we go; Agharti again.

GHW received, second-hand, a letter from a lawyer from Ecuador within which was testimony that he was with Moricz during at least one of these cave explorations. The lawyer asserted that the caverns existed but that he saw no artifacts as far as he was able to penetrate, but believes that such artifacts do exist deeper down in the system. He also asserted that Erich von Daniken has never been on any of their expeditions and has merely falsely claimed things told him by Moricz. The general location of the entrance to this vast underground system is marked on the map above for those of you who want to get moving.

Williamson believed that the effective entrances to the underground world would be "portals" of some type --- not simple gates and doors, but consisting of some advanced technological power or else some psychic way of translating a body from one spot to another. He also believed that these ruins were in some way "The Habitation of The Dragon", which seemed to represent to him both some spiritual force and an actual abode where there might be real dragons at times. Don't ask me to explain how all this fits together. GHW further thought that the Quechua word for Great Serpent or Dragon was "AMARU". He would have probably flipped completely if he had lived to hear of the rock temple of Amaru shown in the accompanying photos.

People have claimed all manner of wild possibilities for this ruin, including that it is a Portal to the lost civilization of Atlantis/Lemurian underground dwellers. That would probably have been altogether too much for our George and he may have had his heart attack right there.

But this is a portal that won't open. Our boy would have said: of course not, you have to have the right spirituality and perhaps the right tool. Modern seekers have suggested that the temple portal will open only if you have some sort of magic disk to set into the gap in its entryway. Our boy might not have figured it out, but he probably would have had thirty ideas about it.

Maybe George should have just listened to the Dalai Lama. In the basement areas of the Potala there is a room with paintings which illustrate the Tibetan Buddhist beliefs about Shamballa and its legendary Seven Kings. Supposedly there is a ceremony of some importance which is administered by the Dalai Lama associated with these ideas. If you have a quick eye, you may even get to see the ceremony yourselves on television [History Channel, I think]. All this would point to a real and at least partially physical Shamballa.

But the Dalai Lama himself says differently. He says that despite the apparent concreteness of the imagery, Shamballa is not a physical place on Earth at all. He seems not to credit it as being anywhere physical at all. Shamballa can only be reached by a traveling of the spirit. In that it may be something like the Bardo [only a lot nicer].

Williamson doubtlessly wouldn't have bought this, even from the Dalai Lama himself. He and Brown Landone believed that an earlier twentieth century Dalai Lama actually traveled from the Potala all the way to the Shamballa of the Eastern Andes to prepare it for the revelations of the existence of the underground world and the emergence to come.

This wonderfully mystical painting by Joan Butler Gore is perhaps my favorite rendition of the half real-half unreal journey to this paradise. It pictures a Land Impossible but maybe just beyond the hill. Late in life, Williamson dreamed, literally, about this land --- dreams of The Grandfather and the Masters and Temples. I believe that it was within one of those dreams [which he viewed as absolutely veridical] that he noticed a distinctive pendant worn by the chosen adepts. It was a silver crescent Moon within the points of which was a Blue Star jewel. These people were the Keepers of the Temples.

Well, all fantasy, eh what?? Still....if you see a person one day wearing a pendant like the one below, you'd be wise not to let him out of your sight.

May all your journeys be happy ones; and all your arrivals be joy.

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"Out Proctor" with George Hunt Williamson: a Marginally Serious Exploration Searching for Shamballa, part six; George of the Jungle.

These years in 1956-59 were halcyon periods for Williamson. He showed more energy than any dozen people, writing three books with the trance transcripts for a fourth, exploring all about Peru, and traveling world-wide. One of his explorations took him to the Marchuasi plains/mountains where the shaped rock formations convinced him that they were all carvings by the ancient supermen. Once again, a hint that he was close to his goal of a Peruvian Shamballa. Surely he would get direction for his next step, but which way??

The legends surrounding Colonel Fawcett and the Amazonian City of the Golden Roofs intrigued him. Maybe Fawcett was also on the trail of Shangri-la when he disappeared into Green Hell. Were there lost cities in the jungle?? Were there hints on where to search?? GHW read the first copy of the great early Brazilian UFOlogist Jose Escobar Faria's UFO-Critical Bulletin and immediately wrote him asking about lost cities and UFOs. Faria replied, skeptically, that a man named Commander Strauss was stating that UFOs come from "etheric cities of underground Earth" which included Shamballa. Colonel Fawcett was alive and well in one of these [Matatu-Araracanga: the City of Dazzling Roofs]. Faria didn't believe a word of it, but offered to send Williamson maps of certain areas of the Mato Grosso if he wished. As these cities were supposed to be connected by long tunnels, GHW was certain that there was truth here. GHW wrote back and Faria gave him Commander Strauss' address. The location of the city was purported to be near the mountain Serra do Roncador. Faria warned him about the savage Chavantes Indians who lived around there.

