Saturday, May 31, 2014

Taking a small break with a small Dragon

Life trying to log UFO files has become impossible from an interest standpoint just now, so I'll give both of us a break. Let's chase, VERY briefly, a Dragon.

You regulars might remember that I tried (almost unsuccessfully) to range the world looking for a "proper" dragon almost exactly two years ago in this blog. We searched over five postings for the critters, the last being May 31, 2012. It was interesting to me, for sure, but finding "evidence" for the ancient proper dragon {reptilian, winged, fire-breathing, huge} was hard to come by. I sort of decided that [for my tastes] the only thing which clearly had the characteristics was the "third" monster of Beowulf --- not the more famous Grendel, but a truly described Dragon, who kills our hero [so I refer to it as Beowulf's Bane.]

I was going through hardcopy resources three days ago [throwing much out in anticipation of my great intracity home move at the end of the summer.] I came across an old Smithsonian Bulletin wherein a scholar was discussing the contents of "recently" found Mesopotamian cylinder seals. I'd looked at a few dozen cylinder seals while trying to become smart about the history of dragons, but never saw one which was particularly convincing. This scholar printed one which changes my mind.

This is a thing from Lagash, claiming to be of the reign of Gudaea, which, if true, puts it at around 2100 BC --- well before Beowulf obviously. The mini-carved "cartoon" has, at first glance anyway, all the right qualities: reptilian, winged, and maybe even something fiery coming out of its nose or mouth. This drawing takes it well beyond the famous Sirrush of the Ishtar Gates, in my opinion, and seems quite dragonish more than, say, griffinish.

The contents of this seal are, of course, debated. The scene however seems to represent Gudaea being taken into the heavenly throneroom of one of the Anunnaki or Seven High Gods of Sumer. That god on the throne might be Anu or might be Enki. Gudaea is the plainly clothed petitioner. The gods front and back of him are one of the well-known high seven and one called "Ningishzida", which is translated by some as "The Great Dragon of Heaven", supposedly memorialized by the constellation Hydra. The cartoon miniature of Ningishzida resides therefore at the extreme left in dragon form.

This then gives me a bit more confidence that the representations of certain other cylinder seals are actually meant to portray dragons rather than "just" griffins or some other such legendary anomaly.

But so what?

Well, if one likes the concept of the Dragon, I suppose that anything about it is interesting, especially if the ancients were using this imagery in important contexts. The romance of the moment might even inspire some belief in the possibility of physical reality. I don't go there, because the six-limbed dragon is evolutionarily a loser of a structure [i.e. it cannot evolve]. But I AM quite the fan of at least imagining the possibility that encounter anomalies might involve paranormal or faerie-based entities, at least "once-upon-a-time."

For me, the main intrigue in this is more of a baby-step. If the concept of a proper dragon was alive in 3rd millennium Mesopotamia, and if such origins could have inspired Beowulf's dragon 2000+ years later, what was the root/route of contact? Did these "dark" myths travel with Celts or Cymmerians or even more mythological peoples across lower central Europe, much as did the first glimmerings of the druidical style of life? Or did the imagery of Beowulf survive because there was some actual encounter knowledge of such beings?

So what if this is Out Proctor and close to going All-the-way-fool? Let's keep the ideas alive and the pathways unfenced as we walk these forbidden forests with eyes wide open.


You never know who's watching out there......

Monday, May 26, 2014

Digging To The Core, four

Distant object UFO cases... last set of thumbnails on these, though if you worked at it there could be plenty more incidents both believable and intriguing. As we get up towards modern times, my files become shallower and weaker as to both numbers and the levels of confidence that I had in those reports. Some of this is The Internet which facilitates non-discipline in both reporting and investigation. Some of this is just a drop-off of striking cases, as has been discussed several times here. Some of it was probably me just getting too tired to keep running after the fox.

Anyway, here are a few more....

