Monday, May 23, 2011

May Begin Again Soon

Hello folks. Just back to Wheeling and trying to shake off the travel and space-shift adjustments. I'll probably get back on-the-horse with some posting soon. I am hoping that while I am drudging through the unsorted boxes that I've shipped here, occasionally things will pop up of at least minor interest. This doesn't happen as often as you might think, friends, as the piles of paper are mainly junk and pragmatics ["can I have permission to re-publish something"; "please come to this meeting"; "please pay this bill"; etc.]. Almost by accident a little browning letter fell out of the mass, which isn't breath-taking, but heck, let's pass it along.

As you see it's a [pretty vague] report of a UFO encounter had by this person's grandmother. She apparently described the UFO well-enough to allow him to draw it [which is the only reason why I'm posting it --- it's nice to see these first hand art-renditions]. Whether the case really had any CE2p element in it is, of course, debatable. Not a great case --- much too vague --- but a little "charm" on the blog never hurts.

I'll try to generate something more substantive by the latter part of the week [but who knows, you can't just make this stuff up --- or shouldn't anyway]. By that time I should have poked into the boxes more deeply.


  1. Take your time Prof. The good stuff is fascinating and worth waiting for. When you're on form, I find myself thinking about it days and weeks later...along with anyone else reading the blog.

  2. FOR Michael Swords


    Your trawl through the SITU library reminds me of my subscription to Pursuit and brief correspondence with Ivan T. Sanderson. Dale Drinnon on the Frontiers of Zoology would like to make comments re the Tatzelwurm.


  3. Anyone's welcome to comment here; just be impersonal and understated and polite. I enjoy hearing from persons who actually know something.

  4. Dale Drinnon is attempting to cover broad swathes of cryptozoology. He has your blog URL. I see he has yet to comment here. IMO, the internet has been a blessing and a curse. Pre-internet we were restricted to letters, phone calls, and even the occasional telegram; however, post-internet has led to a plethora of mailing lists and an often free-for-all ''discussion'' mode.



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