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Close Encounters of the Second Kind, physiological effects part seven-b

Second piece of this set of fifteen: numbers 96-100; 1972-1973 era. There are a "5" and two "4's" here. Both other lower-rated cases have their own interest.
Let's start with the Tyringham/Dundurrabin NSW "four": These incidents were embedded in a flap which went on in the area from May to August 1973. The flap was densest in June, having cases nearly every day. Fortunately we had Bill Chalker on the job, one of our all-time bests. The early half of the flap was characterized by bright lights and flashing objects which caused widespread animal panics [horses, cats, and cattle]. It is these animal panics that are the cause of this being in the CE2p category. But, while we're mentioning this flap, I'd like to note several other effects from cases in it which were not CE2p's but are worth presenting. There was a case where a descending domed disk stopped clocks simultaneously in two neighbors' homes. One of the clocks WASN'T ELECTRIC! {Now c'mon guys, this is tough enough already}. Another silver object bearing with it a very localized area of cold air, stopped another clock. At least this one was electric. A brilliant "V" shaped thing was able to cast trees into silhouette, but COULD NOT CAST LIGHT ON THEM! Yikes. Then it just turned off. Two ladies were walking when a dome-shaped lightform just manifested between them. It then disappeared by going into the ground after hanging there for two minutes. Makes one want to seek shelter in a rubber room.

The Cape Girardeau MO incident is well known in this country. Truck drivers are stalked by a balloon-shaped light [witness said "turnip"] and when driver bent head around outside window to get a look, he felt that he was hit by a concentrated force of light and heat like a flare. This deformed his glasses, temporarily blinded him [took several days to recover], was singed on face and hair, and had terrific pain behind eyes. Case was well reported and investigated, and something very close to witness description must have happened. The only question is whether it was "UFO" or some incredibly bad luck and timing with a balloon with a flare attached to it. The illustration at left is a page from a rare old MUFON journal where the witness's sketch of the object is inked in over the typing.

The case represented by the picture at the bottom is Doucier France. This is the "5" for today. As you can see it involved a large technological disk hovering directly over some trout tanks in a fish nursery. The dome is meant to be transparent "like plexiglass". The witness becomes "entranced" and hears no sounds of any kind during the experience [a typical "OZ" incident]. Like the chickens of an earlier case, his dogs showed no awareness that anything was there at all. Case was well investigated and appeared in LDLN.

Contrast this with the Merricks Victoria case wherein a craft was inexplicably met by the observer with a feeling of great calmness BUT HIS COWS WENT TOTALLY BERSERK.
I'll place the last story down here because it's nearly "Out Proctor" [those who've read the blog for a long time know what I mean by that---search the words], and it may not belong in UFOlogy at all. This was the case of a man with painful arthritis who did not want to walk out at all but a storm was on and he felt he had to close his garage. He limped down the path to the garage and was confronted by a "Cloud of Gold". Fatalistically, he soldiered on right through it. As soon as he entered, his pain left him, and continued to be gone all through his walk back to his house and through the evening. The next morning some minor pain had returned but the bulk of the problem was gone and he did not have to use his cane again. Well, that's a "2" folks. All I've got is a letter to Hynek, so...?? Still, I WISH that things like that happened, but what can I say??

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Close Encounters of the Second Kind, physiological effects part seven-a

Rolling onward folks. These cases will be #'s 91-105. 1970-1974. I'll break them up into three pieces again. After all of this part is over, we'll have about 50 more to go. It might be enough to tell us something about the physical effects of UFOs; we'll see.
This set of five contains three decent "4"-level cases, but none I can recommend as a "star". Still, they are interesting. And you may have noticed that the phenomenon is showing off all over the world, even in my US-dominated files.

Let's start with a trip to Kinnula, Finland. This thing has a cartoon of the main scene [to the left], which I have messed up by coloring it in for our amusement. Two woodcutters see the thing as pictured and a being come floating out of it in a diving-suit-type outfit. It approaches and one guy feels threatened [he turns on his chainsaw and advances]. The being turns and floats up slightly in the air to rejoin the craft [other such entities are seen in the windows]. The one woodcutter tries to grab the floater, catching its boot. This results in an extreme transmission of heat and a severely burnt hand. Released, the entity floats up and into the craft, which takes off. It left a trace in the snow. Besides the burn, both men found they could not talk for a while thereafter, and felt stiff for quite some time. This only slowly left them. Another UFO sighting occurred in Kinnula the same day. Investigators were impressed by the witness testimony and the reluctance that they wanted to speak about the whole affair at all [they'd already received more mockery about their report than they cared for. ]

El Castenuelo Spain is another "4". Here a 7 1/2 foot tall "refrigerator" object was sitting at the edge of a road, mounted on four legs. It had "windows" in each of its bottom corners. It buzzed and had a non-dispersing "cloud" hanging overhead. A farmer carrying a heavy sack approached, but when still 180 feet away became paralyzed [as did his dog and the nearby goats]. Most oddly, the sack that he was carrying seemed to lose its feeling of having any weight. When the craft/object lifted off and flew away, the paralysis left and the weight of the sack returned. Curious business that.

