Monday, May 19, 2014

Digging To The Core, Two.

Back for round two quicker than I thought --- things fell into place faster, and I had unexpected energy.

So, ready or not here are 15 more. These are from the 1952-1953 era.

Once again, at least in my opinion, the cases speak for themselves. Powerfully almost over-the-top credible witnesses, in almost every illustrated case multiple witnesses, even occasionally from different locations. Dr. Hynek used to try to tell people that far from the UFO phenomenon presenting no good cases, it rather had an "embarrassment of riches." People, it seemed to me, never could understand what he was talking about. That is because people had little to no familiarity with these sorts of cases which you and I are looking at here. [and it would be even more assuring to you if you were reading the original documentation from which these thumbnails come.]

Criminal persons like Donald Menzel insisted on misdirecting attention by focussing on single cases, and then fogging the situation by making up preposterous "explanations" which even scientists couldn't credit, and which required the ignoring of significant elements of the testimonies. Nevertheless the strategy worked. Why? because nobody but a few like Hynek had the testimonies to read, and simultaneously were genuine explorers rather than intellectual game-playing trolls. People tended to read about just one case, and there was a Menzel or a Klass taking liberties with it and confusing each in its turn.

But, some might say about the above 15: these aren't very spectacular. Why should we believe that they're something special. Well, the best people in the world to view them were viewing them, and THEY thought they were impossibly mysterious. AND they thought them to be flying technology. AND they thought them far beyond what we could do. AND they thought sharp-angled turns, excessively rapid circling, descent and disappearance into very high altitude, were pretty astounding. All that without any visible propulsion mechanism.

One wonders, really, what exactly we have to complain about.

One can choose to stand with Donald Menzel, he who in desperation told Captain Nash that he thought that Nash and Fortenberry must have seen the lighted tips of cigarettes they were smoking {they weren't smoking, need I say} or, if not that, lightning bugs trapped inside their cockpit window. No one can convince me that Menzel was not a Criminal against Truth and genuine scientific exploration.

I rather choose to stand with Nash, Kelly Johnson, Colonels Donald Blakeslee and Curtis Low [the Chitose/Misawa case], Charles Moore, Joe Kaliszewski and the General Mills balloonists, and on and on. I like everything about their "company" more than Menzel or Klass --- especially their clear, clean forward seeing.

.... and, yes, once again, having indulged myself in these grand old "bulletproof" cases, I feel unusually relieved of the lead weight of having to listen to the interfering noise created by these debunkers over the years... and free to run in the wind without garbage sticking to my feet like flypaper.

Next set? When I can't say. It will be when I'm feeling good with free time. Till then, peace friends. Don't let the anti-science "scientism believers" debunk you down.

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  1. Just wanted to let you know I'm still coming by to read your posts.
    I think your effort to scan all of these material documents for
    researchers now and in future is to be commended.

    Keep up the good work :)



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