Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Close Encounters of the Second Kind, physiological effects part eight-a.

Let's begin to pound along the trail on the CE2p's again. We're over 100 cases already and a few patterns seem to be appearing. Our intuitions about "sunburn" and "paralysis" being two solid but different sequelae here seem strongly confirmed. Other things are in smaller piles or are total outliers. Let's go on and see what there is to see. {I am, by the way, discovering this stuff for the first time right alongside you, and it's a nice little adventure at least for me}.
These are cases #s 106-110, 1974-1975 era. Although we will get a couple of "6's" shortly, none of these five rate that high. The three "2s" are a mixed bag. Two of them are very briefly documented in the files, so we can't say much. It IS rare to get a UFO case from Iceland, though. The third "2" is the Canberra, Australia case and there must be more information about it "out there" somewhere, as it seems to be a lulu. Here we have women controlled in their movements over a long length of time, a car which is essentially driving itself, an encounter which seems almost aboriginal vision quest in character, and possibly a "crazy" seeming effect on the local ecology. I'd love to know more about this case to see if it has any credible investigative foundation. The fact that police were supposedly formally involved makes such a hope optimistic, but right now my files won't let me go high on this. If this is solid, this is major high-strangeness.

A more "comfortable" case is the Scarborough Ontario incident, which is based on a series of letters between the main witness and Allen Hynek. She was a member of the Royal Astronomical Society and an amateur astronomer. Her descriptions of what was seen are detailed, [see the drawings in the accompanying illustration] and her language intelligent and sensible. Hynek liked the case and the reporter and so do I.

We have 4 witnesses here to a "ball lightning" like object which hummed and followed the contours of the land [a feature which is seen in a substantial pile of UFO reports]. Witnesses were afflicted with bone-breaking headaches, dizziness, and nausea. One wonders if they were affected by an Infrasound undertone from the object, which can produce such generalized sickness [our military actually experimented with the effect, but had problems making its own soldiers sick]. This case has the feel of reality about it, but not the feel of a typical UFO. We could be dealing with one of those mysterious Ball-of-Light-or-Plasma phenomena that seems just about to be "discovered" by everyday science but never quite is.

The last case is fascinating to me, and not just because it involved a courageous and pretty lady. Our witness here is a county politician from Florida, who earlier in life had terminal cancer. Her political career is in Volusia FL but this event happened in a New York City hospital, so NYC is the location designation. You can read her description of the incident in the quote above. As you'll see it involved a small [8-10" d] disk. She was courageous because she was willing to describe this on national TV. Her political opponent in Florida smeared her for it, and, whether it was the cause or not, she lost her incumbent seat in the election. She refused to back away from what had happened to her regardless of the "politics" of it. I am happy to say that in a few years the idiots who voted her out forgot [90 second attention spans] and she is in office again.

It's possible that this is not a UFO case, but simply has the trappings of one. But, due to her forthrightness in defending it when she had nothing to gain and demonstrably something to lose, I buy her sincerity. If I do that, then I have an unexplained "something-or-other" on my hands.

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