Monday, February 28, 2011

Close Encounters of the Second Kind, physiological effects part seven-b

Second piece of this set of fifteen: numbers 96-100; 1972-1973 era. There are a "5" and two "4's" here. Both other lower-rated cases have their own interest.
Let's start with the Tyringham/Dundurrabin NSW "four": These incidents were embedded in a flap which went on in the area from May to August 1973. The flap was densest in June, having cases nearly every day. Fortunately we had Bill Chalker on the job, one of our all-time bests. The early half of the flap was characterized by bright lights and flashing objects which caused widespread animal panics [horses, cats, and cattle]. It is these animal panics that are the cause of this being in the CE2p category. But, while we're mentioning this flap, I'd like to note several other effects from cases in it which were not CE2p's but are worth presenting. There was a case where a descending domed disk stopped clocks simultaneously in two neighbors' homes. One of the clocks WASN'T ELECTRIC! {Now c'mon guys, this is tough enough already}. Another silver object bearing with it a very localized area of cold air, stopped another clock. At least this one was electric. A brilliant "V" shaped thing was able to cast trees into silhouette, but COULD NOT CAST LIGHT ON THEM! Yikes. Then it just turned off. Two ladies were walking when a dome-shaped lightform just manifested between them. It then disappeared by going into the ground after hanging there for two minutes. Makes one want to seek shelter in a rubber room.

The Cape Girardeau MO incident is well known in this country. Truck drivers are stalked by a balloon-shaped light [witness said "turnip"] and when driver bent head around outside window to get a look, he felt that he was hit by a concentrated force of light and heat like a flare. This deformed his glasses, temporarily blinded him [took several days to recover], was singed on face and hair, and had terrific pain behind eyes. Case was well reported and investigated, and something very close to witness description must have happened. The only question is whether it was "UFO" or some incredibly bad luck and timing with a balloon with a flare attached to it. The illustration at left is a page from a rare old MUFON journal where the witness's sketch of the object is inked in over the typing.

The case represented by the picture at the bottom is Doucier France. This is the "5" for today. As you can see it involved a large technological disk hovering directly over some trout tanks in a fish nursery. The dome is meant to be transparent "like plexiglass". The witness becomes "entranced" and hears no sounds of any kind during the experience [a typical "OZ" incident]. Like the chickens of an earlier case, his dogs showed no awareness that anything was there at all. Case was well investigated and appeared in LDLN.

Contrast this with the Merricks Victoria case wherein a craft was inexplicably met by the observer with a feeling of great calmness BUT HIS COWS WENT TOTALLY BERSERK.
I'll place the last story down here because it's nearly "Out Proctor" [those who've read the blog for a long time know what I mean by that---search the words], and it may not belong in UFOlogy at all. This was the case of a man with painful arthritis who did not want to walk out at all but a storm was on and he felt he had to close his garage. He limped down the path to the garage and was confronted by a "Cloud of Gold". Fatalistically, he soldiered on right through it. As soon as he entered, his pain left him, and continued to be gone all through his walk back to his house and through the evening. The next morning some minor pain had returned but the bulk of the problem was gone and he did not have to use his cane again. Well, that's a "2" folks. All I've got is a letter to Hynek, so...?? Still, I WISH that things like that happened, but what can I say??


  1. "The case represented by the picture at the bottom is Doucier France"

    What is it with france that make it such a hotbed for UFO phenomena ? the history ? the people ? the culture ?

    The case mentioned is pretty scary, imagine walking alone at near dusk and confronted with such sight hovering and swaying. as i recall the craft swayed like a pendulum/leaf and the alarmend witness go for his rifle in his car. Unlike other case, he didnt get zapped / paralyzed when he goes for his weapon (yet another non-classic pattern here)

    1. Plenty of places are potential "hotbeds". The difference is whether you have the active investigators and the mechanisms to promulgate the results in a credible way. This case was investigated by Claude Poher, about as good as you can get for credibility.



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