The last "4" is Kempsey NSW. This was in the midst of a general flap in the area. It is, for me, the weirdest of the incidents, though whether it counts as CE2p is questionable. Since it's too much fun to ignore though, I include it. The witness saw a pink "flare" move down the river and later saw a "face" in his kitchen window. [he must have made some startled noise as his wife came out to see the next act half way through]. He then was pulled by unknown force through the glass window and hurled about 12-feet total into the yard, landing in a crumple. The landing was strangely "soft" however as if broken abnormally by that force. The wife rushed out to find him running and then squatting down sobbing with fear. His only physical injuries were cuts from flying through the breaking glass. This is another well investigated Ozzie case [Bill Chalker sent me a report review], and probably is a solid one despite its weird character. The artistic rendering of the case appears at the bottom of this post.
Lots of oddball details in all these things. Different shaped craft/machines or no machines at all. Entities or none. Disks, lights, and refrigerators. When we strip these ,in my opinion, details-of-legerdemain away, there will be a pile of "paralyzers", of "burners", of "noisy irritators", and a vast framing obfuscation of anything one can pile on. Onwards.

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Close Encounters of the Second Kind, physiological effects part six-c

Last set of five for this section: cases 86-90. 1970 era.
This set is composed of a fairly solid group of incidents, at least as far as each being interesting in its own way. And there is one "5" here. Jabrielles-les-Bordes, France: a case investigated by Bertrand Meheust at the request of Aime Michel, so it has great investigative bona fides.

It's nice to have a good piece of artistry to illustrate a case like Jabrielles-les-Bordes, and the one at the left comes from the great French publication Luminieres Dans La Nuit.Here a domed disk with ports and windows rests in a field. When the witness approaches it emits a beam like a laser, striking him. This orange light paralyzes him and he is temporarily blinded. The craft gives off heat and whistles on take off. The witness then recovers. A trace on the ground is later found at the right spot by the investigation. The primary investigator, Bertrand Meheust, is a good one and a tough sell. He liked it, so therefore do I.

Grants Pass OR is a disk case wherein the witness is also paralyzed. This witness felt sluggish after the craft left and she could move again. The case is based upon good credible sounding letters to Hynek, but that's all we've got. It's probably better than my "3" in reality.

Itatiatia Brazil is another Brazilian case, so I have my crap-detectors up. There are claims that the witness is/was a security guard at an important facility and a person of high character, so maybe this is OK, but I don't know the investigator. The case is a little reminiscent of Ft. Itaipu in that we have guards, shots fired, and an injury requiring hospitalization. Here a rectangular flying wing swoops in towards an area with an important dam and powerplant. Witness fires his gun and the craft seems to react with brightening lights, pulsing, and turbine noises. The shooter is struck by a "ray" and receives "pins-and-needles" and blindness. The attending physician interpreted the blindness as psychosomatic, but believed that there was a real incident causing it. Again, as with all these, we are very dependent on the investigator who writes the stuff up, and I have no info on that part of the "credibility".

Stratford//Bairnsdale Victoria is probably a good case. For one thing it is an Aussie case which usually means good honest investigators. Driver was being stalked by a bright light to the rear. Radio went out; car wouldn't accelerate; the interior heated up; and vibrations began to be felt all over the car structure and by the witness. All this phenomenology stopped when the light left. This even was true of a severe headache which quit unusually abruptly. Case could be a lollapalloosa but I have no complete report.

The last case here is Imjarvi. This is one of the weirder things going. Below is a cartoon like series of drawings meant to illustrate the point-by-point action. Two skiers are confronted by a domed disk. It's surrounded by a "fog". A lightbeam descends from the center-bottom of the craft. This may be one of our notorious "solid" light beams which act as much like substance as they do like light. I believe that it is specifically stated that the beam operated like an extension with an end. Within this "light elevator" was a small weird being with a conical hat and green boots. [my mind is beginning to drift towards "folklore" at this time]. Critter is a bit elfin with a bogles' prominent hooked nose. It zaps the skiers with a light from a small black box. It and the light elevator re-entered the craft and were suddenly not there. Temporarily blinded, one of the men was also fainting and paralyzed on his right side. He had headaches, vomiting, and difficulty breathing. Much pain and dizziness. The other fellow was better off with just dizziness and a red, swollen face. His chest and hands were, however, covered with red spots. The lesser impacted witness seemed to let the experience go and get about his life. There was, however, a later experience where they thought that they saw a small man in his house which upon searching they could not locate. The greater-impacted witness seems to have been psychologically affected longer term and has made all sorts of claims, such as hearing a feminine voice in his head and meeting a fairy-like woman---all more than once. With all such cases, we have to decide whether we are going to lump everything together or split the original event from the later claims. That's everyone's choice. For what it's worth, I think that something anomalous happened in the first place, and am forced to reserve judgement on all else. Whether that original event was UFOlogical or one of our time-honored fairyfolk type incursions...??? David Jacobs once announced to me that he was certain that the whole thing was an abduction. Well, my friend, I'm not ready to jump to that. It has a feel of a parallel otherworld intrusion [faery/trickster call it what we may] to it that at least presents an alternative way of viewing it. But...???
All for now. The next set[s] will be cases # 91-105, era 1970-1974.

