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Peeking at Ivan's SITU files: meaningless reports of sea monsters.Part five.

Back again and into the murky Deep. By the way, and this is of probably no relevance to anyone but just in case, It has dawned on me that I was using twelve cases instead of the digitally-conventional ten for the first two segments of this cataloguing, but then brain-locked and began numbering cases as if by tens. Not a Cardinal Sin, I know, but I've tried to go back and edit that into correctness. Anyway, due to that brilliant revelation, I'll now TRY to get it right and began this list with #45. I think.

Cases #s 45-54 are thumbnailed as usual, and rough-mapped below. There are two that I really like, and two more that I like almost as well. The two "stars" are the 1902 case and the 1940s case, and I'll leave them for last.

Case #45: Some year just after the turn of the century, c.1900 --- Prout's Neck. ME. Witnesses waving and shouting on shore. Fishermen rowed in direction of pointing. Close to the beach under the shade of trees floated a "sea monster". It was an "enormous snake" with a flat head widening at the rear. It was similar to the famous incident at Nantucket. The animal floated there with its head raised well out of the water. When it finally focussed on the fishermen, who were right up to it, it calmly turned and swam away to sea.

#46: Cape Ferrat Bay, Bay of Biscay [no date given on this mini-clipping]. Carcass [we have three such carcass cases this time, so I've regaled us with a random carcass picture for visual stimulation]. This one was said to resemble a sea elephant 13 feet long and 9 feet wide. It weighed several tons. Huge ears protruded from on top of its flat head. Its feet were webbed and it had thick black body hair.

#47: Gloucester, MA, 1960. Witnesses reported a "sea serpent" 70 feet long with a snake-like head colored black and white. It had "bulging eyes". Unfortunately for our wonderment, another story said that the thing was just 15 feet long.

#48: Suez, Egypt, 1950. Carcass. 36 feet long and 7 feet thick. Twin seven foot tusks protruding from head with a vestige of a trunk. Speculation was that a normal elephant had somehow died at sea.

#49: Saco River, ME, 1967. Carcass. An 8 foot skeleton with a head like a snake. It had fins and some "feathers" [!!] clinging to the bones.

#50: Research Submarine, Atlantic Ocean Gulf Stream, 1969. [picture at left is not this but sort of gets the major point across anyway]. Research team saw schools of black-colored fish 30 foot long as average. Also spotted a huge Medusa Jellyfish four feet in diameter with 30 foot long tentacles. They were convinced that there is a whole lot of weird stuff down there.

#51: Hamilton, Bermuda, 1960. Seven witnesses saw a creature greater than 30 foot long and shaped like a serpent ['tubular']. It was black colored. A local scientist was quoted saying that he thought it must be a whale, a porpoise, or rubber tyres. [<-- Bermuda is British, remember]. Unfortunately for him, three of the witnesses were nuns. Sister de Chantel followed his opinion with: "I know a whale, a porpoise, or a rubber tyre when I see one. I saw a sea serpent!". And, if he has any sense, that will end THAT debate!!

#52: Burra Isle, Shetland Islands, 1903. The crew of a fishing boat saw an animal 30 foot long, with a horn on its head and enormous flippers [one was seen; presumed two]. The thing destroyed several nets. Later in the year, in two incidents with four witnesses each, something was seen in the same location which was described as a "sea monster".

#53: Off the Maldive Islands, WW2 era, but exact year unspecified. British Admiralty trawler. This is another one of those "sea as smooth as glass" cases. It was nightshift and the sea was full of phosphorescence. [ strange balls of light were constantly floating by]. They fished at night by setting down towards the surface a bright lantern-like light. All manner of sea life were always attracted to it. The scene was, in fact, described as consistently magical to watch. This night, suddenly, all the fish et al vanished. Instead, in the lighted area, the deck officer saw only one large circle of greenish light. It resolved into one large eye. It was "attached" to a Giant Squid. The officer walked the length of the ship's deck and back; it lay all along the boat, and its size was "colossal". It was greater than the 175 foot length of the vessel, with tentacles at least 24 inches thick. Details like the suction disks and the parrot-beak were quite clear. After about 15 minutes, wherein it moved only languidly, it suddenly puffed up and shot away. (( now unless one of you folks tell me differently, this is probably my favorite Giant Squid case that I've heard about)). {but tell me if it's bogus}.

#54: Somewhere near the Gulf of Benin, Central Africa [5.31 South // 4.42 West], 1902. Here we are in another phosphorescent sea. The witnesses of the S.S.Fort Salisbury noticed a long dark object making a long luminous trailing wake. Two lights, like Masthead lamps, seemed mounted on the upper edge of its body [hmmmm...twilight zone already]. All of this sunk below the surface together. Upon coming up to the site of submergence, they could see a "huge monster" underneath the water. It has a scaly back with scales a foot in diameter. Barnacles grew on some of these. Shiny twinkling lights shown here and there on the creature. The length of the creature was 500-600 feet [!!!!!]. The body's width was 30 feet at the widest. They surmised that there must be two areas for fins, due to the disturbances of the water. There was a strong odor. Later, to the Zoologist, the Captain vouched for his second officer and the two crew.