This is an adventurous fascinating lot. A few remarks:

1). The level of strangeness is higher [smack-in-the-face-odd] for more of these incidents than the "simple" flying technology core of the early days;
2). This set contains two examples of what you know is one of my favorite types of cases: astro-alignment. [you will see that one of them was posted fairly recently]. When you consider the extremely tight geometry of these cases to achieve the "privileged viewing positions" necessary for the effect to take place, arguments that these are not directed displays demand a level of faith in coincidence that reduces those odds to the microscopic [even given the number of total UFOs ever reported]. I've heard enough casual wave-off debunking on stuff like this that it is clear that if one decides to buy coincidence, adding a dash of incompetence, one might as well stop thinking about any of this at all; {if I sound a bit irritated by this sort of "analysis", well, yeh, I am};
3). We still are fortunate enough to get a pilot case here and there, or the superb Ludington Coast Guard case, but "official" involvement is mostly connected with policemen;
4). Scandinavia shows up with some very good cases, a tribute to less impact on those cultures giving them prejudicial hang-ups, plus some well-organized investigative bodies. The Navelsjo case is an instance of what is to my intuition one of the most significant elements of the total mystery: a tremendous "OZ" or entering-into-a-changed-state-of-the-environment effect, manifest by cancellation of sounds;
5). The famous "Yukon Giant" case has been included because the debunking, which could be correct, is something that I need to see critiqued by someone not in the debunking community and who also knows what he or she is talking about. There needs to be a LOT of remanufacturing of the witness testimonies and some forcing of the time and placing of the satellite decay in the sky to make this work. Because the Giant is potentially an important case [it could say something about control of mass and huge air displacement effects] I'll not just throw this into the trashbin until I hear more and better analysis;
6). I include the Timmerman files cases because I knew John so well, and his friendly unthreatening demeanor got people to talk very frankly to him. Of the two cases above, the doctor's case seems strong, the other maybe not as much. But if that second case were true, it would be a mindblower;
7). Lastly Father Hesburgh's case: I graduated from Notre Dame and Hesburgh is one of the great men of the last 100 years. The only issue in the case can be if the reporter made the whole thing up, since, if he did not, Hesburgh and the two witnesses were of highest credibility. I must go with some "faith" here, as the article contained not only direct quotes, but a picture of the other two witnesses recreating the fishing scene [with drawing of the craft] at the lake. "On paper" I wouldn't normally include such a poorly documented thing, but my intuition says differently on this one.

So, we can move on from the distant object cases, What I believe that I found from them is a clear strongly documented core of advanced aerial technology, beyond our abilities at the time and even yet to manufacture and fly. Layered onto that core, I find clusters of cases demonstrating directed display behavior, as well as creepy control effects like "OZ". None of the "simple" distant object cases are by definition CE2s, so no such physical effects can be expected in this case cabinet. But we know that such cases exist in abundance in file drawers with different labels.

But, for now, advanced aerial technology beyond our means, which demonstrates a desire to display "locally" and control environments locally seems a large harvest of credible information to me.

I don't know how much of this "best cases in categories" I'll do, as it's more work than I thought, but sooner or later I'll get back to it and we can walk through the Forbidden Portal together to see what's on the other side.

Till then, peace friends. Kenneth Arnold, the General Mills balloon experts, and Kelly Johnson didn't see satellites decaying.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Digging To The Core, three.

Part three of these "distant object" selections. One of the things which has happened here is that, since I'm posting these thumbnails roughly in yearly order, we are now past the infamous Robertson Panel by over a year and it has had time to permeate its "dumb-down UFOs" message through the many military services locations. The good solid military cases become scarcer [there will still be some now and then which slip out, but the Robertson Panel has changed the game.]

Well, here are the next set:

Much to contemplate there, but before making my usual few brief comments, I thought that some of you might like to see the original art [in color] from the Homer, NY case. I showed this on the blog some time ago, but other than that almost no one has seen the colored originals, so we can share a secret wonder moment.

