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Close Encounters of the Second Kind, physiological effects part four

Hello folks again on the CE2p case logs. These are file cases #46-60, from the years 1964-1967. Within this group are two "bell cows" [Damon,TX and Leominster,MA], and four "5's". They add a pretty solid foundation to the phenomenology, although, as usual, they are rather distinctive in their details. The further we chew into these things you'll notice that it is a difficult hunt to find many things which are extremely similar. I have expressed elsewhere my belief that this is purposeful by the agents behind this phenomenon. Don't ask why, as no really honest answer to that can be given, but this "feels" like deliberate obfuscation to make general public acceptance of the reality of these things nigh impossible [if you haven't experienced one yourself].
Cases 346-50: we begin with two slim case files but then run into three straight "5's". The "5's" are Everglades [FL], Baden [PA], and Cherry Creek [NY].... a "knockout" case, a "sunburn" case, and an animal effects case.

The KO case is the well-known "James Flynn" case in the Florida Everglades [March 14, 1965]. This is one of the many cases that I thought little about until I read the actual file. It turns out, in my eyes, to be very strong. And, helpfully, it is mainly a NICAP case. Flynn was camping when he saw a light in the distance and approached. The light emanated from an inverted cone [flattened] of 70-foot diameter size. It was obviously technological with a riveted surface and four rows of windows. It hovered close to the ground making a whirring noise. Flynn approached the object waving his hands. He felt a strong gust of wind and then was hit by a bright burst of light. Flynn described it as being hit [just above the eye] "like a sledgehammer". This blow knocked him out and he fell to the ground unconscious. He did not awaken for many hours, at which time the object was gone. Flynn was partially blinded with his right eye particularly bloodshot and both needing some treatment. His reflexes were pretty well shot for awhile, but everything recovered in time. Flynn upon examination, had a small eraser-sized bruise mark over his eye, which looked like it could have been the strike-point of a narrow force beam of some kind. Upon investigators returning to the site, a substantial trace was found, the most interesting element [to me] was that the trees were burnt/scorched preferentially from their tops down [the singes sometimes not reaching the ground]. I have included a letter from the NICAP file here from one of the doctors examining Flynn, since it is one of those rare pieces of evidence that you'll never see unless some "insider" guy like me digs them out and shows them.
{The second part of that letter will appear alongside the rest of this commentary which is not about Flynn, so don't let it disturb the order of your universe} .....Baden [PA] is a case which was "investigated" [ha ha!!] by Project Blue Book and although the local guy did OK, the ATIC conclusion was a joke. The witness was walking up his driveway when he noticed something obscuring the Moon. It was a huge disk sort of ultraviolet to violet in color, surrounded by orange lights, and turning to very intense blue as it moved. When the orange lights went out, he felt a blast of a shock wave which almost knocked him down. He ran into the house and immediately called the Air Force. His vision got worse and worse and finally he could see nothing at all. He also had a "burn" over his body. In the BB report itself it says: "The doctor examining him said that he was suffering from an 'arc welding' type burn". Despite this, [immediate report to AF by a reputable citizen, and corroborating evaluation by a doctor], the Air Force record card wrote this off as a Hoax. No reason given!! As I looked at the file, I noticed that this case was filed with other things from the area at the time, including the Beaver [PA] photo hoax. Could the main office at Blue Book be that stupid?? You decide.

