Saturday, August 31, 2013

Not a Post

Well, my friends, I think I need a little vacation. My new house purchase causes consistent "noise" in my life, and interferes with meditations, and even readings, which create blog entries. Stuff flows out of one house to another; visions of the future arise, replacing visions of the anomalies in mental space; and ... I just feel a bit out of steam. I'm rather surprised that I kept the engine running as long and continually as I have this year.

I think that a "month's" hiatus might be in order. Time is needed to get the new environmental/ spiritual house going on a good foundation. Time is necessary to just have some of that precious commodity to sit quietly and simply read my library without "goals". And the world's best UFOlogists are visiting here in two weeks as well [maybe that will be so natural, that I can sneak in a little report of that then].

I have rare books and journals sitting for about a half a year on my shelves that I've barely opened. Maybe they'll lead to nothing, but maybe something fine. I need to read to share that with you. So I'm retreating for a little bit. Hope to see you in October. Bless you all.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

HA-A-A!!! HO-O!! HO-O!! { Sasquatch for: You'll Never Track Me to my Home Sweet Home!!}.

You are probably doubting that I speak fluent Sasquatch. You are, once again, demonstrating your intuitive wisdom, as I haven't a clue. BUT, the critter pictured above [the dreaded powerful Dzoonokwa] IS claimed by the Kwakiutl people to utter exactly that "phase" as a challenge to intruders, and as a statement of power. {Dzoonokwa is, by the way, a very big red-headed female, showing that there is no gender bias in the Kwakiutl Spirit World.}

Dzoonokwa has reminded me of two things:

1]. I haven't spent much time on this blog talking about ABSMs whether Yeti or Sasquatch. I think that some of the reason for that is that I have a very difficult time focussing on a satisfactory hypothesis for them. Modern America, as a nation filled with hunters, mountain hikers, nature campers, races right into the idea that these things are small populations of perhaps dying ape species --- the proper subjects for biology textbooks. Yet......

2]. Most of the time, in detailed reports, they certainly don't act that way. As I peruse [occasionally ... I am NO expert] the literature on these entities, I read a "hunter-oriented" shelf of claims and commentary, which assiduously dodges anything which makes the Meat-and-Juices theory unpalatable.

Well, maybe our Bigfoot-hunting crowd is correct, but we should at least note that the Native Americans did not think of these entities this way.

I'm not going to do a review of the Bigfoot literature --- I'm not qualified and have not earned an opinion. Instead, let's just dive into this business somewhere and see if there's anything to be seen on a random probe "into the wilderness".

This is a map of a Bigfoot cluster area. Linn County, Oregon --- home of Sweet Home, Oregon around which many witnesses would want to claim that Sasquatch hangs out. { I made the map from the data quickly scoopable from the internet --- don't take the exact locations of the dots too seriously; I've just dotted them in next to the locations listed. --- nevertheless, I rather like the looks of the thing, and it will be very unkind of you to criticize my lack of artistry... so depressing.}

The cases arrayed are from the 1960s all the way to the present day, with an old outlier from 1885. The cases are a typical bigfoot type mix of sightings of animal-forms, tracks only, occasionally other "markings". Very little detail in these reports typically; several reports by hunters, mainly hunting elk; most sightings by men, but women and children also report; two cases describing "glowing eyes".

A case: a grade school teacher was driving home to Sweet Home, OR in the late 1960s. It was at night, as she was returning from an evening class at Oregon State University. The road was empty, lined by trees and the Santiam River's south branch. She saw what she thought was a bear, but as her car got nearer, the thing proved to be a large black-haired anthropoid about seven-foot tall. It grasped the railing with one of its hands and stepped over it to the woods on the river side. As her car passed, she slowed to get a better look, and it turned to stare back at her. Now thoroughly frightened, she sped off and arrived at her home in an upset state well remembered by her family.

But why am I, sort of out of nowhere, writing about Bigfoot today??

Because, as most of you know, I've just purchased a large house into which I and three others folks will move to create a cooperative housing entity, I've had a few "activities" here in my present home getting ready for those days. One of these was the presence of two guys helping a buddy of mine move my "old book collection" [about 50 boxes worth] to the new location. Everytime, well almost without fail, when someone visits here, they want to know about one or the other of the unusual things they're seeing. When I told the one fellow about Ivan Sanderson and the things Ivan was interested in, he said: "I've seen Bigfoot; more than once."

Really??? Tell me more.