.... would that all our witnesses were artists.

Well, to the cases....

It's pretty obvious that for at least my files, and specifically my "distant object" files, that the emphasis has shifted away from the United States. This is due, in my opinion, to two main factors: a). The aforementioned Robertson Panel influence, and b). the rising in several non-US nations of excellent researchers [of whom I could get enough information upon to trust.] As we will see if I can continue these postings, there will be MANY more good non-UFO cases, and could be far more so if I could read foreign languages --- the French and the Scandinavians, and the modern Italians have been loaded with fine investigators. This language barrier, by the way, is a major deficit in almost all US researchers, and frankly we could always, and even now, have used good translators.

The next thing that this set of cases seems hinting to me is that the time has come for more "strangeness." There was always strangeness aplenty as I said last time, but it was mainly a subtle technologically-hip sort of strangeness --- i.e. you had to think a bit about what you were seeing with these things do to get the Wow impact. But now, the Wow is beginning to hit you smack in the face.

We're getting displays of impossible dancing in the skies, and programmed activities with several disks. We're getting wild non-inertial showing off, uninterpretable color effects, and one particularly intriguing possibility: instant vanishment.

Unless we get the UFOs under extremely good instrumental observation, we're never going to be able to say that any one of them actually instantaneously vanished. You're one of the more sophisticated audiences on the Internet. You know that the human brain doesn't get continuous flow input, but rather a rapid set of "snapshots" taken by the eye's mechanism, which our cortex pieces together mysteriously to create the motion picture of consciousness. If any change in the external world takes place in, say, less than a sixth or an eighth of a second, our consciousness will register that change as "instantaneous." In plain English, anything moving out of sight quicker than that will not be seen to have moved but just disappeared.

Note however that any technology able to disappear from "frame" in less than a sixth of a second should be quite "advanced-ly alien" for anyone. Maybe not absolutely "non-inertial" but "close enough for government work. "

But it is the possibility that the technology REALLY DID vanish that is the big deal here. We can't claim that this happened, but if it did.... there---right there---is the shadow of the hyperspatial entry/exit technology which would change the entire game about deepspace travel. All of a sudden, maybe, Tau Ceti is just a blink away.

Much to meditate upon...

I'll try to get to more --- one more D-objects type posting, and later digging into the other categories in their turns. Till then, peace, and a bit of fun in this great Creation.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Digging To The Core, Two.

Back for round two quicker than I thought --- things fell into place faster, and I had unexpected energy.

So, ready or not here are 15 more. These are from the 1952-1953 era.

Once again, at least in my opinion, the cases speak for themselves. Powerfully almost over-the-top credible witnesses, in almost every illustrated case multiple witnesses, even occasionally from different locations. Dr. Hynek used to try to tell people that far from the UFO phenomenon presenting no good cases, it rather had an "embarrassment of riches." People, it seemed to me, never could understand what he was talking about. That is because people had little to no familiarity with these sorts of cases which you and I are looking at here. [and it would be even more assuring to you if you were reading the original documentation from which these thumbnails come.]

Criminal persons like Donald Menzel insisted on misdirecting attention by focussing on single cases, and then fogging the situation by making up preposterous "explanations" which even scientists couldn't credit, and which required the ignoring of significant elements of the testimonies. Nevertheless the strategy worked. Why? because nobody but a few like Hynek had the testimonies to read, and simultaneously were genuine explorers rather than intellectual game-playing trolls. People tended to read about just one case, and there was a Menzel or a Klass taking liberties with it and confusing each in its turn.

But, some might say about the above 15: these aren't very spectacular. Why should we believe that they're something special. Well, the best people in the world to view them were viewing them, and THEY thought they were impossibly mysterious. AND they thought them to be flying technology. AND they thought them far beyond what we could do. AND they thought sharp-angled turns, excessively rapid circling, descent and disappearance into very high altitude, were pretty astounding. All that without any visible propulsion mechanism.