The third "5" is Cherry Creek [NY], August 19, 1965. This is a multiple witness case as far as seeing the object is concerned. The primary witness experienced engine effects on his tractor and radio, apparently caused by a 50-foot long metallic football shaped thing. The football made beeping sounds and emitted an odor [no relationship to actual football personnel is intended]. It then shot away straight up. This incident greatly disturbed the farmer's cattle herd, causing the bull to bellow and panic, and the cows' milk production to drop dramatically thereafter. Blue Book actually lists this as an unknown.
The next list is of cases 51-55, and contains the powerhouse Damon case as well as one half of the very intriguing Templeton cases. In fact everything on this sheet is pretty intriguing. Langenhoe UK is a fancy domed disk making sounds and stopping a motorbike. Its light flashes matched/synchronized with the witness' heart rate. Witness felt tingling and got a headache. Some paralysis may have occurred. The East Liverpool OH case was a large object of undetermined shape sending out a beam. The witness was paralyzed on the spot, which effect didn't leave until the craft did. Blue Book investigated this, I believe [my file is vague on this]. Maybe one of you could track that down. The Healdsburg CA case is a 70-foot diameter object pouring out red and yellow "rays" and put-putting along. Three witnesses. Lit up whole area. The witnesses got eye irritations and dogs and cattle panicked all around.
The note which should appear sooner or later on the left is related to the Damon TX case. It is the final comment by the military investigator and says all one needs to know about the credibility side of the case. Two deputy sheriffs see an object guessed at 200-300 feet long mounted with two lights. This was one of the first "big-as-a-football-field" type case reports. One of the deputies had a wound on his hand from, of all things, an alligator bite. When the object dove at them and made a pass, the wounded officer felt a heat on his clothes and his hand. Later upon unwrapping the bandage, he found the wound no longer sore and essentially healed. James McDonald, usually a courageous man, held this case in high repute, but wouldn't mention the healing part. Apparently we all have our limits beyond which we find it hard to go.
The last case here is Templeton MA of late June 1966. Normally I'd pay little attention to this one. But this case made an avid investigator out of the witness within the crack crew that was the Massachusetts NICAP crowd [Ray Fowler et al]. He researched cases in his area for two years and then one was reported almost exactly like his own. Needless to say this blew him away. I'll give you the case details later when we [at a future post] get to Templeton MA 1968 variety. [it's a bedroom numbness and KO case].
So this is the last sheet for this time [thank goodness my old back is aching]. Case#s 56-60. Two of these are slim and one not much better. The two worth a little comment are Wanaque and Leominster. I'm going to short-shrift both of them in the interest of back preservation.
Wanaque NJ involved a 25-30 foot diameter disk which stopped a car and its lights. It's one of those puzzlers where the car restarted "impossibly" when it flew away. The CE2p elements involved all manner of PTSD like symptoms [fatigue, weakness, weight loss, soreness, anorexia, systemic depression]. A physical or a psychological effect of the craft??

Leominster MA is a Bell Cow. Two witnesses and very high strangeness. And a good investigation. We have a vehicle interference, a localized "fog patch", electric shock, an involuntary arm movement, paralysis of one person but not the other, a car lights re-start, paralysis leaving with the UFO, and a sequelae of sluggish reflexes. Both witnesses reported immediately to their parents/families whereupon the notice got to the investigators. Police were brought in almost immediately. Massachusetts NICAP did its usual thorough job. Below is a key paragraph from the NICAP report.


  1. About these 'burn' cases, I wonder if we knew how close the UFO was, the size, the color, etc, if we could discern a pattern. It seems that sometimes people get a little sunburn other times they require hospitalization sometimes their eyes are damaged. Assuming these injuries are not intentional I expect a pattern to exist. It wouldn't necessarily tell us what is going on but would point to something going on. But do UFOs pull these hit and runs anymore? Or is nobody investigating anymore to find out?
    And I wonder if the paralysis is the result of a seizure triggered by some variety of light emitted by the craft, like photosensitive epilepsy. Hardly a point in speculating but I'm still curious.

  2. Eric: all good points. I'll try to see if there are any patterns discernible once I plough through this mess. I'm not too optimistic. I found nothing on a similar trek through vehicle stops as to craft-type, beam shape or color, beam or not beam, etc. There it seemed as if the observable characteristics were all window-dressing.

    But distance might be another story---still my intuition is that our Tricksters are ahead of us on that. The hit-&-runs as you phrase them are in catastrophic decline [I've talked about "where have all the CE2s gone??" elsewhere, and Mark Rodeghier has too. Plus, as you're guessing, the new age of undisciplined and internet UFOlogy doesn't pursue the few we get with any credibility.

    The idea of a light sequence/frequency affect on the mind has been broached before, but these cases don't show it as far as witnesses reporting it---they rarely mention anything like "flicker" light emission such as might produce epilepsy [in our way of thinking about it, anyway]. Still, I'll try---don't hold your breath---these guys are very uncooperative.

  3. Hello Prof. The Damon, Texas 1965 is one CE2 case I've found intriguing. It initially caught my eye for being amongst the first documented accounts of the modern 'big black triangle.' Dimensions and structure sound much like sightings in the past 30 years, but the witnesses weren't reporting from any cultural contamination as the BBT wasn't really a concept then.

    Following the sighting, Deputy-Sheriff Goode reported an alligator-bite healing overnight. This in itself raised my curiosity and I suspected that maybe it had been added later to dramatise the story.

    Since then, I've contacted a couple of researchers and one of them confirmed the case after interviewing them at the time. Jerome Clark described it as a 'significant' case in FSR March 1966. The APRO bulletin adds more details with Goode apparently being visited by two 'mystery men' as well as describing unusual aircraft activity during the night of the sighting. NICAP seemed less interested. I've been unable to contact the families of these men or even the last journalist to interview McCoy in 2009.

    From an interesting CE2 case, it drifted 'Out Proctor' and somehow faded from sight. I've collected all the original sources onto a Word document( If you have any personal recollections about this case, I'll be all ears.



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