Monday, October 22, 2012

Everyday Spirituality: Cycles and Lines.

---------- [Fair Warning: I know that not everyone who occasionally reads the blog is interested in things Spiritual. It has been a long time since I have posted one of these. These posts are not about any of the famous anomalies. They are closenesses to Nature and closenesses to what is for me the Spiritual. If such matters have no meaning for you, you will miss nothing by skipping this post and waiting for the next. This is an awake meditation, and a "communion". It has meaning to me. And for me, it IS related to many of the things that are discussed on this site] ----------

My street ... my city ... my home.

Sitting outside this morning for meditative prayer, the world seems just about as it should. The humans are doing pretty well for a change. All up and down the edges of the streets my neighbors are putting out the recycle bins and caring a little for the Earth. The recycling program that twenty+ years ago, I helped get started --- one of the three things in my life of which I am proud. My good neighbors... doing their parts.

Nature seems to like it. Sun today after a week of gloom and weeping rain. Nature has decided to show off instead today with her colors. Hidden in those colors is the great cycle of Life itself. Nature is saying something important.

To the birds this is just fine. A pair of Blue Jays come to visit --- still very interested in one another after all the months of their year. They take turns searching the ground and standing watch. They fly off so astoundingly close and precisely that their wings seem to touch, almost as one being. Overhead a flock of geese travels away from the local cornfields long harvested. They too are eerily one as they fly. A young couple walks their dog --- she is talking and he is actually paying attention to her and smiling. She is happy. Something in the air.

My own walk today is full of its own happiness. The Sun is hitting the tops of the trees and it is a leaf-fall day. Showers regularly happen. I pass under a brilliant cathedral just as one begins... letting the golden magic drift by from the sky. Are the trees weeping? or are they rather shedding unneeded burdens? Do they know that this will all happen again in time?

Beneath these cathedrals Stars have fallen from the Skies. They fall so that other stars will shine in their turn. It isn't sad, it's Life.

Stars fall. Great glorious brilliant beautiful Stars. Dad fell long ago. Mom is hanging to her branch awaiting her call. She will fall... in the body... like the leaves. That is the Cycle. But she will go to Dad and the Spiritual World in the Soul.

It is the Cycle of the World and the linear life of the Soul. The old Irish knew this. That is why their Waycrosses are the Circle-and-The-Cross. It is sad to be the one left behind, but they will wait for me.

Back home, sitting looking out to Nature and God's Presence just beneath, my paper birch gives me another shower of gold. She is not concerned. She knows the Cycle is there ready to be energized by the linear Light. Things are right with the Universe.

The shadow of the neighbor's house just moves away from the nearby grass and trees. There is the dew. There is the Light shining within it.

A whole world is in that dew, that light, ready to explode into beauty and life again. And God is there maintaining it all, and waiting for us to come home.


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  2. My dear professor, very nicely expressed. I think I would like to borrow some of your "star fall" quotes (attributed of course, if I may) and use them in the context of my own great Stars, my own parents, who despite living in "a silent world" did a fine job of instilling in me a sense of wonder and enquiry. Both Anne, my sister, and I turned out pretty well, and my parents, Cliff and Joan, had a great hand in that.

    1. Bless you, Bill. ... a good colleague ... wish that you were closer; we missed you at the meeting of the book group.

      My words are in profound ways, I think, not really my own. They, on things such as this, are never planned. You feel, you stretch quietly outward, and words come. Hopefully they connect with the Universe and other folks who are stretching outwards themselves. They certainly don't "belong" to anyone. At best ... maybe ... my function is just to transmit a little of the Light of the Dewdrop. THAT would be a privilege.

  3. As a little pea-brained human, I often find myself fearing death. But if we look at nature, we see the grand cycle at work, of life never-ending, always changing. Everything is in its right place and we have nothing to fear and we can trust this design. Even when things don't seem like they're in order, it's just because they're not in the order I think they should be in. A friend of mine always says "Things are in divine order." Which is often a mystery to us little humans... but, as they say, Thy will be done....

  4. Hi Professor...was an early reader of your blog but haven't been back in awhile due to circumstances beyond my control. Happy to see so many new followers. Thank you for your beautiful spiritual sharing now and in earlier posts.



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