One wonders, really, what exactly we have to complain about.

One can choose to stand with Donald Menzel, he who in desperation told Captain Nash that he thought that Nash and Fortenberry must have seen the lighted tips of cigarettes they were smoking {they weren't smoking, need I say} or, if not that, lightning bugs trapped inside their cockpit window. No one can convince me that Menzel was not a Criminal against Truth and genuine scientific exploration.

I rather choose to stand with Nash, Kelly Johnson, Colonels Donald Blakeslee and Curtis Low [the Chitose/Misawa case], Charles Moore, Joe Kaliszewski and the General Mills balloonists, and on and on. I like everything about their "company" more than Menzel or Klass --- especially their clear, clean forward seeing.

.... and, yes, once again, having indulged myself in these grand old "bulletproof" cases, I feel unusually relieved of the lead weight of having to listen to the interfering noise created by these debunkers over the years... and free to run in the wind without garbage sticking to my feet like flypaper.

Next set? When I can't say. It will be when I'm feeling good with free time. Till then, peace friends. Don't let the anti-science "scientism believers" debunk you down.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Digging To The Core

I haven't been able to post anything recently so here's a little something at least. {my project to scan my files is now essentially over; approximately 6-7 full filing cabinets worth of resources scanned and about 11+ weeks work. Also, health intrudes in the form, I think, of an inner ear something-or-other causing much lightheadedness and feeling of low energy --- blood pressure, thankfully is OK}.

Due to the scanning project, somewhere around three thousand UFO case files having been passing through the field of vision over these 11 weeks and good and bad ideas come from that experience. The bad one is that the project has created a mess which now must be dealt with. The good one is that maybe it's time to make a pass at filtering out the gold from the dross, at least a little bit better.

So, I've started to assess the "three thousand" --- just the beginning. I'm going to begin with the Objects-at-a-distance category [what Hynek called "Daylight Disks", causing all sorts of borderline confusion, and what I label "Distant Objects" or "D" cases in my system. I've winnowed through my D-file and picked out around 50 cases, which I will ultimately present briefly.

But I need you to be patient as these take time to thumbnail-catalog, as you will see in the first group below. I'd also like your help. You, upon perusing these, might think: That one's not very good. If so, tell me why { please don't tell me why I'M not very good, I know all about that already. Let's stick with the cases. } Also, when I'm finished with a category, and your own favorite case isn't in there, tell me about it and why you like it. Maybe we can together winnow ever finer.

So, now, a few initial "D" cases. Just the thumbnails without much other comment by me. I realize that this is not much stimulation for comment yet, but I'm just trying to get started on what seems to be a long road.

.... and there are 15 to start. Here are a few "immodest"? statements:

The dates here are 1947-1952 [more '52 will come] and yet, in my immodest opinion, the "game" as to whether UFOs exist or not is already over. Each one of these cases is, to my eye when reading the full documents, "bulletproof" at least as to whether the observers were terrific, and their reports indicated strong reasons to believe that they were not experiencing conventional phenomena, either natural or artificial.

Secondly, there's a awful lot of peculiar messing around our balloon launches. The "itch" constantly affects me that the agency behind the UFO phenomenon WANTED in these early years to show itself to the very categories of people [pilots, missile engineers, plane designers, experimental balloon researchers] who would know with certainty that what they were watching was not these common things so familiar to them. It is as if "they" are establishing their reality, without giving up too much.

Thirdly, and this is just me being purely subjective: when I read these cases, I "feel clean." All the crud associated with the years of accumulating weirdness and nasty individuals and wasted interactions with people consciously or unconsciously bent on messing up the research and the thinking processes which could have some chance of moving forward a bit, all goes away. There, full in the light of day, are the UFOs, magnificently and clearly mysterious.

Well, sorry about that last "loss of cold objectivity", but it is real anyway.

I'll try to get another cluster of these "D" cases thumbnailed as soon as I have time and energy, and maybe we can experience more "clean clear marvels."

