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Close Encounters of the Second Kind, physiological effects part six-a

Folks, I'm going to split these next 15 cases up into three smaller postings in the hopes of back preservation. This first third of them [#s 76-80] contain a couple of strong cases. We are also mainly in the era of "ordinary" CE2p's rather than high strangeness incidents. But those are soon to come.

Before mentioning the two stronger cases, I'd like to give a nod to one which is probably rock-solid as well: Bengough Saskatchewan. In fact, my knee-jerk rating of it as a "3" is probably way short---but I have no original file. Still NICAP was happy with the case. A farm lady watch as a domed disk went meandering through her farm in what could only be described as an exploratory excursion. You can see the "flight plan" to the left. She noticed effects on both her dogs and her cows. For her own person, she felt a tingling like a mild electric shock. Not the most spectacular of CE2p effects, but a pretty good case.

A drawing of the craft will appear sooner-or-later also on the left side, but I'll go on to another incident now.

The second case I'll mention is the Beallsville Ohio case. This experience elicited a lot of interest, including by James McDonald. Many people interviewed the young man burned by the UFO and his story remained firm and consistent.

The case involved a red object which emitted a flash which ignited the boy's jacket and knocked him down. Simultaneously, there were effects on the television set inside and on the dog outside. More than one witness at greater distances saw the red object. The young man felt his arm tingling [it was later found to have sustained burns] and had a short-term memory loss. Of particular fascination to me was his statement that the UFO did not fly away, but vanished in its place by fading away. As some of you know, these incidents are rare but there are a few good ones.

McDonald was also fascinated, but in his case it was his desire to hunt down cases wherein something took place which absolutely anchored UFOs to physical objects, behaving [somewhat] like they "belonged" right here in our physical universe. As a physical scientist, that made him a lot more comfortable and fed his hypothesis that these things were ET. Here's a quote from McDonald to the local sheriff:
"This incident, which involved minor burn injuries to young Gregory Wells, is one of a relatively rare category of UFO cases, in which physical injury has been substantiated. I am doing an intensive study of the UFO problem and have recently interviewed a number of other witnesses in burn cases. None is quite comparable with that reported by the Wells family and others in Beallsville".

So, Big Mac liked it.

The final case for comment in this set is the "Second Templeton Twin" as I call it. Templeton MA 1966 and Templeton MA 1968 are too freakily alike to separate them in my mind. They involved two different residents of rural Templeton who did not know one another, but apparently experienced nearly the same thing. Both cases begin at 3 to 4am by being awakened by a brilliantly illuminated bedroom. In both cases the light is pulsing and in the background there is a "pinging" sound. In the 1968 case, this pulsation and pinging seems synchronized to the speeding up and slowing down of a fan which was operating in the room. Also in both cases, the period of the light pulsation created paralysis. The witness in the 1966 case went unconscious. The woman in the 1968 case lay there conscious but numb and aching.

The first witness woke up three hours later and had vague UFO-related dreams, which bothered him enough that he studied up on UFOs furiously and joined Massachusetts NICAP as a field investigator. He looked into several cases, none like his own. Then he got a home-town assignment and was blown away to find the witness repeating his own experience or nearly so. [It is, in fact, the differences in his report of her case that convince me that he did an honest job].

In her case she lay paralyzed while the light pulsed on and off 7 or 8 times. She specifically noted that even her face was locked rigid. When light went off for last time, she began to recover slowly [this was one hour into the experience]. Despite it being painful and awkward, she scribbled down notes as best she could at 5:10am. Bet you'd like to see them wouldn't you?? Well, with luck, they're right here at the bottom of this page. [My pleasure, by the way]. The next day she ached all over and had headaches, but was full of energy and hyperactivity. This only subsided gradually over the following three days, making four days of sequelae in all. I believe her testimony to be "world-class", and combined with his own earlier "twin", and the still extant "5:10am diary notes", this case is at least a "five" for me. Well, I've been wrong before, but this thing has a "take-it-to-the-bank" feeling for me.


  1. " The first witness woke up three hours later and had vague UFO-related dreams, which bothered him enough that he studied up on UFOs furiously and joined Massachusetts NICAP as a field investigator. He looked into several cases, none like his own. Then he got a home-town assignment and was blown away to find the witness repeating his own experience or nearly so. [It is, in fact, the differences in his report of her case that convince me that he did an honest job]. " ---

    I wonder if the "UFO-related dreams" were involvement in an 'abduction' or some sort of interacting with the intelligence behind ufos?

    Also, his interest (almost obsession) with the subject manifested after this close encounter which seems to be a hallmark for many people (me included). And finding another nearly identical experience in small Templeton if he was set-up for it (by what/who?).

    ~ Susan

  2. Nowadays someone would have immediately jumped on the CE4 possibility. Back in 1966, the only known [widely anyway] CE4 was Betty and Barney Hill. And NO bedroom events were known. These ideas came largely with Budd Hopkins. Although anything is possible, my hunch in this case is that it is NOT a CE4.

    The reason is that I feel that the 1966 case and the 1968 case are the same sort of thing, and the lady in the 1968 case was conscious during her entire siege. One can imagine ways to allow anything of course, but I would prefer to lean on the only facts that I DO know and go for a mysterious CE2p rather than a CE4.