GHW couldn't contact Strauss it seems, but did get in touch with one Walter Siegmeister, who said he knew all about it. Siegmeister wrote from Cuiaba "the last outpost of civilization" on the trek of Colonel Fawcett. GHW was to tell no one of the letter. WS was in contact with a local who had spent 60-70 years among the Chavantes and who knew how to find the subterranean tunnels and the underground kingdom. WS was trying to organize an exploration team, and GHW was a rare invitee. They would go in search of the underworld, which consisted of three layers: Duart, Agharta, and, deepest, Shamballah. Down there, Hermes Trimegistus, Melchizedek, Christ, and Apollonius of Tyana still lived. Strangely, WS had, originally, gone to Moyobamba just as had GHW. WS said that this was a false lead however, and Mato Grosso was where it was at. GHW had to hurry though as WS was going to go on alone if need be.

I have no idea of whether Siegmeister attempted to penetrate the land of the Chavantes looking for the tunnel to Shamballa, but Williamson did not go with him. Maybe the vibes weren't right. Maybe he didn't believe that Moyobamba had been a mistake. Maybe his trance controls talked him away. And his brief correspondence with Colonel Fawcett's son, Brian, may even have played a role. I've included Brian's response below.

GHW settled back in at "the Abbey" in Moyobamba and awaited a sign.

"We began to hear rumors from the native Quechuas that told of a 'lost city' high in the Andes, known as Pomatana, the 'Lost City of a Thousand Roofs' ". The Quechua knew approximately where it was but feared its ruins. Fearing nothing, GHW went for it. Up the unexplored Rio Mantaro and on to 12000 feet altitudes, GHW and his little band trekked. They encountered a "wise indian" who told them where to look. It was there---up among three mountain tops. And so GHW discovered Pomatana. It was a ruin that GHW said had 10 to 12000 buildings, all built in a round beehive look. He just knew that this had once been a "mecca" for the ancient race. [think meditation cells for the beehives]. In a nearby cave were many holed/trepanned skulls looking Egyptian to Williamson. Some of these holes were filled with some metal ['re not supposed to know this]. Alas, the expedition was at its supply end and they had to leave. On the way out, Betty discovered a rare herb, Yorba del Inca, which was the Incan healing elixir. [I think that there's an actual sample of this in the files.]

I am now going to ask for some indulgence from you folks reading this adventure, and say that I can't find my notes on this next "episode" about GHWs discovery of the Rock or Wall of the Writings. All I know at the moment is that this didn't occur at Pomatana but in the same general time frame on some other excursion from The Abbey. [The rough area is the Alto Madre de Dios River]. Those notes must be back in Michigan. Anyway, the indefatiguable Williamson struck out in some other direction [and I believe earlier that the Pomatana trek in the fall of 1957] and found the "wall" pictured on the left. Williamson was proud of this, of course, but couldn't decipher it [even by making things up]. But that was OK as he saw in this another leftover evidence of the Lost Super Race. And, one must admit, it IS a nice archaeological find, whatever it is. But the "Big One" continued to elude him. Operating on information channeled to him by his trance controls, Williamson felt that he had to take a solitary trip to the great mystery ruin of Tiahuanaco on the shore of Lake Titicaca in Bolivia.
This ruin continues to intrigue us today. We don't really understand exactly how it fits into the better understood parts of South American cultural history, and Williamson thought that it was a remnant of the Pre-Flood Atlantaean supercivilization. That's probably why he went. GHW believed in the efficacy of psychometry --- the ability to get psychic vibes about the past of objects by holding them. Maybe he felt that this intimacy would give him the next step to take.

While sitting alone in the ruins, GHW suddenly was aware that he was in the presence of a very old man. This man strode directly towards GHW and seemed a normal elderly villager. He was shabby and barefoot. He walked directly out of the rising Sun. He greeted GHW by raising his arms high three times, an ancient form of greeting. He said in Aymara: "Yatiri, Yatiri, Yatiri!" And then instructed Williamson that he should call him "Grandfather". Sometimes this appellation was used to signify a spirit being. {The Yatiri name bugged GHW for a long time and he ultimately decided that The Grandfather was addressing him as some type of magician-healer or shaman, someone who had a role in the great revelations of the Old Ways shortly to come}. He then proceeded to tell GHW the entire history of the Tiahuanacan Temple. After many strange "revelations" about the ancient world and GHWs life-to-come, The Grandfather walked away to the West, opposite to wherefrom he had come. It finally dawned upom GHW that he had just had a Vision Quest encounter as had been taught him by his Chippewa shaman friend long ago. Later in life, Williamson had a dream of the Grandfather in which he felt more truths were told to him. But for now, he and we will go elsewhere --- Williamson on his whirlwind speaking tours, and we to the "sad" mundane patterns of our normal lives. Sigh....