Till then, peace, folks.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Glimpses of Forbidden Worlds

This is a post about many things --- things that are real, strongly evidentially real, yet are lesser and lesser acknowledged. I post about this because I believe that our "culture" is seriously screwing up... and I have no idea how the trend will be stopped.

Regular readers of the blog will recognize some of the material which follows. So be it. I need it to illustrate the point of all this.

The time is early morning in Houston, Texas. A big man, a very big physical man, is driving in his truck to his work as a hazardous materials containment specialist at Bayer Industries. Into his mind comes a vision: cars wrecked ... police cars angled into the median's greenspace ... ambulance at the scene ... witnesses stopped. But nothing is there. Several minutes up the road, there is the scene. It arrays itself just as he has seen it earlier. He has "clairvoy'd" the situation.

This becomes common for him. Not everyday, but often enough. Other rarer instances of clairvoyance happen. It doesn't frighten him [except for the one instance when he awoke to a vision of his wife's business burning down], but usually amuses him.

Who is this strange guy?

He's one of my brothers. A very strong man who nevertheless has psychic sensitivities [giving the lie to certain caricatures].A past weight-lifting champion who now [as an elite hobby] is an assistant coach for the USA Olympic Weightlifting Team. ... and one of the people that I know the best in the world, and trust his telling of the truth completely.

The bottomline is: Clairvoyance is real.

Once upon a time, back in 1870s Wisconsin all the years through the 1920s of this century, an old woman would sit in her bedroom and, occasionally, late at night, be drawn to the window. There emerging from the woods that edged the farm would be a lighted carriage with glowing horses. It would race across the meadow and disappear. In the morning the old lady would announce that someone the family knew had died that night. ... and she, "Old Sutka", would be correct.

Who was this strange lady?

She was my great aunt. Here she is seated posing for a rare "four generations" photo of the Kessler clan. One of her nieces used to keep a few of the old gypsy ways and read the tea leaves for her kids for good clean party fun. No one of course paid much attention to that. But years later, a phonecall rang at the WWII bomb-making facility where her daughter's husband worked. She informed them that she was going to get on the bus and head straight away for West Virginia [a place she'd never been]. Why?? her daughter and son-in-law asked incredulously. "Because you're pregnant, and I'm coming to help out." This was a fact that they'd assiduously kept from her in fear that she'd do exactly that.

Who was this strange person?

... my beloved Grandma. Maybe she brought the Gypsy way of seeing around corners to our family.

The bottomline: Clairvoyance is real. Clairvoyance is real. Clairvoyance is real.

And please don't insult the Swords Family by trying to debunk it. {especially if the Big Boy is present]

It's 1958 in the summertime, and two brothers are listening to the radio. Some guy has called into the big 60,000 Watter up river and is telling everyone downstream about the UFO he is watching. The listeners find it thrilling to be hearing this in real time, and go out to look. But nothing's there. Still the guy is nearly twenty miles away, so what the heck. Listening a while more, the UFO seems to turn. This time the brothers walk to the end room of the house and look out the window ... and there it is.

The neat domed disk floated across the window flashing its lights though slits in its rotating dome in color sequence, just as the radio witness had stated. The brothers watched it proceed and then they turned and raced outside, scrambling down the hillsides to get a second view. And there it was again, meandering away framed by the Big Dipper constellation.

Who were these strange people?

... they would be me [far left above] and my brother [fourth from left.] Needless to say, I can't get any closer to this claim. 

The time is 1966. There's a big UFO wave going on, but the three teenage girls don't know it. They've driven up into the hills to allow one of the girls to make a raid on her hopeful boyfriend, perhaps clarifying some intentions. The other two girls stayed in the car to wait loyally for their friend. They were listening to a powerful Chicago station to pass the time. 