This fellow is about 50, I'd guess. He's Mexican-American, somewhat crude-spoken but actually articulate and intelligent, and the son of a former "hard-rock miner" who did most of his mining in the Rockies. His dad taught him all about blowing up rocks to get at the rubble, hunting and fishing, and camping to the point where being in the woods is just "natural" to him.

The events that he told me about happened in about the 1980s --- this fellow enthusiastically told this story when he found that he had a listener who wouldn't laugh at him. That enthusiasm plus the fact that he was supposed to be finishing loading his pick-up at that moment, truncated my ability to turn this into some sort of "proper field interview". We'll have to satisfy ourselves with the spontaneous here.

He and a buddy, who often hunted and camped together, were up in the woods of the Pacific Coast Rockies. Their alleged goal was hunting Elk, but as any hunters know, the main goal is to "get away" and rest in Nature. They set up their camp, and as usual for them, CREATED A DREAM CIRCLE, just up the slope from their location. Yes. That is exactly what he said.

A "Dream Circle???" Oh yes, he said. You always do that when you're deep in the woods. Uhh. Really?? He continued: it's a tradition. You build a Circle of Stones and other things. He made it sound as if it was for good luck... or maybe respect.

This made me think of the Native American Medicine Wheels [such as pictured above] and the now-culturally-popular "Dream Catchers", that many non-Native Americans own in hopes of catching a little Magickal good fortune. Again, I couldn't slow him down enough to ask him exactly why he did this --- just that it was a family tradition, and something "you just did".

In this series of Bigfoot encounters, the action began with many days where both he and his buddy could sense that the entity was right nearby, just on the other side of the bushes, but "wouldn't let me see him". This description reminded me so much of Diane Fossey's comments about not being able to contact the Mountain Gorillas, even though she could hear them rustling branches within feet of her, that I started to think: maybe this IS some "ordinary" biological ape afterall.

As the days went on, they began to catch glimpses of Sasquatch and things began to be left in their Dream Circle. They responded in kind by leaving things there themselves. As a climax to this "potlatch" give and take, one day a magnificent Eagle feather was found stuck standing straight up in the middle of the circle.

Subsequently, both my new-found informant and his friend both saw Sasquatch relatively nearby, but separately. The buddy once saw two together.

As the story wound down, my reporter grew a little more pensive. He finally said: I think [he was VERY hesitant going into this] that Bigfoot has some odd .... abilities.

Ummmm.... yes???

Well, he seems to be able to just disappear.


I was looking right at him once and then he just wasn't there anymore.

BOING goes the Brain.

This report at least is not Biology-textbook but rather Native American Legend. We're back to the Spirit World with that one. We're back to what the ancestors believed all along.

And it would give some meaning to the climactic gift of the Eagle Feather.

"In the beginning, the Creator gave to the animals and birds the wisdom and knowledge and the power to talk to men. He sent these creatures to tell man that He showed Himself through them. He would teach a chosen man sacred songs and dance, as well as much ritual and lore." 

..... sounds precisely Druidical. .... and harmonious with the Language of the Birds.

" In order to remember the lesson of life, look to the great Eagle, the favorite bird of the Creator.

The eagle feather is divided into two parts, part light, part dark. This represents daylight and darkness, summer and winter, peace and war, and life and death. So that you will always remember what I have told you, look well on the Eagle, for his feathers, too, tell the story of life." 

.... maybe "somebody" was acknowledging a couple of respectful hunters with a token of respect back.

As this fellow was turning away to get in his truck and go, I had to ask at least one field research-type question:

Where did all this happen?

"Sweet Home, Oregon".

Till next time, folks... when I can.

And may you receive the Eagle Feather of respect in all you do.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Side-Conversation with Larry Dossey

This will be a shorter-than-usual posting. The Reason?: Larry and I had a shorter-than-usual conversation crammed in during a less-than-stellar convention talk.

What stimulated this is the following: I knew that Larry was risking exploring all aspects of reality that his studies of alternative [often paranormal] healing seemed to be "speaking" to him about. Back in the earlier days of the Alternative Medicine office at the National Institute of Health, he might not have risked straying too far from what was already controversial stuff, but today Larry is at that stage of life where it's no longer an option to sit on things-of-importance. If something needs to be said, he's doing it.

One of these things was the pile of health-related incidents that seemed to involve some fore-knowledge of a possible future to come. And he wrote the above book.