Below, Williamson is Coming!!! Like it or not, there is one more episode in this mind-riveting tale.

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"Out Proctor" with George Hunt Williamson: a Marginally Serious Exploration Searching for Shamballa, part five: our boy actually goes looking.

Time to go out in the field and find the seventh Shangri-la/Shamballa, and as you can see, Georgie is dressed for the part. GHW was quite the strutting cock in many ways, and liked to dress-up to make whatever impression he was trying to project. I have seen pictures of him in full Hopi dance costume, "impersonating an officer" in Air Force-like uniform, and full-robed regalia as a Bishop of a church. But the one above I guess he's earned, as he really DID go into the Amazonian jungle, and not with a tourist suitcase.

The real explorer in Williamson began way back in his youth, when his father was part of the US Indian Affairs office, working with the Chippewas in Minnesota. His Dad must have been a good guy, and the local native Americans liked him. GHW was "adopted" by the local "medicine man" who took a shine to the young boy and spent time with him talking of spiritual things among other topics. One of the topics which stuck with GHW all his life was that Earth was the concern of elder spirits who came from above and whom could be communicated with in the right state-of-spirit. Somehow embedded in this was the idea that these elders were still about even physically. Whether GHW glued his "concrete" ideas about temples of mysteries onto what the shaman told him, or whether the shaman actually said things like this, GHW had a belief that somewhere a still-existing Temple lay hidden and only the resolute and good of spirit could find it. Somehow this was connected to the falling down of a grand ancient civilization; and somehow GHW connected it not only to Atlantis but to a "Temple of the Seven Rays". He never lost the thought that this Temple and its adepts were out there to be joined by such as he.

George's father was transferred to Prescott, Arizona and he moved with the family, entering the University of Arizona in Anthropology, and meeting his wife-to-be, Betty, a botanist. Betty graduated; George didn't. Our boy was rather easily deflected from anything mundane like classes or tests. He was more into trance-control mediumship and the pending world catastrophe. There were no degrees in either. Up in Michigan at MSU, professor Charles Laughead was finding that academia up there had no room for either as well. In a story most of you know, Laughead was so impressed with medium Dorothy Martin's trance messages that he announced that most of the world was about to be destroyed by a mammoth tidal wave and only the chosen [chosen by semi-spiritual UFOnauts] would be saved. Somehow GHW learned about these people and bit off a chunk of their "vision" himself. The photo above is of Laughead and Dorothy Martin waiting for the world-sunami which never arrived. [like all naive predictors, they told you exactly when the event would occur---bad policy]. Laughead was fired as an embarrassment to the university and left with his wife, Lillian, Martin, and a few "followers" for the southwest. Somewhere in this business they met Williamson and began happily sharing channeled messages.

Laughead, Martin et al were directed by channeled entities to seek their salvation by locating the Temple of the Seven Rays in Peru and went there. Williamson thought that this was a good idea too, but was hot on the trail of the Elder Race UFOnauts via Ouija Board, Ham Radio, and "Telonic Research" using lots of hoped-for direct signal detection. GHW, on the left, and Betty, sitting, wait the telephone call from god in the picture above. That call didn't come. GHW, one of the fastest decision-makers in world history [and along with that most impatient], packed the family up and left for Peru to join the Laugheads and Martin. The goal, I believe, was directed to be Moyobamba. My flawed memory on this folks was that [whether Moyobamba or not] the whole crowd was made courageous by GHWs arrival, and actually DID strike out into the "bush" and settle for awhile at an old Temple ruin site, which Dorothy and George decided was some kind of part of the ancient civilization and a sign that they were to rebuild it and go onto greater discoveries on their path to whatever awaited them. The Laugheads didn't like the lack of luxury that the Peruvian jungle was offering vs. the amenities of a prof's life at Michigan State, and moved out to a larger Peruvian city and then back to the States. Spiritual Glory and Lemurian Life Fulfillment were apparently worth only so much when it came to insect bites and strange food.

GHW stayed on, of course, and also explored elsewhere in Peru while he was at it [I may not get exact sequences of his activities in order; trying to write a bio of GHW is a crazy man's task if you want to get it all in date-straight form]. He was driven to go to Cusco and to nearby Sacsahuaman. Not only were the famous "fitted walls" an ongoing mystery [and STILL unsolved as far as the really big stones at the fortress are concerned], but GHW had a hint of something to look for from, of all people, Morris K Jessup. Jessup had jumped the convention astronomy career path and become a fairly serious self-taught anthropologist-archaeologist. His find was that, he believed, the Cusco area demonstrated clear signs of an advanced ancient civilization in Peru. This civilization's hints were in the rocks. Tunnel systems [did you ever wonder where all that came from into UFOlogy??] were supposed to connect all the way from the Sacsahuaman fortress to downtown Cusco, and allegedly much further. Carvings of "staircases" in the rocks were symbols of some great meaning to be deciphered. GHW and Jessup had actually talked about this somewhere [perhaps by lost correspondence, but maybe in person]. George was going to check it out by gum.