Then the radio began breaking up. they heard a whirring sort of sound. The sound seemed directly above the car, and the countryside suddenly lit up. They felt as if their hair was standing up, and perhaps even felt lifted a bit. Straining to see outside, all that could be seen was a very bright circle of light, as the humming grew louder and louder. The girls crouched down and began crying. Time passed without sense of doing so, and the third girlfriend came back to the car, totally unaware that anything had happened. The next day the two girls who had the experience met and made a pact to tell nobody about it. 

And who were these strange people? 

Well, one of them is my sister-in-law. She is a fine and mature woman whose only "flaw" is that she's willing to believe in these sorts of things. Knowing that her brother-in-law is a UFO expert, she treated her own encounter with sacred diligence as she wrote it up for me in detail. 

The Bottomline is: UFOs are real. You can decide to debate what KIND of real they are, but you have to start at least from that platform. AND there's no ignoring the strangeness of them and copping out with simple mundanities, this is a serious complex mystery. 

It's the 1880s. In Wisconsin "Old Sutka" is seeing visions of the White Coach and Horses as persons pass away. 700 miles away, in the upper Ohio River Valley, a legendary doctor named Ackerman is trying to prevent them from doing so. He sees much success and he sees much death. For his large family he builds one of the first classic "row houses" in Old Wheeling. Over the decades it survives and becomes a National Historic Home.

In the 1990s, residents move in who, for the first time in many years want to aggressively restore the home. They do. It receives honors on the Historical Registry. The entire neighborhood begins to improve, drawn by the magnet of the wonderful structure. 

Inside its walls other, more private wonders are occurring. Locked doors are opening and closing. Television sets are activating in the middle of the night. The husband of the house, a no-nonsense Mr. Fix-it type, is irritated by this nonsense. Nothing that he does, however, puts a stop to it. Thankfully, the "intrusions" are benign and infrequent. 

They are sometimes, however, startling. 

Two ladies, mother and daughter-in-law, are seated in the kitchen following a luncheon meal, and enjoying themselves over coffee. A moderately loud rattling disturbs them. They look about for the source. It happens again. They now see that the "culprit" is a pottery container of kitchen utensils parked on a shelf to the rear of their big iron stove. It rattles again, and they see it clearly now. 

From its utensil group, a single device raises out of the container and spirals forward into the kitchen. As it loops in the air, it carries forward 6-8 horizontal feet, and arcs down clattering onto the floor. The mother is boggled, but the daughter-in-law has become so used to things like this that she just says: well, you've got our attention. Anything you want to say? But there the activity stopped. 

Hmmm.... who were these strange people?

Well, they would be my brother [top left] and my sister-in-law [bottom right], and my Mom [in the center]. Crazed mad fools all.

The bottomline: poltergeist effects are real. The issue cannot be their unreality. The issue is their cause. AND it must be a serious analysis. These events are markedly strange. To assume some simplistic bonehead wave-off of an "explanation" is intellectually crippled if not downright dishonest... and it is certainly insulting.

In that same house, there are occasions when a "figure" seems to pass briefly out of rooms, or across doorways, or stand darkly in a corner before disappearing. These are brief typically and therefore evidentially dangerous. But with one person this is different.

From the beginnings of her visiting the house to be with her grandma [who she loves with a dearness that I've never seen before in a child], this little person has told the house residents of her meetings with an "imaginary playmate" named "Kenny." These meetings used to occur quite regularly, but now that she is grown, only infrequently. She would describe Kenny very vividly, down to the early twentieth century clothing worn.

Because of the "other" phenomena, the grandmother, my sister-in-law, naturally went on the hunt to find a historical Kenny associated with the place. Nothing. No "Kenny" was registered anywhere. It was just one more mystery.

Then something changed the game. And old Ackerman relative was located and was happy to answer questions about the old house and its occupants. Well into the conversation the topic of a "Kenny" was brought up. The family member was surprised. She said: that there was no one named Kenny in the family, but, for reasons that she didn't know, one of the young boys was always called "Kenny", and that would be why one could find no record of such a person.