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Close Encounters of the Second Kind, physiological effects part six-b

Second segment of this group; cases # 81-85---entering an area of high strangeness now.
This set has a "5", two "4's", and a sleeper. The sleeper is the El Sauce, Argentina case. What I have on the incident conforms perfectly to the mainline CE2p case piles. [paralysis which leaves when object leaves; light burns; and what might be an OZ effect on the patients at the hospital]. But all I have is a short FSR piece and a HUMCAT entry. Admittedly Ted Bloecher and David Webb list Roberto Banchs as a resource on the case, and he has a good track record in that country as far as I can tell. So, this case is probably a lot higher than a "Two".

The "five" is Claremont NH. This thing has a technological disk hovering close to the ground making a buzzing sound. The case occurred shortly after another UFO was sighted in the same area, though that was unknown by the witnesses. A very wide lightbeam projected from the bottom of the craft; the male witness said that he felt that the lightbeam had a "solid" look to it. The CE2p effect in the case is not particularly spectacular: the couple's children were seen to be having a fitful sleep, and their dogs were whimpering throughout the experience. All of that could conceivably be related to the rising sounds that the object was making. Still, the fact that another person also witnessed an object at the same time makes this a strongly credible case.

Both of the "fours" are quite odd. Hemliden Mountain, Sweden: The director of a transmission facility in the mountains heard his alarms go off and looked outside as part of his investigation. There he was confronted by a 150' wide object with a "tunnel" in it. Around the thing were many four-foot-on-a-side fuzzy "cloud-colored boxes" apparently doing something. At this moment the director realized that he was paralyzed. 6 or 7 of the boxes then floated by him into his facility, apparently inspecting the place. In 5 to 10 minutes they came back out, entered the tunnel to the ship, which then shot off to the north. At that time the witness regained the ability to move. The reason that I rate this thing a "4" is that it was published in the Nordic UFO Newsletter, which I consider a small unknown gem in old UFOlogy. Things published there have had an aura of seriousness about them that I don't find in all publications.

Lastly there is the Strange-to-end-Strange case of "Dr. X" in southern France, a case which shook Aime Michel and overpoweringly influenced Jacques Vallee. To say the case is complex doesn't do it; you should read it in detail elsewhere. For our purposes we can leave it with this: A professional medical man sees two objects creating very bright light pulses. These two objects merge into one. This thing points a beam at the witness, then tilts in the sky and vanishes [one gets the impression that this is a very fast sort of vanishing rather than a "poof" vanishing]. The doctor finds that a leg injury is now healed, but he has a triangular discoloration at his navel. Astoundingly, he says that his young son also acquired the same mark, despite not having been where he should have been exposed to any beam. After the event and over much time, many paranormal claims come from this doctor, including poltergeist phenomena, recurring twinned triangles on his and his son's navel, patently impossible electrical flows through broken equipment, and the doctor levitating occasionally. Well, even open-minded me, would dump this thing in a flash if it were not for Aime Michel saying that this guy is a person known to him. But, since most of these later claims conveniently never happen when anyone can see them, I still have VERY large doubts. I can't get any handle on this one at all. In honor of Michel I compromise with a nervous "four". Below is a not-completely-fictional cartoon version of the UFO part of the tale.

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Close Encounters of the Second Kind, physiological effects part six-a

Folks, I'm going to split these next 15 cases up into three smaller postings in the hopes of back preservation. This first third of them [#s 76-80] contain a couple of strong cases. We are also mainly in the era of "ordinary" CE2p's rather than high strangeness incidents. But those are soon to come.

Before mentioning the two stronger cases, I'd like to give a nod to one which is probably rock-solid as well: Bengough Saskatchewan. In fact, my knee-jerk rating of it as a "3" is probably way short---but I have no original file. Still NICAP was happy with the case. A farm lady watch as a domed disk went meandering through her farm in what could only be described as an exploratory excursion. You can see the "flight plan" to the left. She noticed effects on both her dogs and her cows. For her own person, she felt a tingling like a mild electric shock. Not the most spectacular of CE2p effects, but a pretty good case.

A drawing of the craft will appear sooner-or-later also on the left side, but I'll go on to another incident now.

The second case I'll mention is the Beallsville Ohio case. This experience elicited a lot of interest, including by James McDonald. Many people interviewed the young man burned by the UFO and his story remained firm and consistent.

The case involved a red object which emitted a flash which ignited the boy's jacket and knocked him down. Simultaneously, there were effects on the television set inside and on the dog outside. More than one witness at greater distances saw the red object. The young man felt his arm tingling [it was later found to have sustained burns] and had a short-term memory loss. Of particular fascination to me was his statement that the UFO did not fly away, but vanished in its place by fading away. As some of you know, these incidents are rare but there are a few good ones.

McDonald was also fascinated, but in his case it was his desire to hunt down cases wherein something took place which absolutely anchored UFOs to physical objects, behaving [somewhat] like they "belonged" right here in our physical universe. As a physical scientist, that made him a lot more comfortable and fed his hypothesis that these things were ET. Here's a quote from McDonald to the local sheriff:
"This incident, which involved minor burn injuries to young Gregory Wells, is one of a relatively rare category of UFO cases, in which physical injury has been substantiated. I am doing an intensive study of the UFO problem and have recently interviewed a number of other witnesses in burn cases. None is quite comparable with that reported by the Wells family and others in Beallsville".