When I saw that title, I winched. My theology/ cosmology demands a reality within which each advanced intelligence mind has genuine [not illusional] choice upon which said intelligence acts with free will. This is one of the very few things that I will not budge on, as without such free choice, everything's a meaningless robot show morality-wise. Such a Universe/ Creation would be pointless, a dazzling Mechanica true, but morally pointless if all acts were in fact determined beforehand. Others are welcome to believe that they live robotically without meaning, of course, but not I.

So, I have consistently rejected the concept of fortune-telling, precognition, prophecy if these things claim to be assessing/ accessing already determined futures. I am trained as a scientist; I can predict from known facts/ history that the planets will [in all probability] be doing this and that tomorrow, but I do not believe that tomorrow is somehow already here.

But Larry [who holds free choice as sacredly as I do] seemed, at first glance, to believe so. I needed to talk.

During one of the talks, I managed to sneak in some conversation {not the talk above; I'm just illustrating this blog moment with the picture --- if Roger, Ron, Patrick, and Henry were on stage, I'd be riveted}. I kept it simple by necessity of the circumstances.

First I asked him if he believed that these premonitions from his book were substantive, and he, of course, felt that they were strong cases. Having done a little reading from an extensive interview of his, I then asked him about his model of "Time" and Reality. In order to try to make this concept at least sort-of understandable [no one understands Time], I need to retreat a little to put Larry's view into context.

Generally, the common view of "time" is that it is nothing at all. Rather than a "thing", it is merely a name we give for the sequence of activities of physical things. That is: this situation used to be like this other state, then interactions took place and now it is like this; we call the previous state it's past along with the "moves" it made to become like it is now.

The question is, firstly: does anything's "past state" exist in any way other than being remembered in the Now? A reductionist scientist would say "no". A person who believes that certain paranormal experiences of a Clairvoyant nature are veridical, would say that something quite detailed of those past states survives.

This latter concept is what's meant to be illustrated by the drawing above. The "Now" [whatever it is] plows through the uncollapsed/ not-yet-determined Quantum Foam of possibility, collapsing wave functions into the "Present State". A reductionist would say that nothing of the previous states persist, but the paranormalist would say that those previous states still exist in some now fixt condition --- only rarely accessible by consciousness [retrocognition]. Long ago, this theory was nicknamed "The Block Theory of Time".

In "front of" the Now is Nothing Fixt. That is: the "future state" does not yet exist. Nothing of the "future" is determined until whenever the wave-collapsing nature of this Now "gets there". This denies premonitions apparently, but saves free choice in the Now. Larry, who wants premonitions AND free choice, must see it differently.

Larry sees the future as strongly influenced by the present, as do we all. He makes this more concrete by seeing the wave-collapsing "edge" of the Now [these are my words not his at this point] as projecting this influence "ahead", so that if we could see this from a God-like view, the Quantum indetermined foam just ahead would be taking on --- let's call it a "probability" of a certain "future state" over other potential future states. AND, this "more probable" future state would have achieved a reality which might be paranormally "seen".

This model of things is intriguing. It allows paranormal access to the "most probable" future, but not any determined required future --- any element of that probable future might be affected by willful choice. I will have to modify my views on precognition afterall. [still don't think that the statistical testing of this is as good as the clairvoyance/ telepathy stuff though].

The thought crossed my mind that Larry's work might, ironically, provide some data for those same reductionist scientists that hate it. Larry is collecting cases where persons seem to have tapped into these most-probable futures with their premonitions. Are some sorts of things more likely to be "tap-able" than others? Does the edge of the Now "push" certain kinds of objects or arrangements faster towards determined reality than others? Could making catalogs of premonitionary experiences give us a clue as to how the Universe preferentially sorts itself out?

Larry thought that this was a fun idea, and keeping catalogs might be a path to discovery of something unexpected.

Well, what the heck.... it IS a fun idea.... and everything has to start somewhere.


Friday, August 16, 2013


Part two of my rendition of Larry's talk to the SSE convention in June.....

Larry was making a review-paper-type case for the possibility of distant physical effects of not only Human Intention/ Consciousness but of "organized structures" as well. In doing so, he searched the literature [and his many contacts] for frontier studies supporting such phenomena. The above two slides illustrate two example studies at the cellular/ sub-organism level.