Back at the house, old pictures were dug through to find one with the boy involved. Showing the picture to the young girl, she pointed at his portrait among the family group and said: That's Kenny!!

The bottomline: strange things... strange VERY difficult to explain things... can occasionally happen in environments that we humans occupy. "Apparitions" even, perhaps interactive ones, may be occasionally occurring. NO ONE in that family knew of any Kenny to create a cheat. But "Kenny" was real anyway.

The little girl is the one in the darker dress with my Mom's left arm around her. She is a remarkable child. She lives more EXACTLY in the moment of The Now more than anyone I've ever experienced. Unlike the rest of us, who usually have some sort of "intellectual stiff-arm" giving us some distance from raw reality, she does not. Make of it what you will.

It's the latter 20th and early 21st centuries, and in Proctor, WV {yes, some of you will be delighted to know that there really IS an "Out Proctor" of sorts} an extremely organized person is going about her duties selecting clothing for the day's work. She is organized on these matters almost to a compulsive extent --- it is perhaps one of her rare faults. She's a registered nurse, and in that profession a certain organized discipline counts.

But this day it "turns" on her. An article of clothing is missing. It should be EXACTLY here. But no. The hunt is on. Everything is turned over and over, Each hanger in the closet is separated and inspected ... many times. Laundry room and machines are investigated, multiple times. A husband is accused of sloppy chaos production, which he stoutly denies saying that it's more than his life is worth to mess up her clothes closet.

This goes on for days. Then, days later, the migrant piece of clothing is there PRECISELY where it should have been all along --- a spot thoroughly inspected dozens of times in the interim.

This has happened to her MANY times in her life, and she notices because of who she is and how she arranges her life "just so" in these regards.

So, yes, who is this strange person?

That would be my youngest sister [above Mom to the right]. My other sister has this phenomenon too, but not nearly as much.

It's just a couple of years ago when a fellow went to the doctor's for a quarterly appointment. He made sure that his pockets were properly full of wallet, watch, keys, Cursillo Cross --- the four things he always carried, and always stored on a corner of the sink top in the kitchen. It was open and handy and hard to miss, so, since there was no one else living in the house [and he had no one to displease with such minor clutter], it was efficient.

The appointment was over and he unloaded his pockets. The watch was gone. He almost tore his clothes apart looking --- several times. It was lost. At the doctor's, in his friend's car, dropped somehow in the street or sidewalk? For several days he continued to search those pockets and stare at the empty spot on the sink top. The nearby microwave was removed. Nothing there of course. After a week he decided that he needed a pocket watch and bought a new [cheap] one. It would do. He kept it with him three days.

Then, the following morning, the old watch was sitting on the sink top in the open space beside his wallet, keys, and Cursillo Cross --- AND the new watch as well! Steeled to such matters by other known weirdness, he just laughed.

And who was this strange character?

That would be me.

Bottomline: weird as it is, and so much so that one REALLY wants to deny its reality, these events, which I in total ignorance label "Trickster Events", happen. Why? I'm buffaloed. The hypotheses are all decidedly Out Proctor but the phenomenon is solidly in our midst.

So.... what else is "out there"?

I suspect a very great deal indeed.

These are two of my best friends and most spiritual. On the right is Father Mike Howell, who witnessed a Spinning Sun phenomenon while taking [under some protest] a vacation to Medjugorge which he felt was a waste of time. {he did it because a priest friend wanted badly to go, and really wanted the company --- almost as a Joke of the Universe, Mike saw the phenomenon and his friend couldn't}.

On the left is Richard Dailey, a deeply spiritual Catholic, who nevertheless has had a Native American Spirit Guide attached to his family for many decades. Richard has had so many interactions with this entity that it's more like casual conversation at this point than anything else. The main thing for me is that it shows that highly organized religion beliefs [such as Catholicism] need not conflict with assists from other routes to spirituality.