So, Big Mac liked it.

The final case for comment in this set is the "Second Templeton Twin" as I call it. Templeton MA 1966 and Templeton MA 1968 are too freakily alike to separate them in my mind. They involved two different residents of rural Templeton who did not know one another, but apparently experienced nearly the same thing. Both cases begin at 3 to 4am by being awakened by a brilliantly illuminated bedroom. In both cases the light is pulsing and in the background there is a "pinging" sound. In the 1968 case, this pulsation and pinging seems synchronized to the speeding up and slowing down of a fan which was operating in the room. Also in both cases, the period of the light pulsation created paralysis. The witness in the 1966 case went unconscious. The woman in the 1968 case lay there conscious but numb and aching.

The first witness woke up three hours later and had vague UFO-related dreams, which bothered him enough that he studied up on UFOs furiously and joined Massachusetts NICAP as a field investigator. He looked into several cases, none like his own. Then he got a home-town assignment and was blown away to find the witness repeating his own experience or nearly so. [It is, in fact, the differences in his report of her case that convince me that he did an honest job].

In her case she lay paralyzed while the light pulsed on and off 7 or 8 times. She specifically noted that even her face was locked rigid. When light went off for last time, she began to recover slowly [this was one hour into the experience]. Despite it being painful and awkward, she scribbled down notes as best she could at 5:10am. Bet you'd like to see them wouldn't you?? Well, with luck, they're right here at the bottom of this page. [My pleasure, by the way]. The next day she ached all over and had headaches, but was full of energy and hyperactivity. This only subsided gradually over the following three days, making four days of sequelae in all. I believe her testimony to be "world-class", and combined with his own earlier "twin", and the still extant "5:10am diary notes", this case is at least a "five" for me. Well, I've been wrong before, but this thing has a "take-it-to-the-bank" feeling for me.

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Close Encounters of the Second Kind, physiological effects part five

Plugging along at these mysteries: cases #61-75, 1967 era. I'm going to try to be a little less "wordy" this time.
Cases # 61-65: a strong one and two pretty good ones in this five. The strong case is the famous Stefan Michalak/Falcon Lake case, which baffled the Colorado Study. The two good ones are essentially unknown. Let's say a bit about them first. Fishing Creek Valley PA is an animal effects case studied by NICAP and the police. The animal-effect amounted to dogs going nuts but settling down immediately when the object vanished. What really intrigues me about the case is the emitted light from the "globe". That "ray" seemed to originate in the air separate from the object, and was not normally spreading light, nor even linear laser light. It rather, had a shape to it: beginning narrow, then arcing out "fatter" then back in, forming an ellipse in the air. Quite boggling.

Minatare NE is one small part of a wild series of events experienced by a farming family. I probably shouldn't rate it so high, but the descriptions of all that went on [different days] are extensive, intelligent, and well-told as to credence. Six witnesses filled out NICAP forms, but, perhaps due to location, NICAP did not follow up. Several good old "nocturnal meandering lights" are in there, plus one which could have been an astro-alignment display. A close encounter exists wherein family members appear to be "knocked out" except for the woman who is scared to death, and a long duration thing which might be a CE3 [with footprints] is another. The clear [?] CE2p is a passing light source followed by eye-irritation, numbness, skin-peeling, aches, fever. Again, without NICAP actually going out there, I am probably over-rating but the case just draws you in.

The Michalak case is complex and written up everywhere, so you should read it in detail elsewhere. Thumbnail: he as amateur prospector was stumbling about in the woods when he came across an obviously technological object, landed or nearly so, hatch open and voices inside. He thought it was US and approached. The surface was quite hot. The thing suddenly rotated and emitted a very hot gas which burnt a pattern through his clothing. He was affected with fainting and weakness and ultimately [the craft long gone] made it back home. Many radiation-effect-like sequelae occurred, including the famous burn pattern. His case was investigated by the RCMP as well as Colorado, and Canadian UFO investigators. Michalak ultimately had to go to MAYO Clinic for a long battery of tests. He finally recovered though the sequelae would occasionally return after dormant periods. Colorado sent Roy Craig up to investigate and, as usual with him, he looked for any excuse to trash the case. He ended up assuming that Michalak burned himself and made the rest up, partly in cahoots with Canadian local UFOlogists. None of that brilliant investigation has tracked accurately with what we actually know about the case, except for one thing: persons found loose metal at the site melted into fissures in exposed rocks. Michalak never claimed anything about this--others brought it up as possible proof of craft presence and radioactivity involvement. It seems likely that this was a later plant by a small-time UFOlogist trying to make something for himself out of it. A letter from a very good Canadian UFOlogist bearing on the case appears at the bottom of the post---put there just because I thought you'd like to see an original document.

Cases 66-70: Include a strong one and two goods. The "goods" are the Roswell 1968 case---sorry I blew the year to begin with so this is out of order---and the Texas Creek CO case. The Roswell case is a husband and wife incident with intelligent witnesses and a local NICAP member who knew them. It's a car stalker case with strange light [did not cast shadows and did not light up road]. Witnesses felt abnormally peaceful through the experience and wife's arthritis in neck seemed to have been cured.