Both, as you see, involve neurons --- maybe that is significant in some profound way, but I believe that it is an artifact of the fact that certain "responses" are easier to test in neurons than some other moieties. Both of these studies were done with the cell samples isolated from normal spatial-propagated force influences by being in Faraday-cage environments. Despite this electromagnetic cloak, actions taken upon one group of cells were coordinated with measurable responses in the distant cells.

These two peer-review-published studies seem "good" methodologically, and, despite using different cell cultures, are acceptably close in design and intent to be called replications of the principle. If these findings, on further repetition, continue to hold, they demand a major re-thinking of our opinions on what is and was is not possible in terms of transfer of signals/ information between one entity and another.

But, of course, these results will be resisted by academe by any means possible --- and when debunking fails, the main tactic will be "ignorance".

What Larry talked about next was one of those spectacular claims which one immediately feels thrilled about but unlikely to be true, or at least documentable. The claim is, as you can read above: states of emotional well-being [or ill-being] have a social network component, and this component extends well beyond those persons that one actually physically interacts with during ones daily life. That is: there is something like "Happiness at a Distance".

Well... wild... pretty much unbelievable. My distant, never-seen-since-youth cousins in Phoenix and Chicago are having some influence on my state of well-being?? Out Proctor we go.

These sets of claims were published in responsible medical journals. How was THAT possible? The authors, Fowler and Christakis, used for their data base the famous Framingham [MA] multigenerational health study. This long-ranging study was set up to study risk factors in heart disease, but because it undertakes to collect so much "ancillary data" on the participants, it has been used for other work as well. Fowler and Christakis used it to study "Happiness". How'd they do THAT?

Each week, their research team conducted a four question interview with a few thousand people in the study. These four questions had been used in the sociological and psychological literature many times to try to assess how "happy" or depressed a person was, and taken together seemed very good indicators. The four questions are simple: "how many times this past week did you...

1). feel hopeful about the future?
2). feel happy?
3). enjoy life?
4). feel that you were as good as other people?"

Taken together [there is some hint in the abstract I read that some scaling was used to take quantity responses into account] these supposedly have a good track record of assessing happiness.

When the authors began enumerating their results and comparing the levels with persons "linked" in some way biologically/socially/communally, they found that states like "happiness" tended to cluster around what looked eerily like a form of socially organized gestalt. Other emotional states did too. And the way these gestalts were organized did not seem to require direct social contact.

You and I probably are reluctant to jump right on the bandwagon on this without hearing the methodological objections and responses, but Fowler and Christakis think that they're onto something stunning here, and willing to risk academic reputations on it.

This sort of gestalt effect does, of course, fit nicely with things like "distant healing"/ "power of prayer" [Larry Dossey], and Global Consciousness [Roger Nelson]. Because I think that I understand what both those guys are doing, and credit their work, I find myself drawn to Fowler's and Christakis' as well.

But if true, what possibly can be going on?

Larry said Never Fear, he'd found the answer from the great scientist-philosopher, Arthur Eddington.

I don't know why, but I am strangely comforted by that.

Here are three folks who humbly offer a trio of thoughts for us to meditate upon as we continue to take our lifewalk along the forest path. Meditate as you will.

Larry's going to try to coalesce what he's found about these arcane matters in a book scheduled to get to the public in this fall. I don't advertise authors unless their names would be someone like Jerry Clark, Roger Nelson, or Larry Dossey [I have a short list of others]. But Larry's on the list. Expand your consciousness and your soul with him if that appeals to you.

Till next time.... "Do unto others ... not for your benefit, but for all of us in this wonderful Creation."

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

DOSSEY Tells You the Final Thing You Need to Know: SSE 2013

This might be the last entry on the 2013 SSE convention; I'll listen [sooner or later] to the other talks and decide then. But Larry Dossey is one of my friends that I feel privileged to have met at SSE, and his scholarly interests and writings are, I believe, beyond mere entertaining diversions on our paths to discovery. What Larry has done and is pursuing is important.

Larry has spent a few decades of his life attempting to get academic medicine to pay attention to the alternatives to the classic "meat-&-juices" models of attacking illness and facilitating "health", or at least repairs. Meat-&-Juices works reasonably well much of the time, and Larry is not on a Crusade to halt that. Rather he is trying to get academia to at least consider a wider view of Wellness. It must be of great comfort to him to have seen the slow general acceptance of "mind-to-body wellness" [the idea expressed too simplistically as "we have within us much ability to heal ourselves"] penetrate the medical schools of the world. But other significant concepts, mainly involving distant, non-contact, or group healing, find themselves still far on the outside of the Ivy-covered walls.