    Budd and Dave Jacobs would see this instantly as a CE4 because it is their belief that ALL such cases are CE4s, whether all the needed information is there or not. They are both friends of mine and know well that I don't agree with them on a lot of that.

  3. Oh, and I overlooked part of your comment: I could easily entertain the idea that the first witness was "set up" by "them", for whatever their opaque purposes are.

  4. hmmm...the Templeton twin cases strike me very much as in the realm of what has prosaically been called 'sleep paralysis,' or some version of hypnogogic or hypnopompic mental states.In other words, thus stated these are states which ARE recognized by the psychology folks. But the simplicity of that diagnosis is misleading. Many folks use it to brush away any taint of weirdness and to say that it is some sort of symptomology, disturbed sleep/dream set etc. However, I've always suspected there is more involved. I don't know that it is necessary to go with any sort of ufo abduction scenario but broadly and phenomenologically speaking SOME sort of abduction happens, since that is what the victims of the event report: body locked up, onset of weird weird things, including sexual seduction/acts etc. Rather than taking a mechanistic scientific explanation I would be tempted to say that it widens and complexifies whatever human unconsciousnness (and hence consciousness). Hufford's book The Terror That Comes at Night was very good in reporting the cross cultural aspect (if I remember correctly) and the bones of the phenomena and Proud's new book Dark Intrusions looks to further expand into an even weirder terrain.It may make of the UFO something even stranger that we CAN know, to paraphrase the old saying about the strangeness of the world. (or maybe: can only know partly and in one of its/their forms ...pays to have all bets open)

  5. I hear you, but would respectfully disagree. David Hufford made a great study and it should be mandatory reading for anyone interested in possible CE4s, but these incidents don't fit his pattern well. Neither person sensed a presence in the bedroom.

    Light pulsations and engulfing light and pinging noises are not part of the pattern to my understanding. !966's witness was simply KO'd by the light phenomenon not shoved to the bed with a weight lying on his chest---the conscious witness ['68] didn't feel that way either.

    I believe that Hufford's well-studied phenomenon will explain many bedroom experiences, but not these. I was fortunate enough to have had an "old hag" experience once at about age 13 or 14, and it was very interesting, but nothing at all like the Templeton Twins.

  6. I had a sleep paralysis experience ten years ago that caused me to undergo a deep soul searching and spiritual transformation and mission to try and understand just what the heck it all meant.
    I had never experienced anything like it up 'til then and I was then in my mid forties. During the event I definitly experienced some sort of audio anomally which also involved a fan in the bedroom. Kind of like another sound out of resonance with the fan but pulsating.
    I was completely aware and could see and move my eyes and noted my bedroom surroundings but was freaking because I couldn't move and I had never felt that way, ever...
    I didn't experience anything on my chest or hard time breathing but was very much aware of something highly unpleasant in the room with me over head and observing me and my then baby daughter who was approximiately two at the time. It seemed like a swirling misty smokey mass. But it was very definitly exuding a malevolent vibe and I was fearful. The whole thing lasted only moments probably, maybe minutes. Very horrible, like no nightmare I had ever experienced.
    The room was in darkness except for residual light coming from the adjacent dining office area where my wife was surfing the net. I couldn't call out to her for some reason. This would have occured around two am in the morning.

    Leading up to this event:
    I awoke one night several months prior with someone or something trying to pull me out of bed by the arm or shaking me to rouse me but when I tried to get up and see what they wanted they would then push me back down into the bed, forcifully and I would go back to sleep. This went on for several times in which they would pull me awake and then push me back and I would just return to sleep so it might have been just a weird dream.
    The strange thing was I could see a short figure or the figure of someone bending over thinking it was one of my kids trying to waken me for something really important. But my vision was really blurry like nothing experienced upen waking before, as if something had been wiped on my eyes. I could make out the shape but that was about it. The next day when I mentioned if someone was trying to waken me, everyone acted like, what the..., so I chocked it up to a dream and then I thought it was some kind of ESP telepathy type dream and then had to call some long distance family members to ensure everyone was ok. You know what I mean?
    I just thought nothing else of it after that.

    Soon after the SP event several times I could feel it begin to happen again and was somehow conciously able to circumvent it altogether but sometimes I wonder if I intentially blocked it out mentally.
    ALso several times I awoke very frightened and cried out to my wife who lying beside me and sleeping soundly never would hear me. These times I remember being taken away but don't remember anything after being floated out of the bed. I was very scared and one of the last times it was like I knew what was coming or was to follow but I can't conciously tell you becuase I don't know.
    Finally, several times after and this will sound weird but I would awaken and see a soft green like lady or faery figure maybe 10 inches tall that I would see on the dresser beside the bed and it would dissolve ar fade away like I was still dreaming but beginning to awaken. I was trying to wake and see if it was real so was most likely a dream. After this 7/8 month peroid, everything returned to normal. Never had it again.
    This late in ones life definitly makes one curious.

  7. Certainly interesting and does not sound particularly like typical "David Hufford-style" Old Hag experience...but I of course am not qualified to judge such things.

  8. just a note from a New Zealand reader to say thanks for the return of the Big Study - one of the few decent UFO sites online (too much New Age drivel these days)...

  9. Thank you. Will keep trying to carry on. Hope to begin some cryptozoology posts occasionally by late March, just to add the variety.



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