Well, as in the popular lingo: THAT's what I'M talking about!! Please don't tell me it was an April Fool or something. Well, OK, go ahead --- Truth trumps fun, I guess.

We've got over 50 incidents on our map so far, and there are still quite a few pages in this "Ivan Notebook". If we don't get too much repetition [and I'm beginning to see some], maybe we can push 100. So, till next time ... who is the fish, and who is the fisherman??


  1. Curious. . . are these all mostly newspaper or magazine clippings? What's the source for the research submarine story and the giant giant squid? Enjoying these reports since, as you know, I'm a big fan of Heuvelman's great tome and have read it many times.
    I don't know if you, professor, or anyone else out there was an X-Files fan. I was a fair to middlin' one, but caught a great episode once where the agents investigated lake monster sightings in North Carolina, I believe, at a place called "Heuvelman's Lake." Chris Carter always liked to wear his references on his sleave, so to speak.

  2. that was from a magazine article. Magazine= ANIMALS, volume 1, #13, no date on article, but c.1966. Apparently there was an earlier article by someone named Michael Tweedie entitled "Is there a Sea Serpent?" [in Volume 1, #4] and this elicited this reader's account from an ex-Royal Navy seaman named J.D. Starkey. The account is extremely well written.And Starkey provided an understated civilized picture of himself to go with the article [point being that he wasn't hiding].

    The magazine editor briefly reflected on other elements of giant squid knowledge, such as the size of marks on sperm whales, and decided that Starkey's account was not beyond reason and was happy to publish it. I am not familiar with this magazine, but it seems to be dedicated to stories and news of all types, as long as animals are the feature.

    The research sub report was a newsclipping [AP out of Savannah,GA].

    As to X-files: In the episode where Scully and Mulder find and break into a secret information depository deep within an old "abandoned" mine in West Virginia, a discarded sign in the dust identifies it with the name of the Nazi paperclip medical doctor, who, in legend, worked on the bodies of Roswell. The depository contained all the biological/genetic information on aliens and certain involved humans. Did Cris Carter have a secret "in" to the deepest darkest data?? Did he leave behind the ultimate "code" for all illuminated seekers to break?? Was it part of the vast conspiracy?? Is this why X-files is no longer produced?? Is Carter really on a base on the Dark Side of the Moon??

  3. Posting more to see if my comments are making it to your blog. I'm also an X-Files fan who enjoyed the references to cryptozoology. My interest began in the late 1960s, reading Pursuit and corresponding with Ivan T. Sanderson before his death in 1973.

  4. Your comments get through. I don't always comment on everything myself...mainly because either I don't have anything to add, or I think the post isn't adding a lot to the current subject. Once in a Blue Moon I've actually deleted an off-base posting or a spamming one. Fortunately this is currently rare.

    Anyone's welcome to comment as long as they keep it impersonal, "cool", and either substantive or inquiring of further information. As I've said in the past, this is my home and we should all treat it like we were guests at a "nice discussion party".

  5. Regarding #48: on various websites in various languages you will find a somewhat naiv text stating "it seems both foolish and arrogant to assume that amateur (or professional) marine biologists can ascertain from a single, grainy, black and white photo what top Egyptian scientists were not able to while studying samples of the carcass in question". I'am an (scientific) amateur but as others before me I have shown that this carcass was nothing more than an whale with exposed and broken lower jaws. As it seems at least to me I've done this most extensively and so I was able to show that the "top Egyptian scientists" identified the carcass only few days after it washed ashore on the beach:|en&

    And for those don't know what your third picture shows: this "giant turtle" washed ashore in May 2007 in Guinea. There are more pictures of it and especially one showing the distinct flippers of a humpback whale.

  6. Good to know. Thank you. I have yet to be impressed by any "carcass" case [unless the old alleged "giant octopus" in Florida in the early 1900s is any good --- and I'm no expert], and this is one reason why I believe that there may be a few "paranormal" entities involved in some of this. My one and only serious/scholarly look into any sea monster issue was with the sea-wolf/wasgo/sisiutl of the PNW BC area.[it's written up back in the blog somewhere]. THAT did have some characteristics of being a real [ i.e. biological ] animal though. No good carcasses, however.

  7. Blog Note: I don't see my posts or your replies showing up on my Gmail account. Maybe I had the toggle link turned off, that is, ''Subscribe by e-mail''.

    On topic: Just how much of the SITU library do you have or have access to?


  8. You like sea monster and mermaids don't you i like them to but when you are done mayby you could post something obout land monsters or things like that or mayby dragons because I read book the Histories by Herodotus (he wrote obou the persian war and all) he has acounts of when visiting Egypt the egyptians showd the bones of a flying serpent

  9. The mokele mbembe posts are basically amphibious and mainly land dwellers.



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