The Texas Creek case is one of the great "misses" in UFO lore. The college student had his car quit on him alongside another two vehicles with the same problem. In the farm field was a huge "football" lighted at each end hovering. The witness [typical college student] got out and jumped the fence. He began to think he'd made a bad move when the giant slowly turned and pointed its nose at him. A beam shot out and paralyzed him and made him unconscious. But he did not fall, standing there with arms outstretched and a glow of light around him. This condition persisted until the object took off and reached the horizon. Only then did the glow click off and he fall to the ground. Where we missed out here is that the other cars' occupants although promising to write back to him, did not. He hadn't any of their names. He DID write to Colorado, but it was too late in their investigative period so they apparently blew it off. He and Coral Lorenzen and local APRO operatives tried hard to locate the other people, even posting ads in papers of likely locations. Nothing. In that it was very like the James Stokes situation. I rate this case higher than it may deserve because I have had the chance to listen to a rare audiotape of Coral actually interviewing him. Sounded pretty legit. But caveat emptor.

The strong case is Summerdale PA. It's strong because it has multiple witnesses [one of whom was a powerful young man, who did not like having to admit that he was paralyzed during the event]. These witnesses were interviewed by the local papers [the whole area was in a miniflap] and by the National Inquirer, and NICAP's local sub-committee was apparently aware of it, though I've found no NICAP case form yet. The main reason that I rate this case as a strong one is that the witnesses tell a coherent story and reported it immediately. The "personal context" therefore seems to be good, as well as the setting, in the midst of many central and western Pennsylvania incidents at the time. In fact they were so numerous at one point that profs from Penn State [maybe---near Harrisburg] formed a fieldwork group and drove wildly around trying to catch a UFO in the act---reporting their findings to the Colorado Project.

Last set: #71-75. Three "fives" here. One of these is Newfield/Ithaca again a case appearing in a UFO flap---it's astounding how much of this went on during the time of the Colorado Project itself. It was almost as if the UFOs were daring us, and we, instead, proved what an incompetent bunch of blind buffoons we are. Newfield was a young mom driving with her son in the car when a UFO took over the controls and drove the vehicle itself for a while. Her son was rendered "coma-like" during the event and remembered nothing. She got headaches and a variety of minor sequelae which went away fairly soon thereafter. A series of very good investigative interviews are featured in this case and it seems solid.

The Winnipeg case is "just above average" by itself, but is immeshed in a group of very odd UFO events involving Westdale & Charleswood Manitoba involving footprints in fields and RCMP investigations. The Winnipeg incident itself [involving an elaborate object which left a trace] was reported among other places in Bondarchuk's UFO Canada, which is a forgotten gem in UFO literature with much sensible facts and commentary. The CE2p elements are radiation-like: Headaches, dehydration, pain, copper taste in mouth, drop in white blood cell count. This case could well be a hidden"six".

The final case for tonight---darn it, I've done it again---too much babbling---is the Cussac France case investigated by one of UFOlogy's best, Dr. Claude Poher of the French national space agency. [and a founder of GEPAN]. He has stated this as being one of his favorite cases and totally puzzling. It "seems" to involve a large globe surrounded by "little black devils" which appear to have no regard for Newton's Law of Gravity. The globe sits there whistling and emitting [what else?] a sulphurous odor while the miniature demons work below or float above finally all in unison jumping up and entering the thing from the top. This performance had the local cows upset and the humans' eyes watering and irritated. Perhaps a disappointing CE2p effect, but when you're dealing with demons maybe that's all you want.

Anyway, I'm done---back is killing me. Hope some of this was interesting. Letter from Brian Cannon on the Michalak case is below. Till next week, peace.
by the way, if the letter looks fishy to you at its bottom, that's because I clipped it there to fit the last sentence and Cannon's signature in from the second page---don't want to start an internet conspiracy that I'm holding out on you. ....but you never know....

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Close Encounters of the Second Kind, physiological effects part four

Hello folks again on the CE2p case logs. These are file cases #46-60, from the years 1964-1967. Within this group are two "bell cows" [Damon,TX and Leominster,MA], and four "5's". They add a pretty solid foundation to the phenomenology, although, as usual, they are rather distinctive in their details. The further we chew into these things you'll notice that it is a difficult hunt to find many things which are extremely similar. I have expressed elsewhere my belief that this is purposeful by the agents behind this phenomenon. Don't ask why, as no really honest answer to that can be given, but this "feels" like deliberate obfuscation to make general public acceptance of the reality of these things nigh impossible [if you haven't experienced one yourself].
Cases 346-50: we begin with two slim case files but then run into three straight "5's". The "5's" are Everglades [FL], Baden [PA], and Cherry Creek [NY].... a "knockout" case, a "sunburn" case, and an animal effects case.

