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"Out Proctor" with George Hunt Williamson: a Marginally Serious Exploration Searching for Shamballa, part six; George of the Jungle.

These years in 1956-59 were halcyon periods for Williamson. He showed more energy than any dozen people, writing three books with the trance transcripts for a fourth, exploring all about Peru, and traveling world-wide. One of his explorations took him to the Marchuasi plains/mountains where the shaped rock formations convinced him that they were all carvings by the ancient supermen. Once again, a hint that he was close to his goal of a Peruvian Shamballa. Surely he would get direction for his next step, but which way??

The legends surrounding Colonel Fawcett and the Amazonian City of the Golden Roofs intrigued him. Maybe Fawcett was also on the trail of Shangri-la when he disappeared into Green Hell. Were there lost cities in the jungle?? Were there hints on where to search?? GHW read the first copy of the great early Brazilian UFOlogist Jose Escobar Faria's UFO-Critical Bulletin and immediately wrote him asking about lost cities and UFOs. Faria replied, skeptically, that a man named Commander Strauss was stating that UFOs come from "etheric cities of underground Earth" which included Shamballa. Colonel Fawcett was alive and well in one of these [Matatu-Araracanga: the City of Dazzling Roofs]. Faria didn't believe a word of it, but offered to send Williamson maps of certain areas of the Mato Grosso if he wished. As these cities were supposed to be connected by long tunnels, GHW was certain that there was truth here. GHW wrote back and Faria gave him Commander Strauss' address. The location of the city was purported to be near the mountain Serra do Roncador. Faria warned him about the savage Chavantes Indians who lived around there.

GHW couldn't contact Strauss it seems, but did get in touch with one Walter Siegmeister, who said he knew all about it. Siegmeister wrote from Cuiaba "the last outpost of civilization" on the trek of Colonel Fawcett. GHW was to tell no one of the letter. WS was in contact with a local who had spent 60-70 years among the Chavantes and who knew how to find the subterranean tunnels and the underground kingdom. WS was trying to organize an exploration team, and GHW was a rare invitee. They would go in search of the underworld, which consisted of three layers: Duart, Agharta, and, deepest, Shamballah. Down there, Hermes Trimegistus, Melchizedek, Christ, and Apollonius of Tyana still lived. Strangely, WS had, originally, gone to Moyobamba just as had GHW. WS said that this was a false lead however, and Mato Grosso was where it was at. GHW had to hurry though as WS was going to go on alone if need be.

I have no idea of whether Siegmeister attempted to penetrate the land of the Chavantes looking for the tunnel to Shamballa, but Williamson did not go with him. Maybe the vibes weren't right. Maybe he didn't believe that Moyobamba had been a mistake. Maybe his trance controls talked him away. And his brief correspondence with Colonel Fawcett's son, Brian, may even have played a role. I've included Brian's response below.

GHW settled back in at "the Abbey" in Moyobamba and awaited a sign.

"We began to hear rumors from the native Quechuas that told of a 'lost city' high in the Andes, known as Pomatana, the 'Lost City of a Thousand Roofs' ". The Quechua knew approximately where it was but feared its ruins. Fearing nothing, GHW went for it. Up the unexplored Rio Mantaro and on to 12000 feet altitudes, GHW and his little band trekked. They encountered a "wise indian" who told them where to look. It was there---up among three mountain tops. And so GHW discovered Pomatana. It was a ruin that GHW said had 10 to 12000 buildings, all built in a round beehive look. He just knew that this had once been a "mecca" for the ancient race. [think meditation cells for the beehives]. In a nearby cave were many holed/trepanned skulls looking Egyptian to Williamson. Some of these holes were filled with some metal ['re not supposed to know this]. Alas, the expedition was at its supply end and they had to leave. On the way out, Betty discovered a rare herb, Yorba del Inca, which was the Incan healing elixir. [I think that there's an actual sample of this in the files.]

I am now going to ask for some indulgence from you folks reading this adventure, and say that I can't find my notes on this next "episode" about GHWs discovery of the Rock or Wall of the Writings. All I know at the moment is that this didn't occur at Pomatana but in the same general time frame on some other excursion from The Abbey. [The rough area is the Alto Madre de Dios River]. Those notes must be back in Michigan. Anyway, the indefatiguable Williamson struck out in some other direction [and I believe earlier that the Pomatana trek in the fall of 1957] and found the "wall" pictured on the left. Williamson was proud of this, of course, but couldn't decipher it [even by making things up]. But that was OK as he saw in this another leftover evidence of the Lost Super Race. And, one must admit, it IS a nice archaeological find, whatever it is. But the "Big One" continued to elude him. Operating on information channeled to him by his trance controls, Williamson felt that he had to take a solitary trip to the great mystery ruin of Tiahuanaco on the shore of Lake Titicaca in Bolivia.
This ruin continues to intrigue us today. We don't really understand exactly how it fits into the better understood parts of South American cultural history, and Williamson thought that it was a remnant of the Pre-Flood Atlantaean supercivilization. That's probably why he went. GHW believed in the efficacy of psychometry --- the ability to get psychic vibes about the past of objects by holding them. Maybe he felt that this intimacy would give him the next step to take.

While sitting alone in the ruins, GHW suddenly was aware that he was in the presence of a very old man. This man strode directly towards GHW and seemed a normal elderly villager. He was shabby and barefoot. He walked directly out of the rising Sun. He greeted GHW by raising his arms high three times, an ancient form of greeting. He said in Aymara: "Yatiri, Yatiri, Yatiri!" And then instructed Williamson that he should call him "Grandfather". Sometimes this appellation was used to signify a spirit being. {The Yatiri name bugged GHW for a long time and he ultimately decided that The Grandfather was addressing him as some type of magician-healer or shaman, someone who had a role in the great revelations of the Old Ways shortly to come}. He then proceeded to tell GHW the entire history of the Tiahuanacan Temple. After many strange "revelations" about the ancient world and GHWs life-to-come, The Grandfather walked away to the West, opposite to wherefrom he had come. It finally dawned upom GHW that he had just had a Vision Quest encounter as had been taught him by his Chippewa shaman friend long ago. Later in life, Williamson had a dream of the Grandfather in which he felt more truths were told to him. But for now, he and we will go elsewhere --- Williamson on his whirlwind speaking tours, and we to the "sad" mundane patterns of our normal lives. Sigh....

Below, Williamson is Coming!!! Like it or not, there is one more episode in this mind-riveting tale.

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