Saturday, August 31, 2013

Not a Post

Well, my friends, I think I need a little vacation. My new house purchase causes consistent "noise" in my life, and interferes with meditations, and even readings, which create blog entries. Stuff flows out of one house to another; visions of the future arise, replacing visions of the anomalies in mental space; and ... I just feel a bit out of steam. I'm rather surprised that I kept the engine running as long and continually as I have this year.

I think that a "month's" hiatus might be in order. Time is needed to get the new environmental/ spiritual house going on a good foundation. Time is necessary to just have some of that precious commodity to sit quietly and simply read my library without "goals". And the world's best UFOlogists are visiting here in two weeks as well [maybe that will be so natural, that I can sneak in a little report of that then].

I have rare books and journals sitting for about a half a year on my shelves that I've barely opened. Maybe they'll lead to nothing, but maybe something fine. I need to read to share that with you. So I'm retreating for a little bit. Hope to see you in October. Bless you all.


  1. Please enjoy, enjoy, your time off. You certainly deserve it and I'm sure all the readers of your excellent blogspot feel the same way :)

  2. Prof - Enjoy your reprive! And getting ready for a visit from fellow top-notice Ufologists sounds fascinating!

    ~ Susan

  3. It's good to take a break. The change of pace will recharge you.

  4. You've gained another new reader this summer who will also miss you - namely, me. I've spent much time reading your archives and will continue doing so while I await your return in October.

  5. Enjoy your rest, sir, and I hope you will be able to bring us interesting new thoughts on your return.

  6. Enjoy yourself but I hope you return, vacations can really change your perspective of things.



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