This talk was a step in Larry's personal understanding of part of what may be going on, though in my opinion it will gain him no friends in academe. "Telesomatic Events". How one body/ object/ mind may PHYSICALLY affect another distant entity.

Larry has a scholar's mind, so he has searched for the published origin of this concept. He finds it early in Berthold Schwarz' writings, and then in SSE co-founder Ian Stevenson's. Stevenson was more convincing and inspirational... and knowing of both men, I'll chime in with an agreement that I'd pay more attention to Ian, too.

In Stevenson's book Telepathic Impressions, Ian deviated from him primary research interest [trying to find data supporting the concept of reincarnation --- which never quite convinced me, but which was honest and noteworthy] and concentrated on cases seeming to occur due to mind-to-mind influence. He chose 35 particularly strong cases. Beginning on page 108 of that book, Stevenson began mentioning the sorts of cases that particularly interested Larry --- incidents wherein a person has a physical impact or reaction at the same moment that another distant person had a similar experience. Ian himself had only a few such cases in his 35, but remarked that Louisa Rhine, who had been collecting spontaneous anecdotes [apparently containing "transfers" of thoughts or physical impacts or both], estimated from her collection that about 1.7% of all "telepathy" cases had a physical component. Because such physical effects are difficult [and sometimes unethical] to test for in the laboratory, parapsychological research went after the telepathy information-transfers with gusto, and let these other claims to sink into the dustier corners of our awareness.

A happy accident caused in Larry the drive to explore a certain aspect of these claims. He is an identical twin. Twins are said to experience such "impossible" incidents all the time; and our intuition would be that two people so closely made perhaps SHOULD be the prime candidates to do so.

Larry said that when he and his brother were growing up, they knew nothing of Ian Stevenson, telepathic impressions, or telesomatic events, they just called such occurrences "Twin Stuff". For many twins, impossible "exchanges" and "coincidences" are just part of life.

Larry reminded us that one does not have to be an identical twin to have such experiences, it's just that the odds are greater if you are. One key to this seems to be emotional closeness.

A spectacular case of a telesomatic event was recorded in Spain in 1976. Two four-year-old twins were  briefly apart while one parent took one on a visit to a relative several miles away, while the other stayed home [i.e. each child with one parent]. When at home, one twin accidentally burnt her hand and a large blister sprouted between the thumb and the index finger. At that moment [as near as one could figure it, and with no conventional knowledge of what had happened back home] the "distant twin" sprouted a similar blister in the same place, but from no known cause.

If such extraordinary experiences were easy to strongly document, it would not take many like this to make one decide that the reductionist model of reality was just wrong. And there, of course, lies the rub. As Larry stated: such experiences do not fit; such an idea cannot be tolerated; and the establishment of thought will have none of it.

Well, here's my old "buddy", Carl Sagan, acting as the establishment truth-sayer, and, as usual when he made these sorts of very large absolutist statements, losing his scientific mind and blowing noxious gas out of his non-intellectual orifice.

This always dismayed and puzzled me. When you were around Carl Sagan, it took you very little time to assess that, although he had a colossal ego, he was one of the sharpest knives in the drawer. Yet, when it came to these grand statements, he completely lost either his conscious objectivity or his intellectual honesty. Whether consciously or subconsciously, he turned into the anti-Truth monster that he was trying to slay. No one with a "straight" scientific face could say the sentence above and be proud of himself. ...... yet this he, and many others, have done.

The intellectually honest answer is quite different. These guys are at least holding onto their science cards.

So, OK .... I'm halfway through. Let's take a breath and come back for Larry's climax. Will we solve The Mystery of Consciousness once and for all??

......... I have a really nice Bridge I'd like to sell you cheap...........

Sunday, August 11, 2013

NELSON Two, Too: "Roger that. Over and Out [Proctor?]."

Part two of this important business:

Hopefully the first part set the table for this one which contains some of the results.

Most of the GCPs "events" are just that: one off events. Things like tragedies of all kinds, events of violence, events of sympathy, etc --- anything which might be suspected of "engaging" a great number of persons in a response. The two cited above were naturals: Princess Diana's funeral and the 9/11 violence.