The KO case is the well-known "James Flynn" case in the Florida Everglades [March 14, 1965]. This is one of the many cases that I thought little about until I read the actual file. It turns out, in my eyes, to be very strong. And, helpfully, it is mainly a NICAP case. Flynn was camping when he saw a light in the distance and approached. The light emanated from an inverted cone [flattened] of 70-foot diameter size. It was obviously technological with a riveted surface and four rows of windows. It hovered close to the ground making a whirring noise. Flynn approached the object waving his hands. He felt a strong gust of wind and then was hit by a bright burst of light. Flynn described it as being hit [just above the eye] "like a sledgehammer". This blow knocked him out and he fell to the ground unconscious. He did not awaken for many hours, at which time the object was gone. Flynn was partially blinded with his right eye particularly bloodshot and both needing some treatment. His reflexes were pretty well shot for awhile, but everything recovered in time. Flynn upon examination, had a small eraser-sized bruise mark over his eye, which looked like it could have been the strike-point of a narrow force beam of some kind. Upon investigators returning to the site, a substantial trace was found, the most interesting element [to me] was that the trees were burnt/scorched preferentially from their tops down [the singes sometimes not reaching the ground]. I have included a letter from the NICAP file here from one of the doctors examining Flynn, since it is one of those rare pieces of evidence that you'll never see unless some "insider" guy like me digs them out and shows them.
{The second part of that letter will appear alongside the rest of this commentary which is not about Flynn, so don't let it disturb the order of your universe} .....Baden [PA] is a case which was "investigated" [ha ha!!] by Project Blue Book and although the local guy did OK, the ATIC conclusion was a joke. The witness was walking up his driveway when he noticed something obscuring the Moon. It was a huge disk sort of ultraviolet to violet in color, surrounded by orange lights, and turning to very intense blue as it moved. When the orange lights went out, he felt a blast of a shock wave which almost knocked him down. He ran into the house and immediately called the Air Force. His vision got worse and worse and finally he could see nothing at all. He also had a "burn" over his body. In the BB report itself it says: "The doctor examining him said that he was suffering from an 'arc welding' type burn". Despite this, [immediate report to AF by a reputable citizen, and corroborating evaluation by a doctor], the Air Force record card wrote this off as a Hoax. No reason given!! As I looked at the file, I noticed that this case was filed with other things from the area at the time, including the Beaver [PA] photo hoax. Could the main office at Blue Book be that stupid?? You decide.

The third "5" is Cherry Creek [NY], August 19, 1965. This is a multiple witness case as far as seeing the object is concerned. The primary witness experienced engine effects on his tractor and radio, apparently caused by a 50-foot long metallic football shaped thing. The football made beeping sounds and emitted an odor [no relationship to actual football personnel is intended]. It then shot away straight up. This incident greatly disturbed the farmer's cattle herd, causing the bull to bellow and panic, and the cows' milk production to drop dramatically thereafter. Blue Book actually lists this as an unknown.
The next list is of cases 51-55, and contains the powerhouse Damon case as well as one half of the very intriguing Templeton cases. In fact everything on this sheet is pretty intriguing. Langenhoe UK is a fancy domed disk making sounds and stopping a motorbike. Its light flashes matched/synchronized with the witness' heart rate. Witness felt tingling and got a headache. Some paralysis may have occurred. The East Liverpool OH case was a large object of undetermined shape sending out a beam. The witness was paralyzed on the spot, which effect didn't leave until the craft did. Blue Book investigated this, I believe [my file is vague on this]. Maybe one of you could track that down. The Healdsburg CA case is a 70-foot diameter object pouring out red and yellow "rays" and put-putting along. Three witnesses. Lit up whole area. The witnesses got eye irritations and dogs and cattle panicked all around.
The note which should appear sooner or later on the left is related to the Damon TX case. It is the final comment by the military investigator and says all one needs to know about the credibility side of the case. Two deputy sheriffs see an object guessed at 200-300 feet long mounted with two lights. This was one of the first "big-as-a-football-field" type case reports. One of the deputies had a wound on his hand from, of all things, an alligator bite. When the object dove at them and made a pass, the wounded officer felt a heat on his clothes and his hand. Later upon unwrapping the bandage, he found the wound no longer sore and essentially healed. James McDonald, usually a courageous man, held this case in high repute, but wouldn't mention the healing part. Apparently we all have our limits beyond which we find it hard to go.
The last case here is Templeton MA of late June 1966. Normally I'd pay little attention to this one. But this case made an avid investigator out of the witness within the crack crew that was the Massachusetts NICAP crowd [Ray Fowler et al]. He researched cases in his area for two years and then one was reported almost exactly like his own. Needless to say this blew him away. I'll give you the case details later when we [at a future post] get to Templeton MA 1968 variety. [it's a bedroom numbness and KO case].
So this is the last sheet for this time [thank goodness my old back is aching]. Case#s 56-60. Two of these are slim and one not much better. The two worth a little comment are Wanaque and Leominster. I'm going to short-shrift both of them in the interest of back preservation.
Wanaque NJ involved a 25-30 foot diameter disk which stopped a car and its lights. It's one of those puzzlers where the car restarted "impossibly" when it flew away. The CE2p elements involved all manner of PTSD like symptoms [fatigue, weakness, weight loss, soreness, anorexia, systemic depression]. A physical or a psychological effect of the craft??

Leominster MA is a Bell Cow. Two witnesses and very high strangeness. And a good investigation. We have a vehicle interference, a localized "fog patch", electric shock, an involuntary arm movement, paralysis of one person but not the other, a car lights re-start, paralysis leaving with the UFO, and a sequelae of sluggish reflexes. Both witnesses reported immediately to their parents/families whereupon the notice got to the investigators. Police were brought in almost immediately. Massachusetts NICAP did its usual thorough job. Below is a key paragraph from the NICAP report.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Did SCIENCE Just Say That Myra Shackley Was Right???

