Monday, September 24, 2012

A Fafrotsky Solved?

A few posts ago we had a case of a couple in front of their home when the wife [during a rainstorm] was pelted by smallish yellow plastic pellets. She harvested quite a few of these, though not HUGE amounts, and considered it a mystery. One of readers suggested that this case might have been mischief-making meatheads. Well, in this case that could well be true.

These "toy" pellet guns are all the rage worldwide now it seems. The pellets are of varying sizes and very often yellow or yellow-orange [the yellow-orange ones at the very top of the post look exactly like the fafrotsky pellets to me, and are one type of commercial object], and range in size up to small "marble-sized." [as you can see]. The guns are made for rapid fire [relatively speaking] so it would take only only moron to fire away at the lady involved.

The misuse of these guns has gotten [of course] out of hand, and some are capable of breaking glass and even eyeglasses. Some localities [such as the Philippine site pictured above] have banned their sale because of a number of injuries caused by the things [want to bet that the US doesn't?]

This theory for our case seems sufficient for it to be placed as the primary working hypothesis. We could put it at near-certainty if someone could compare the pellets harvested by the lady with these commercial gun pellets and determine that the product was easily available.

Hopefully no one feels mad about solving some of these things. The only way to unravel the truth about the mysteries of the Universe is to determine what the mysteries vs the non-mysteries are.

Thanks to our correspondent for the idea which seems to work.

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