The funeral response was classic for an anomalous result. As the funeral coverage went on and the viewers became more and more "involved" with the coverage, the EGGs seemed to get out of statistical "proper behavior" and the red data line crept above the p=0.05 blue line and stayed there. Again, to try to clarify, the red line is the cumulative sum of all the EGGs. Any one EGG might be behaving close to the horizontal average/ "no deviation" line, or could be very high or very low. Imagine the hazy neon bluegreen lines as examples of individual EGGs during this. All those hazy neons are summed to get what the EGG Gestalt is doing [the red line]. It is only the Gestalt Sum which matters in this analysis, at least at this phase of the research.

"9/11" on the other hand had a surprise. The response of the EGG array was "normal" for the first few hours after the event. THEN they began to get quite a bit more out-of-sorts. As the next three-to-four days proceeded, the EGGs dramatically went north of the p=0.05 blueline and stayed for a while. One can't help reading this as: The events gradually got out there into consciousness, and the people's of the world didn't know quite what to think about this initially. As days came and went, the world grew to feel about this in more the same way, and the EGGs diverged.

All that's MY theory, not the more careful Roger's.

The Project got the idea that following multiple events involving a charismatic figure might be interesting. Above are two cases.

Regardless of one's personal views [mine are by the way very favorable --- I very much appreciate how the current President attempts to solve problems by involving a large variety of experts from different fields to imagine complex solutions], it would be a rare thinking person who would say that Barack Obama is not charismatic. Even the Republican leadership says that he gives a killer speech.

Roger decided to sample the EGG array at the moments of major Obama-related events to see if anything happened. It did. Nominations, elections, State-of-the-Union addresses etc were chosen. The EGG array has generally responded to each of these events in a statistically-unlikely manner. It could be said that the current President had the "IT factor" at the beginning, and still does --- though the last two datapoints might forecast less of a general fixation upon him. As Roger said: it will be interesting to see if the President can maintain this sort of attention and response as the second term goes on.

A similar thing was noted for the wildly popular Philippine politician, Manny Pacquiao. Pacquiao is one of the better boxers in the world, and the Philippine electorate dotes on his fighting. Roger looked at all the EGG data at the events of his fights. The datapoints are less, but it could be true that the array is responding to events which rivet the population of a rather large nation.

I'm not sure how this got started, but Roger decided to sample the EGGs around the Change-of-the-Year celebrations at New Years. These measurements have been taken for greater than a dozen years now. The effect noted [that the EGGs become "more like one another" --- i.e. a drop in the variance between devices] has become a regular feature for "Midnight Anticipation" on New Year's Eve, and so Roger can feel comfortable predicting this effect beforehand.

Scientifically/ empirically based predictability is usually felt to be a strong indicator of the truth of a research claim. It does not necessarily buttress a causal hypothesis, but certainly supports a set of claims which say "if we do this, then this other will happen", which is a crude way of producing a "scientific law".

Roger is a spiritual guy [another reason that I immediately like him] and so he wondered if the EGGs might respond to "spiritual matters". This is tough to test, as such matters are usually private or small group and unlikely to reach levels of public awareness expected to be needed to affect the EGGs.

The above show an attempt with a single very large Indian event [celebratory bathing in the Ganges], a cumulation of separate events associated with a series of prayer and meditation events aimed at "planetary healing", and thirdly a graph of results from general events which were judged to be likely to evoke "Compassionate feelings" in people. The pilgrimage graph is marginal in the terms we've been using, but definitely not in the simple noise area of the statistics. The two accumulations show results far out-of-line. The idea that the EGGs might be responding in greater statistical unusualness, the greater the event evokes Compassion, is intriguing to say the least.

Maybe there's hope for Humanity afterall.

Roger has heard simplistic objections to this work until he gets a headache explaining it. Maybe the most important thing to know is that he tests the EGGs a lot, tests them in simulations at times when no known dramatic events are happening, all sorts of ways to create the system controls against which to compare the actual scenario data received.

In the top graph, the testings and simulations create a grey statistically non-significant "cloud" of results over which the EGG accumulation must rise to get into the statistically-interesting range. The red line on that graph is the accumulation line for Roger's real data. As cases have increased over the years, the redline has soared. The bottom graph shows that this soaring is now going statistically out-of-sight.

There were other graphs; I've given you those which I thought were interesting and about which I had some understanding.

Roger's work could be as important as any around... we'll wait and see how it goes. We might indeed be connected, just as the Original Energy Event "entangled" everything from which everything else was to come.

The EGGs are awake and sensing something. As we stand by this seashore, like Newton, who knows where this path of discovery will lead?

Till next time... Peace, Blessings, Compassion [to feed the EGGs].


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