This is perhaps something that is well known "out there" in electronic-land, but it just became known to me, so I'll share. I was for years a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science [AAAS] and received the magazine SCIENCE as part of that. Upon retirement, I dropped all this, due to rather expensive dues. Once in a while the AAAS tries to get me to come back by sending me a free copy. Thus, the other day the "fateful" magazine arrived. And within was an article that rang bells. In fact, it came very close to being [for me] solid scientific evidence for the claim by the lady above that there are/were wild-living non-Homo Sapiens sapiens living in modern times in the central regions of Asia. My goodness!! What is science coming to??

The article was about the various researches that Russian scientists are doing trying to determine the DNA sequences of extinct species, such as the Mammoth and the Neanderthal. And, excitingly, they are making huge strides doing so. The focus of the current research has often been a cave in south-central Siberia, named Denisova--- after, I believe an old Christian saint who spent a lot of time in retreat there. It's general location is marked above.

It wasn't just St. Denis that spent a lot of time in the cave. It was home, or something-or-other, to Neanderthals and other "things" as well. This is not surprising in one sense, as it is a handy rock-shelter alongside a water source in the foothills of the Altai Mountains. Even tourists can get there easily, as is shown in the picture above.

Scientists have gone there for a different reason: Neanderthal remains. Many such items have been found, such as the teeth on the left [one of which {the molar} is Neanderthal]. As they have sifted through the debris of hundreds of centuries, they have come across not only date-able remnants, but some rare "fossils" which appear to have organic tissue associated with them. Given the almost impossible power of today's micro-analysis to purify and sequence the nucleic acids of [usually] mitochondrial DNA, the sequence-masters have descended upon Denisova.

One of the high-quality specimens found was a digitus auricularis, a "little" or "pinkie" finger. As it appeared to have tissue, it was sequenced. The results VERY much surprised the biochemists. This "artifact" did not belong to a Homo Sapiens sapiens but it didn't belong to a Homo Sapiens neandertalensis [or however it's spelled...I used to know once, long ago], but rather to a completely new human-like species !!! [I'm not big on exclamation points, but I think that deserves at least three]. When they placed their results on the human evolutionary tree, they fell to the "otherside" of the Neanderthals from us.
The New York Times published a simplified chart showing the relative relationship with, well, our "relatives" . Hmmmm. A group of non-humans living in the Altai Mountains at least as late as 30,000 years ago. That's when the bells tolled, and I remembered Myra Shackley.

This is an old clipping, but notice the subtitle: she has climbed mountains and crossed deserts trying to solve a 30,000 year old mystery. And the Mystery?? Dr. Shackley collected anthropological evidence and interviews from people in Central Asia which seemed to indicate that the survival of "extinct" Neanderthals, or something quite like them, was true in the Central Asian region. She also argued a strong "feasibility" case of how this could be true. Of course she was roundly laughed at, just like all the rest of us are who dare to study forbidden topics. But she just might have the last laugh.
I've borrowed another map and placed the location of Desinova Cave on it relative to the Altai Mountains, which have been a consistent favorite lurking area for Almas and other cryptobeasts of such nature. The juxtaposition is, for me, a bit too much to ignore. Right there, on the edge of those mountains, a group of non-human homonids lived at least as early as 30,000 years ago. One of them was so kind as to have left a finger behind [had it been a digitus profanis, I would swear that it was left specifically for the scientists----alas, we don't live in a perfect world]. 30,000 years is a blink of an eye from modern times. 30,000 years is a walk in the park for a species to survive, and hide from the weirdoes that scare it, and maintain. And in those 30,000 years, now and then, we see one of them. Dr. Shackley: Kudos!! As an aside: there is even some evidence that some of these critters had red hair [no Irish Jokes!; I'm Irish].

And if she is right. What does that mean for our other wildmen living in the mountains? What especially about our European Red-headed Wudewasa? Do they still wait just around the corner, or at least did they not long ago? Fee Fi Foe Fum.....

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Close Encounters of the Second Kind, physiological effects part three

Hello, again, folks: installment three [cases 31-45] of this mini-study. 1957-1964 era. Several powerhouse incidents here which help define the CE2p phenomenon/phenomena [?].
These five cases above contain three "6's"---the heaviest concentration of such superstars in the 150, I believe. Another "4" is probably really up there with them too.

