Friday, March 11, 2011

"Out Proctor" with George Hunt Williamson: a Marginally Serious Exploration Searching for Shamballa, part four.

The Shamballa tour races past several stops today, mainly because GHW did the same [i.e. didn't think about them much]. Brown Landone seemed to like these three options as well as any, but neither he nor Williamson are providing us much information. Still, just in case you want to go looking, or just want to know the "complete set":
Landone's fourth Shangri-la is in Spain near the holy monasteries of Montserrat. It certainly is a nice mystical setting for it. Here amid weird mountainous formations buildings cling to hillsides such as to make you wonder how they were built. Landone claims that a "hidden bowl" exists within a high mountain cluster "not far from Esterri". The temples are built into the mountains and house "more than a thousand men". They live in joy and peace and youthfulness ready to bring about a "New Age" of brotherhood to our planet. I've been to Montserrat and shamefully missed it. And I don't think space surveillance has detected a "titanic crater high among snows", but maybe it's just invisible to modern technology. Well...yeh.

Our next Shangri-la is near Mt. Ararat, where something else is also supposed to be located. It probably is not right alongside the Ark, but in the general vicinity. The nearest landmark is supposed to be Krestavoya Gora, The Mountain of the Cross. The Shangri-la area is known as "The Bowl of the Silver Cross". Landone claims that Jesus made a pilgrimage to this Shangri-la before going on to Southern Arabia [no reason given] and on to the Shangri-la at Ruwenzari in Africa. This differs a bit from the usual rumors of Jesus spending time at a monastery much closer to Muztagh-ata area [written about by Notovich] or Christ actually spending years in India. Landone as usual tells us nothing about his sources.

The penultimate Shangri-la is in Central America. This one is vaguest of all. It exists somewhere sort-of south of Lake Peten in Guatemala, but at least 150 miles away. It is another "gigantic bowl" called the Bowl of Stars. It like most if not all of these places is inhabited by "men" of white skin and blond hair a la Scandinavia, and forming a "White Brotherhood" of the Elder Race. All that gives me a bit of the creeps, but I can't find any real examples of actionable racism in the writing of either he nor GHW. I also looked Googlishly "south" of Lake Peten and couldn't find much in the way of truly wild high ground there. Sort-of WSW though there is some snow-capped area and an occasional pretty round lake, so maybe that area's our best shot.

All these Shangri-las didn't rivet GHW's attention much, and there's really nothing about them [prominently anyway] in his files. The seventh and final Shangri-la is different however. That is the Shangri-la of the high Andes, and a remnant of the Elder race that GHW tried very hard to find physically in person.

I'll write about his questing there in a last Shamballa-ish post, but it might take a bit of time, we'll see. This is because I'm traipsing back to my home in Michigan for two weeks beginning tomorrow. It is going to be a busy time but if we're lucky, I may have some good news about the world of anomalies in about 8-9 days. I'll try to squeeze some ordinary posts in between, but there's going to be work to be done, so I can't promise much. Till then: God be with you.

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