When my father died, just after his funeral, a magnificent buck deer walked a bee-line across yard and street and uphill into our yard and stared into our living room window for the most awesome time at us as we gathered in silence there. It then turned and walked the precise route away beyond the neighbor's house across the road. {Mom's art, by the way, above --- although she was not drawing this exact scene}. 

Dad used to say, in times of family stress: "It's OK, gang." And we always rallied because of his strength. Here, it seemed, he did it one last time.

Many years later, outside the nursing home where Mom passed away at 3am, four of us got out of the car and were presented with two calm deer looking at us then walking away. ... in an urban streetway. 

This is not the "can't get around it" type of experience that the previous mentions above have been... but when one opens to a wider Universe pointed to by those other phenomena, a leading hypothesis for Dad's and Mom's deer becomes quite acceptable. 

I and my family have been blessed, and I mean that word blessed, by many wonderful things [I haven't even repeated the mind-stunning "Helen Lane" encounter --- see earlier on the blog] which serve to keep our minds and souls open and delighted by the Universe we are given to inhabit. Why is that?

One acceptable theory would be that we are just lucky. And that might be all that there is to it. But it could also be that this family doesn't have any impregnable barriers to open-mindedly considering such possibilities. And in a way that itself is remarkable to me, because these people, my siblings, are the most "alpha" personalities piled together that I've ever seen in any family group. Powerful strong successful people full of ideas and happy to let you know about them. [often awkward socially by the way, but we've learned to appreciate one another despite rolling our eyes.] How did such personalities survive modernism and its catastrophic restrictive materialism? 
This is the great man. Dad, my blessed Dad. Here was the brilliant brain --- most overall intelligent person I've ever met, and I've met a bunch of them --- who despite that, refused to lose his youthful explorative curiosity. The man who would pray in the living room after a hard day's work, and would drop it immediately whenever one of his kids came running in with a question. I am almost certain that I will never meet someone so intelligent and spiritual at the same time. 

This is the basis for our family's curiosity and rejection of the irrational unscientific stance of the debunking without study or cause. If he had lived longer, he would have just laughed at the foolishness of some of the people I've had to interact with. He wouldn't have spent much time with them --- speaking to such people is like speaking to a closed door, a complete waste of energy. But he would have explored alongside me, and, oh, that would have been the greatest of times. 

All of this is about the future of our world --- no kidding, that's what I believe. Catherine Crowe, one of my new-found heroes, saw this clearly far back two hundred years ago. She saw the Enlightenment for what it was --- both creator and destroyer. It was creating "light" but doing so in only a restricted illuminated space. It was sort of like a magnificent Drunk and The Lamp Post --- inspecting minutely the only area that was already illuminated while ignoring the vast scope of reality. It became so dominant that it began to define reality as only what it could see with its kind of eyes. Catherine saw it extinguishing vast areas of the real. She wrote her great protest, The Nightside of Nature, to try to wake us up. 

The Dilbert cartoon points to a result of this which is bad enough, the refusal to acknowledge many aspects of reality truly experienced and fascinating to say the least. Horrible as it is, this is just one step in the process. 

Some may view this as funny. I don't think so. When the entirety of the spiritual is reduced to mockery and derision, there is little left.

Enjoy the future.

I've one last thing to say to the debunkers. I really don't get your motivation [I realize that I am speaking to almost, though not quite, no one who reads this blog, but I can't help but "complete the thought" here.]    But whatever your motivation is, do me a favor --- in fact do the entire world the greatest favor you can grant: JUST SHUT UP.

Fine, piss on individual events if you must. But get off the broadbrush smirking dismissal of entire categories of experience. You seem, some of you, to believe that you doing some kind of service to humanity --- others seem just perverted trolls.

... and for me and my family's sure knowledge of many of these things: JUST SHUT UP.

To the rest of you good folks: bless you and may you "stay-in-touch" with a wider world [as Obi-wan Kenobi might say].

Without apologies, sincerely yours, The Professor.


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