November 6th, Merom, Indiana [The Rene Gilham case]. I am almost certain that i've told the story on the blog before, but it's buried in time so here goes. Gilham was a factory worker who lived on a farm. Very rural. There were no "bathroom" facilities, and they had an outhouse. Late one night, Gilham had the Call of Nature, and he went outside. There was no one else out and so he just sat inside the john with an open door. The land around lit up as a brilliant red object flew overhead. The light engulfed everything. It was this light which was seen by others which makes this a multi-witness case. Gilham was "enlightened" on his exposed skin areas. He went inside and began to complain of burning. The next day things were worse and he ultimately had to go to the hospital to have his burns treated. The military visited and left without statement. The press asked what was going on, and the hospital personnel refused to discuss details, leading people to believe it was a government cover-up. Gilham went along with that when he was quizzed by reporters. Later, James McDonald interviewed him, and came away with an intuition that Gilham was hiding something. Because of McDonald's reputation, a small doubt was cast on the story. Well, Gilham WAS hiding something, and when it came out actually anchors the truth of his tale even more. Chet Fitch went down to Gilham's farm and established a friendly relationship with the family. Gilham relaxed and "came clean". He had lied about the military telling him not to talk about the case. Why? seems that the ol' UFO had shown its light on...well...his exposed body parts, when he was sitting there and he REALLY didn't want to go into those particular details with the reporters. The story which they already had been circulating about a government hush-up was very convenient. Jim McDonald's intuition that he was hiding something was accurate. But. pretty understandable.

The November 10th Madison Ohio case [Leita Kuhn] is the "4" which probably is a 5or6. A letter from her to Keyhoe is included in the illustrations [which by the way are acting up on this site and didn't use to].

February 17th, 1958, Alcalde, New Mexico. [newsclip above...maybe, we'll see]. Here two women were irradiated [at least by bright light] by a flat-bottomed disk which flashed light. The film in their camera was fogged. This led to testing at the Lovelace Clinic [one of the women worked in a civil defense job and her physician worked at the Clinic]. This was the famous Clinic that served places like Holloman, and has been rumored to have been involved with Roswell. The witnesses suffered temporary blindness, "sunburn", headache, nausea, vomiting, all-body rash. The issue of radiation of an ionizing kind is controversial: their personal information said yes, but the report to the press by the military said no. The testing by the military on their car revealed no radiation remnants, but if the testing on themselves DID, how did they get it? Retelling their encounter, they seemed to be off in their estimated time of travel by about two hours ... uh oh. This was WAY before "missing time" was a concept in UFOlogy. What on Earth [or beyond] are we dealing with here? James McDonald re-visited this case and found it to be solid.

Topeka, Kansas, November 11th, 1958. The primary witness here was a Lt.Colonel in the Civil Air Patrol, and well known to personnel at both McConnell AFB Wichita and Topeka Airport. She was awakened by a bright light engulfing her bedroom. Her dogs were acting frightened. She saw a 25-foot diameter disk outside. [four other witnesses saw something take-off from further distances away, including the airport tower operators, who were afraid that something was happening at her home]. The UFO left straight up and was tracked by the airport on radar. She had sequelae to the exposure including recurring red blotches on her eyes and long-term light sensitivity. Both dogs developed cataracts. Even more spectacular than the CE2p aspect were the CE2em effects. Lights, radios, refrigerators were not only shut down, but had permanent damages. Wiring was actually burnt out. [this is a family of highly educated and technical people and not a run-down shack]. When she ultimately told the whole story to the UFO investigations officer at McConnell, he went quietly ballistic. He would have loved to have gotten those refrigerator motors. They'd already been tossed away.

yep...thing's leaving a gap...scroll down

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patience wins the race.....

is there a light on the horizon???

hmmmm...I'd swear I saw something ahead.

can't be much further now...I hope

It just HAS to be a conspiracy.

The ghost of Robertson has struck in 2011

Yep, it's down there..can see it in my telescope

Trust me, would I lie to you??

This is a test; this is only a test.

There is no danger of radiation leakage.

What we have here is failure to communicate

We've always yearned for the wide-open spaces but .....

Just to occupy the time, have you heard the one about.....

Hell is being trapped in a hotel room with Phil Klass and Stanton Friedman and not being able to do anything but listen for eternity

Whoops...we've arrived.
From priceless to bargain basement with this next set. Nothing here to rave about. The Polish case is probably a good one if I had a good file. It seems to have had a simple physical "no air"
effect on the witness. The Proberta case might not qualify as CE2p at all, but rather be "just" anti-gravity pulling at him. My intuition is that the "rural Michigan" case would be a knock-out, but it is one of those things which has surfaced only by an internet tale [well told, however] and thereby without investigation, and lost to us forever as being of worth. Such is the NEGATIVE impact of the internet on UFOlogy...and, yes, there are positive effects too.
This last set of five contains some good cases: two "4's" and a "5". Both fours could be higher. The five is an extremely well investigated Australian case from Willow Grove [sometimes called "Moe"] in Victoria,
The case involved a 25-foot diameter see-through domed disk making swishing noises and leaving with "instant acceleration". Australian military and scientific personnel were interested in the investigation, along with the public investigators who have done such solid work on many cases there [my own file on this was mailed to me directly by Keith Basterfield, for instance]. The CE2p elements of the case are violently reacting panicked animals and a day-long headache for the witness. James McDonald, on his foray to Australia, interviewed the witness and was impressed by both him and the case investigation. The cartoon to the left [again, maybe that's where it will end up] is my own attempt to crudely portray the incident. [the day was rainy if you were wondering what those streaks were meant to convey---this detail is usually not mentioned in descriptions of the case and comes from the RAAF report].

Well, with that, and since my typing hand is breaking, I'll sign this version off, and hope that the blogmachine doesn't screw the arrangement of the post too badly---if it does, just consider it a part of the Great Conspiracy.


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