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NELSON Two, Too: "Roger that. Over and Out [Proctor?]."

Part two of this important business:

Hopefully the first part set the table for this one which contains some of the results.

Most of the GCPs "events" are just that: one off events. Things like tragedies of all kinds, events of violence, events of sympathy, etc --- anything which might be suspected of "engaging" a great number of persons in a response. The two cited above were naturals: Princess Diana's funeral and the 9/11 violence.

The funeral response was classic for an anomalous result. As the funeral coverage went on and the viewers became more and more "involved" with the coverage, the EGGs seemed to get out of statistical "proper behavior" and the red data line crept above the p=0.05 blue line and stayed there. Again, to try to clarify, the red line is the cumulative sum of all the EGGs. Any one EGG might be behaving close to the horizontal average/ "no deviation" line, or could be very high or very low. Imagine the hazy neon bluegreen lines as examples of individual EGGs during this. All those hazy neons are summed to get what the EGG Gestalt is doing [the red line]. It is only the Gestalt Sum which matters in this analysis, at least at this phase of the research.

"9/11" on the other hand had a surprise. The response of the EGG array was "normal" for the first few hours after the event. THEN they began to get quite a bit more out-of-sorts. As the next three-to-four days proceeded, the EGGs dramatically went north of the p=0.05 blueline and stayed for a while. One can't help reading this as: The events gradually got out there into consciousness, and the people's of the world didn't know quite what to think about this initially. As days came and went, the world grew to feel about this in more the same way, and the EGGs diverged.

All that's MY theory, not the more careful Roger's.

The Project got the idea that following multiple events involving a charismatic figure might be interesting. Above are two cases.

Regardless of one's personal views [mine are by the way very favorable --- I very much appreciate how the current President attempts to solve problems by involving a large variety of experts from different fields to imagine complex solutions], it would be a rare thinking person who would say that Barack Obama is not charismatic. Even the Republican leadership says that he gives a killer speech.

Roger decided to sample the EGG array at the moments of major Obama-related events to see if anything happened. It did. Nominations, elections, State-of-the-Union addresses etc were chosen. The EGG array has generally responded to each of these events in a statistically-unlikely manner. It could be said that the current President had the "IT factor" at the beginning, and still does --- though the last two datapoints might forecast less of a general fixation upon him. As Roger said: it will be interesting to see if the President can maintain this sort of attention and response as the second term goes on.

A similar thing was noted for the wildly popular Philippine politician, Manny Pacquiao. Pacquiao is one of the better boxers in the world, and the Philippine electorate dotes on his fighting. Roger looked at all the EGG data at the events of his fights. The datapoints are less, but it could be true that the array is responding to events which rivet the population of a rather large nation.

I'm not sure how this got started, but Roger decided to sample the EGGs around the Change-of-the-Year celebrations at New Years. These measurements have been taken for greater than a dozen years now. The effect noted [that the EGGs become "more like one another" --- i.e. a drop in the variance between devices] has become a regular feature for "Midnight Anticipation" on New Year's Eve, and so Roger can feel comfortable predicting this effect beforehand.

Scientifically/ empirically based predictability is usually felt to be a strong indicator of the truth of a research claim. It does not necessarily buttress a causal hypothesis, but certainly supports a set of claims which say "if we do this, then this other will happen", which is a crude way of producing a "scientific law".

Roger is a spiritual guy [another reason that I immediately like him] and so he wondered if the EGGs might respond to "spiritual matters". This is tough to test, as such matters are usually private or small group and unlikely to reach levels of public awareness expected to be needed to affect the EGGs.

The above show an attempt with a single very large Indian event [celebratory bathing in the Ganges], a cumulation of separate events associated with a series of prayer and meditation events aimed at "planetary healing", and thirdly a graph of results from general events which were judged to be likely to evoke "Compassionate feelings" in people. The pilgrimage graph is marginal in the terms we've been using, but definitely not in the simple noise area of the statistics. The two accumulations show results far out-of-line. The idea that the EGGs might be responding in greater statistical unusualness, the greater the event evokes Compassion, is intriguing to say the least.

Maybe there's hope for Humanity afterall.

Roger has heard simplistic objections to this work until he gets a headache explaining it. Maybe the most important thing to know is that he tests the EGGs a lot, tests them in simulations at times when no known dramatic events are happening, all sorts of ways to create the system controls against which to compare the actual scenario data received.

In the top graph, the testings and simulations create a grey statistically non-significant "cloud" of results over which the EGG accumulation must rise to get into the statistically-interesting range. The red line on that graph is the accumulation line for Roger's real data. As cases have increased over the years, the redline has soared. The bottom graph shows that this soaring is now going statistically out-of-sight.

There were other graphs; I've given you those which I thought were interesting and about which I had some understanding.

Roger's work could be as important as any around... we'll wait and see how it goes. We might indeed be connected, just as the Original Energy Event "entangled" everything from which everything else was to come.

The EGGs are awake and sensing something. As we stand by this seashore, like Newton, who knows where this path of discovery will lead?

Till next time... Peace, Blessings, Compassion [to feed the EGGs].


  1. The Harmonic Concordance was a Global observance held on November 8th or 9th, 2003, depending on which side of the International Date Line one was on. The occasion, timed to the precise moments of the Total Lunar Eclipse on that date, was similar to the "...prayer and meditation events aimed at 'planetary healing' and…events which were judged to be likely to evoke 'Compassionate feelings' in people." An estimated 15,000,000 people participated in support of those worldwide Concordance prayers and was one of the events monitored by the team at PEAR.

    Dr. Nelson’s Random Event Generators recorded statistically significant anomalous effects during those observances which focused upon the descent of Creator Consciousness upon each individual, the realization of our Oneness (Unity Consciousness) and prayers of Conscious Intent for the healing and protection of Mother Earth.

    We were also were informed, by Mitch Battros of Earth Changes TV, that for the 36 hours immediately following those Concordance prayers of Conscious Intent, the Earth was quiescent. There were NO earthquakes, volcanic activity, storms or geophysical events of any kind AT ALL.



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