Of course, being GHW, he found it all- or at least enough to convince him that Jessup was right about everything---"vast" tunnel systems ground out by a superior race of ancient times, and mysterious stairs, sometimes carved upside down, which held a hint which could lead to the Temple of the Rays and beyond to Shamballa.

These pictures and the one which follows are GHWs originals from the collection. This is the sort of thing which meant "proof" to George that he was on the correct path to Shangri-la in the Andes.

These stairs GHW never figured out, as far as I know. Late in life he was going to write a book called the City of the Stairs and perhaps he would have told us there. It was that they were often upside-down which seemed to intrigue him. Maybe he thought that they, by defying our normal geometry/gravity were meant to indicate a transmit portal of some kind.

George found his "stairs" everywhere. Here at Macchu Picchu he photographed the famous ones underneath the Torreon [which many archaeologists today feel may have been an archaoastronomic observation point]. Stairs to the Gods. Stairs to the Elders. Stairs to Shangri-la. We'll pick up his story next time, as he strikes out into "Green Hell" to find Lost Cities and much else. I'll leave you with his portrait of the "Man Himself" at Macchu Picchu, contemplating things far stranger than you and I will do.

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Damon,Texas comments, by request from Kandinsky

Kandinsky brought up two interesting questions about the Damon TX CE2p case of 1965 written [a bit] about earlier in this blog as I plowed through the CE2p case file collection [which I promise I'll finish in my own strange pattern]. The first was the idea of this being such an early case of a big triangle. The second was that it was reported that there was some MIB involvement. Without making too strong a claim for the following responses, here are my inadequate thoughts.
The idea that this case had a triangular object involved comes directly from one of the witnesses' Project Blue Book testimonies, as you can read above. Kandinsky jogged my feeble memory, as I now recall thinking that the "triangular" element of this case might not be really what we would at first think, way back when I first read this thing. In fact I believe that what the officers meant by this was not what we today would consider one of our typical triangles at all.

What I believe that they were describing was a rough shape as seen in silhouette. I thought that when I first read this thing because their language seemed to relate to an object seen head on and "triangular" only roughly as an elongated UFO which was gradually thicker/taller in the middle. I always felt that they were viewing an object which had a sort-of swelling in the middle-top and who knows what plan-form shape if you saw it either from above or below. And two really huge lights at the two [note: not three] ends.

This was reaffirmed for me [right or wrong] by the witness sketch of the craft in the original Blue Book file. This sketch was not to represent the planform shape of the object, but rather the face-on shape.

I've wondered if the object wasn't more like a flying flattened pyramid, only looking "triangular" when viewed in silhouette from the side. For our Egyptian pyramid to the left, we'd have to flatten it a bit more, put two gigantic lights on the left and right edges, round the top a little, and get it into the air.

But, it may have been even more conventionally UFO-like than that.
I say that because of two further things from the Blue Book file. There is another drawing there which indicates that the object flew horizontally [this is the very strong implication at least of the document above]. The second reason for a more conventional feeling is the diagram below.
This as you see is the "interpretation" of what he was seeing by Officer Goode. Here the craft is pictured VERY roughly triangular in silhouette and well-rounded on the ---what shall we call it??---a Dome??? Witnesses DO struggle to make their words fit their eyeball memories, and it is not at all "odd" that someone might say this shape [silhouette-wise] is somewhat "triangular". The point should be, I suppose, is that we do not know really what the shape of this thing is/was. My guess is that it was a huge thing with a topside elevation gradually rising towards the center, which was gently sloped and maybe even a bit rounded on top.

What about Men-In-Black??? I couldn't find out where this claim comes from. Allen Hynek, Jacques Vallee, Dick Hall, James McDonald, and even one of our wildest characters, Frank Edwards, do not mention it---nor of course Blue Book. Until I find the original source for this [I have none of Coral's books nor my APRO bulletins with me, for instance] I can't even guess if there's credibility here. My intuition would say there is not. Our two witnesses [to the left] were veteran policemen and apparently tough old dudes. Not the type to be intimidated nor not talk about the fact that somebody tried to. Plus, such stuff was getting much less in the credible UFO literature by the time 1965 rolled around---at least by any legitimate government authorities. The only thing we have in the research files is the statement below. That statement pictures two guys going about their normal police business and lives and talking about this quite a bit. We UFOlogists should constantly be aware that there are a lot of people in our field who are happy just to make things up.

Kandinsky: hopefully this is a little helpful, but please research it yourself and let us know if there is more to this than my incomplete essay.


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