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Close Encounters of the Second Kind, physiological effects part seven-c

These are the final five cases for this part: #s 101-105 [1974 era].
This set contains a "5" [Lome, Togo] and a "4" [St. Kilda, Victoria]. My guess is that Knutby, Sweden has a good chance of being a powerful case, but I don't know the investigator and my file doesn't allow me to go far with it. Who knows about Avon Lake, OH as this is one of those things where the investigators encouraged an abduction narrative ultimately---or such seems to be true from the report in a magazine. My file on Union NJ is minimalist. There may be much more on this in the Ted Bloecher correspondence files, but that must wait for a much later day.

St. Kilda, Victoria, Eastertime 1974: A flat-bottom disk with a large door in its side beamed a light at the witness and went its way. The witness was paralyzed, and this subsided as the craft left. One night later the thing returned. It stopped outside her window and the door opened. She became paralyzed [and nauseous] again. She was sweating and her eyes ached, but this time she broke through the paralysis herself. She ran to get a neighbor, but all that neighbor saw was the light of the craft disappearing as it rose in the distance. The sketches on the left are from an Australian UFO newsletter.

The Avon Lake OH case may be total bunk, half good, or all good. My reading is that I have some confidence in the first part of it. Here a large globe flies over, pulsing and causing interference on TV. A light is beamed into a bedroom and onto the face of the witness. She felt as if this light was pushing her down on the bed. The object was swaying and making a roaring noise. It took off and she was released. Later she was awakened again by the roar. She jumped up and looked out windows but could not see the thing this time. The noise stopped and that was that. The next morning she had burning bloodshot eyes, light sensitivity, and headaches. A high school student is allegedly also witness to a light over her house, seen from greater distance [this is the sort of detail that I can't quite credit as there is no formal statement as to how we know this.] Police were called after the first incident and in the morning after, lending some credibility. This is an APRO case and that's too bad, because with those archives criminally kept from the research community, we can never see the actual investigative report probably---[the author, Allen Benz, was APRO librarian, the "criminality" is not his, by the way, but those "owners" who have "buried" the files from the serious UFO community.]. Following this business, for several months, this witness claimed a wide variety of odd experiences which included pain attacks but also cures. Frenetic UFO buffs decided that she was a likely abductee and in came the hypnosis. Who knows what we had on our hands given the amateurism of most of that. All I have on this one is instinct for the early part that seems to have actual UFO-related facts. So, I tentatively "buy" the first night visitations and their physiological effects, a throw my hands up about the rest.

Knutby, Sweden is actually more interesting to me. This is because there were four witnesses. If that is true, and if they were all interviewed by an honest and competent researcher, then this case is very good. It's mainly a CE2em vehicle-stop case with CE2p sequelae. Four people are in a car when confronted by a lighted 30'd "egg" on the road ahead. The car engine quits, as do the lights and radio. The object sits there buzzing, its light changing from green to white. Then it roars, rises, and is rapidly gone. The radio synchronistically comes back on. All four witnesses had diarrhea, and mild headaches for three days. The father of the affected family was described as a Swedish Army officer, and the researcher rated his credibility high. The only reason I hold back on this is that I don't know the organization involved [although the report is written very professionally, and there is a claim there that this is one of nearly 400 cases in their "SWECAT".] I probably should just relax and give this one a "5" but ....

The last one is Lome, Togo and the illustration below is for that incident.
Here the witnesses saw a 70' disk out from the shore. The thing was hovering in place and generating large waves. The object seemed to be projecting some force constantly on the water as it appeared to be depressed just below the craft like a 15 to 18 foot deep basin. Waves rolled out concentrically from there. There were high-pitched whistling and light beams projected onto the witnesses. The whistles hurt the ears, and the beams paralyzed. They felt an atmosphere of high heat as well. All these problems ceased immediately when the object left. Next day sequelae included sleepiness, headache, and fainting. This is another good French organization case and a well-known researcher [Joel Mesnard].

All for now. Next time we'll begin cases #106-120. Making some kind of progress, I guess.


  1. Hello Prof. For me, the UFO subject has an attraction that's comparable to a tidal whirlpool, it may draw me in (unwillingly) for a while and then spits me out and back into the calm waters of real life. I'm currently outward bound...

    Possibly that's a clich├ęd metaphor, but it makes a point.

    The reason for this post is in response to one of yours from last year. In it, you remark on the lack of interest generated by your blog. I empathise with that comment and appreciate that publishing blog-posts is often like talking in a darkened auditorium whereby the speaker has no idea if anyone's listening. In this light, comments become equated to applause or even a distant chatter in the back seats. Whatever they are, it's acknowledgement that someone, somewhere is paying attention.

    Although I've only recently begun reading this blog, I've been reading your papers for a lot longer. They've reinforced, challenged and opened up new avenues of thinking for me. In short, your writing has made a difference in my thoughts.

    To (over) extend the earlier metaphor, consider this a 'message in a bottle' from someone who's valued your contributions to this puzzling subject.

    Thanks for your blog and your work over the years. No doubt, many more people feel the same way. If the comments sometimes remain on zero, it doesn't necessarily mean that people aren't listening and reading.

    All the best.

  2. Thank you. The positive reinforcement is very much appreciated.



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