Wednesday, January 26, 2011


This is just a quick insert into the flow of [otherwise] UFO CE2p cases in order that I don't forget it. It's about a poltergeist experience within my family.

The background: my mother liked to use nutcrackers to decorate at Christmas time, and one year I created a "game" in which each of her seven kids in turns sent her a present of a nutcracker each week from September to Christmas eve. She accumulated a lot of them and loved it, and over the years the grandchildren would like to come to Gramma's and see all the nutcrackers. When Mother got too fragile to live in that house anymore [which is the current situation], she moved in with one of my brothers and sister-in-laws. Their house is a wonderful old row-house structure which is on the national historical registry list. It is also a site of occasional paranormal manifestations, as people who have read this blog in the good old days will remember.

After Christmas, Mother decided to let any of her kids or grandkids have the nutcracker of their choice as a piece of memorabilia. This was an idea inspired by two of them saying that they would like one or more. This was a perfect idea as the new living space had no room to display them all anyway. So one after another nutcrackers got chosen and left for Michigan, Ohio, Texas, New York, Florida, and scatterings about West Virginia. Quite a few were still left and some were set on a small table in Mom's kitchen, looking fairly much like the illustration above.

Just this past week, my sister-in-law was coming out of Mother's bedroom into that kitchen. The nutcrackers were at the farther end and she was looking in that direction. No other person nor animal was about. With a loud whack the nutcrackers suddenly sprayed all over the kitchen floor just as if something like a nutcracker-sized bowling ball [invisible, of course] had hit them. Startled, my sister-in-law, who keeps track of these events, went over to the table and no explanation was forthcoming. As always with these things, it was like a momentary burst of "mischief" followed by nothing else. There was nothing to do but gather them back up and go on with the day...somewhat more amused.


  1. Wow...that's creepy! I would've run away!

  2. There have been so many incidents in this house, and none of them destructive nor particularly sinister, that they are taken very much as part of the "entertainment" that goes along with the place. Some of the family members wish that certain types of them would happen more often---but certain types less so [such as the trickster stuff of misplacing things or turning on the TV at night]. Fortunately, I guess, NONE of these activities happens frequently so as to disrupt ordinary life patterns.

  3. Have you or your family ever attempted communication with whatever inhabits the house?

  4. No. And no one who lives there believes that this is a good idea [see the earlier post on Ouija]. Once you begin messing about with "trance" or "ritual" you have no assurance what/who you're going to connect with.

  5. Thank you for posting this interesting report of what could be poltergeist phenomenon or even just a playful spirit.
    If these types of events have being going on for a while and no harm has being done, I believe no harm shall be done.

  6. My take?

    The nutcrackers were demonstrating their disaproval at being broken up - they were showing you LITERALLY how it felt to them they were being treated.

    This doesn't mean it wasn't right to break them up - but it does mean they were deeply unhappy about it.

    Just to qualify what I'm suggesting: inanimate objects have more - or less - awareness/life force in proportion to the attention - in the form of affection/emnity - lavished on them.

    But exactly the same's true of ourselves - think of those countless hospital loads of Eastern bloc orphans who for the first two years of their lives were completely ignored until they became so autistic for them their own humanness and that of others ceased to exist.

  7. do you ever saw apparation / manifestation ? other than the unseen trickster and their antics ?