Thursday, March 31, 2011

Close Encounters of the Second Kind, physiological effects part eight-b.

Cases #s 111-115, 1976 era. We have a "star" in this set [Elmwood WI], and all the incidents have something about them which is interesting even when not thoroughly documented.

The newsclipping on the left represents one of the things that is chronically wrong with UFOlogy. It tells the story of an alleged encounter with a disk emerging out of a cloud of smoke, beaming colored lights, paralyzing policemen who draw their guns, and then re-cloaking itself in cloud and floating away. The police paralysis leaves when the cloud does. Well, great story and everything that one could want out of one of the primary "piles" of the CE2p phenomena [the "paralysis" pile]. But did any of it happen?? We've got pictures, and police --- sounds good. But who did anything with it in terms of witness interviews?? Any known and credible source?? We have these problems all the time with cases especially from certain countries. Due to the Internet, this is becoming a general problem worldwide. This COULD be a great case. We'll probably never know.

The Bolton UK case is a far more comfortable case as it comes from Jenny Randles' Northern UFO News group. It has a very odd-shaped object making wild vibrations and motions. The witness felt as if she were being pressed down. She had eye irritation, "sunburn", nausea, dizziness, and a temporary memory lapse. She was symptomatic for 2-3 weeks, during which time her tooth-fillings disintegrated. There was an MIB style visit later, which was attended by both the woman's parents. The conversation did not indicate a military visit. To my ear it sounded like some civilian nuts doing whatever they do, but who knows??

The Tunbridge case is also more comfortable as it comes from known top-notch UFO researchers of the Tasmanian group. The CE2p element isn't spectacular ["pins-&-needles"] but the case involves a "car stalker" lightform and that is right in line with a whole other pile of UFO cases. I also love it when the UFO vanishes every time oncoming traffic begins to show up.

The Bethel MN case is, I believe, poorly known. It is a case wherein the main witness who was interviewed differed in her belief as to the meaning of the investigation, which involved hypnosis. This is another car-stalker. An object with three lights followed a driver closely. The driver then picked up a friend, and, with the object now stalking from a greater distance, went on to a night class. After class the light was gone. The following day both women had menstrual cramping at a time far away from their normal time in their cycles. Hypnosis was attempted for the main witness [defined here as the one most willing to try it]. The results of the hypnosis were vague, but felt by Ted Bloecher and the forming "abduction" research community to hint of a CE4. The witness herself poo-poohed that idea. The investigation here, leaving the hypnosis aside, is very good, so it seems that we have an unknown. Whatever else might be implied by the partially completed hypnosis is far less certain.
The final case of this set is the "6", the Elmwood WI police officer incident. Here a part-time policeman encountered a very technologically appearing disk [see his drawing], which was seen by several other people a bit further away. It was about 250' in diameter and 30' tall [if so, then the drawing is way off scale]. Maybe the officer meant 30' off the ground. The disk sent out a beam at him. He tried radio-ing to base but the radio went dead. The witness became paralyzed and then lost consciousness. When someone came to his aid, he told his story and then lost its memory for awhile. He had headaches for some time. Later his memory was restored. As an aside, there may have been coincidental effects on television sets nearby and neighborhood dogs. The case is a six because of multiple witnessing, rapid getting to the witness affected, no doubt about his condition, and a police report. There is enough strangeness here [large techno-object, CE2em fx, CE2P fx, and perhaps animal fx as well], that this is considered a foundational encounter by nearly every old-timer in the business.

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