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"Out Proctor" with George Hunt Williamson: a Marginally Serious Exploration Searching for Shamballa, part five: our boy actually goes looking.

Time to go out in the field and find the seventh Shangri-la/Shamballa, and as you can see, Georgie is dressed for the part. GHW was quite the strutting cock in many ways, and liked to dress-up to make whatever impression he was trying to project. I have seen pictures of him in full Hopi dance costume, "impersonating an officer" in Air Force-like uniform, and full-robed regalia as a Bishop of a church. But the one above I guess he's earned, as he really DID go into the Amazonian jungle, and not with a tourist suitcase.

The real explorer in Williamson began way back in his youth, when his father was part of the US Indian Affairs office, working with the Chippewas in Minnesota. His Dad must have been a good guy, and the local native Americans liked him. GHW was "adopted" by the local "medicine man" who took a shine to the young boy and spent time with him talking of spiritual things among other topics. One of the topics which stuck with GHW all his life was that Earth was the concern of elder spirits who came from above and whom could be communicated with in the right state-of-spirit. Somehow embedded in this was the idea that these elders were still about even physically. Whether GHW glued his "concrete" ideas about temples of mysteries onto what the shaman told him, or whether the shaman actually said things like this, GHW had a belief that somewhere a still-existing Temple lay hidden and only the resolute and good of spirit could find it. Somehow this was connected to the falling down of a grand ancient civilization; and somehow GHW connected it not only to Atlantis but to a "Temple of the Seven Rays". He never lost the thought that this Temple and its adepts were out there to be joined by such as he.

George's father was transferred to Prescott, Arizona and he moved with the family, entering the University of Arizona in Anthropology, and meeting his wife-to-be, Betty, a botanist. Betty graduated; George didn't. Our boy was rather easily deflected from anything mundane like classes or tests. He was more into trance-control mediumship and the pending world catastrophe. There were no degrees in either. Up in Michigan at MSU, professor Charles Laughead was finding that academia up there had no room for either as well. In a story most of you know, Laughead was so impressed with medium Dorothy Martin's trance messages that he announced that most of the world was about to be destroyed by a mammoth tidal wave and only the chosen [chosen by semi-spiritual UFOnauts] would be saved. Somehow GHW learned about these people and bit off a chunk of their "vision" himself. The photo above is of Laughead and Dorothy Martin waiting for the world-sunami which never arrived. [like all naive predictors, they told you exactly when the event would occur---bad policy]. Laughead was fired as an embarrassment to the university and left with his wife, Lillian, Martin, and a few "followers" for the southwest. Somewhere in this business they met Williamson and began happily sharing channeled messages.

Laughead, Martin et al were directed by channeled entities to seek their salvation by locating the Temple of the Seven Rays in Peru and went there. Williamson thought that this was a good idea too, but was hot on the trail of the Elder Race UFOnauts via Ouija Board, Ham Radio, and "Telonic Research" using lots of hoped-for direct signal detection. GHW, on the left, and Betty, sitting, wait the telephone call from god in the picture above. That call didn't come. GHW, one of the fastest decision-makers in world history [and along with that most impatient], packed the family up and left for Peru to join the Laugheads and Martin. The goal, I believe, was directed to be Moyobamba. My flawed memory on this folks was that [whether Moyobamba or not] the whole crowd was made courageous by GHWs arrival, and actually DID strike out into the "bush" and settle for awhile at an old Temple ruin site, which Dorothy and George decided was some kind of part of the ancient civilization and a sign that they were to rebuild it and go onto greater discoveries on their path to whatever awaited them. The Laugheads didn't like the lack of luxury that the Peruvian jungle was offering vs. the amenities of a prof's life at Michigan State, and moved out to a larger Peruvian city and then back to the States. Spiritual Glory and Lemurian Life Fulfillment were apparently worth only so much when it came to insect bites and strange food.

GHW stayed on, of course, and also explored elsewhere in Peru while he was at it [I may not get exact sequences of his activities in order; trying to write a bio of GHW is a crazy man's task if you want to get it all in date-straight form]. He was driven to go to Cusco and to nearby Sacsahuaman. Not only were the famous "fitted walls" an ongoing mystery [and STILL unsolved as far as the really big stones at the fortress are concerned], but GHW had a hint of something to look for from, of all people, Morris K Jessup. Jessup had jumped the convention astronomy career path and become a fairly serious self-taught anthropologist-archaeologist. His find was that, he believed, the Cusco area demonstrated clear signs of an advanced ancient civilization in Peru. This civilization's hints were in the rocks. Tunnel systems [did you ever wonder where all that came from into UFOlogy??] were supposed to connect all the way from the Sacsahuaman fortress to downtown Cusco, and allegedly much further. Carvings of "staircases" in the rocks were symbols of some great meaning to be deciphered. GHW and Jessup had actually talked about this somewhere [perhaps by lost correspondence, but maybe in person]. George was going to check it out by gum.

Of course, being GHW, he found it all- or at least enough to convince him that Jessup was right about everything---"vast" tunnel systems ground out by a superior race of ancient times, and mysterious stairs, sometimes carved upside down, which held a hint which could lead to the Temple of the Rays and beyond to Shamballa.

These pictures and the one which follows are GHWs originals from the collection. This is the sort of thing which meant "proof" to George that he was on the correct path to Shangri-la in the Andes.

These stairs GHW never figured out, as far as I know. Late in life he was going to write a book called the City of the Stairs and perhaps he would have told us there. It was that they were often upside-down which seemed to intrigue him. Maybe he thought that they, by defying our normal geometry/gravity were meant to indicate a transmit portal of some kind.

George found his "stairs" everywhere. Here at Macchu Picchu he photographed the famous ones underneath the Torreon [which many archaeologists today feel may have been an archaoastronomic observation point]. Stairs to the Gods. Stairs to the Elders. Stairs to Shangri-la. We'll pick up his story next time, as he strikes out into "Green Hell" to find Lost Cities and much else. I'll leave you with his portrait of the "Man Himself" at Macchu Picchu, contemplating things far stranger than you and I will do.

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