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Another Small Matter; and The Air Force not on the Job Again

It's May 1952, and one of my favorite guys, Captain Edward Ruppelt, is on the job at Project Blue Book at Wright-Patterson AFB --- or IS he? Whatever went on with the following case, it seems to have slipped by him. It also seems to have slipped by J. Allen Hynek, who HAD to know better than what Blue Book ultimately said about the case.

Above are three of the primary documents in the case file. To me they make interesting reading. They tell of independent observations [in the San Diego area] [This is called the "National City, CA" case] by aeronautical engineers who had formed a network among themselves to try to observe UFOs and if possible triangulate one. And, in this case, this is exactly what happened.

So what exactly DID happen?

The engineers [two of the "club" members] witnessed an object, looking like a white ball of comparable starlike proportions, appear in the center of the bowl of the Big Dipper. [I could fairly easily rationalize this case as being an "astro-alignment" display incident of the "We Know Where You Live" sort.] When the ball began to move, it produced a red trail briefly. This action gave the two distantly-separated engineers a focus point to map their observations for the later triangulation.

After the trail, the object cruised in what would be a direction to the lower left corner of the Big Dipper picture above on its way to leveling off and flying over National City and southern San Diego. The triangulation measurements had an inescapable error bar considering how the measurements were made, but it wasn't terrible for these purposes. The initial observation height was 117-140 miles high. The time of descent to its approximate 10,000+ ft cruising altitude was only ten seconds until it leveled off. The rate of descent therefore was in the range of 36,000 miles per hour. This is on the low side but within thinkable range for a meteor. ... and not much else one could imagine.

Well fine.

But not fine. The "meteor" leveled off and flew a nice arcing path over National City and on to San Diego Bay. It also created no shock wave whatever, and made no sound of any kind. The engineer making the original report continued to look for the object, which he had managed to see in his telescope, and is of the belief that the same object returned from its previous course about a half hour later, making this time a full 360-degree pass over the city, and back out to the Bay.

Someone at Blue Book didn't like any of this. Despite a rather good height, speed, and deceleration estimate, and despite the lack of a shock wave, and despite the extremely low [for a meteor] leveling off and arced path, Blue Book said "meteor".

This is tough for me to understand given the sociology of the Ruppelt era. If it was George Gregory's era, this would have been standard, and the same actually for Robert Friend. But Ruppelt...? The only things that occur to me are: Saint Edward was away from his seat a lot due to all the Washington DC demands and he handed the Project over to his often clown-like non-serious underlings [If Andy Flues didn't handle a task, you couldn't count on the others, who were more like goofy frat boys a good bit of the time]. Secondly, the witnesses were not military. There was a large prejudice against civilian cases imbedded in this business.

But where was Hynek on this? Out to lunch, drinking wine, listening to classical music, and not looking at all the case files apparently.

So, was it a conspiracy? Nah, don't think so. Just our usual incompetence.

But, somewhat weirdly, something "conspiratorial" passed in front of my eyes unsought, which linked the Big Dipper/ Ursa Major to UFOs and conspiracies --- so what-the-heck, here it is.

There's apparently some guy out there who thinks that for thirty years he has been watching a constant stream of UFO Motherships entering our Solar System from the direction of Ursa Major and the Big Dipper. These persons are The Marcabian Federation [have no idea how one finds out their name --- contactee channeling?] and have basically bad intentions [conquest of Earth and all that]. Perhaps our San Diego engineer witnessed one of their earliest most overt excursions of a Marcabian Scoutship ---- I probably shouldn't say things like that, as there is bound to be some on-the-edge lunatic who will take it seriously.

Anyway ... this guy says that there is a Stargate out there pouring aliens in for the attack. The END is apparently near.

By the way, if anyone feels that there is no further reason to maintain their cash supplies, I can arrange for you to mail me a check.

.... thought not. [couldn't get any Mayan Apocalyptics to do it either.]

If I thought that there was evidence that Major Carter was on the job [unlike Blue Book], defending us from alien monstrosities, I'd begin giving the Stargate hypothesis a little credence --- interesting though as to how nowadays it is impossible for some people to maintain any separation between fact and science fiction.

Our little adventure seems to indicate that even in the best of UFO times [Ruppelt's], there were major foul-ups. And I believe that it shows us how rare a dedicated non-prejudicial military investigator like Ruppelt was. I have little doubt that if he wasn't swamped by the 1952 wave's massive proportions, stuff like what we saw today wouldn't have happened. As Dr. Frankenstein said looking at Fritz: It's hard to find good help nowadays.

Well, onwards. Upwards? I don't know .... it seems the Big Bear is coming to get us.

Peace and have some fun.


  1. relax prof, these entities and agency behind them wont burst out just like that, they cant do it without permission , the Big Guy upstairs wont let them, at least until the appointed time.. after that , judgement ..

  2. That was interesting case. I investigated an equally strange case for MUFON about a year ago. A case of a star not doing what it's supposed to do. Here is some of the key findings. Please forgive that my writing is not nearly as interestingly written as is the Professor's!

    BACKGROUND: Witness saw the star Rigel brighten and dim followed by an orb that moved away from the star.


    Witness Background: The witness has a degree in forestry and his wife has an educational degree and taught math. Both witnesses were aware of the major stars and constellations in the sky. They also were aware that a star should not rapidly brighten and dim.

    Interview of Witnesses Regarding Unknown Object: The witness relayed that he lives out in the country and goes to work early each morning. He indicated that the view of the sky is very clear because there are no street lights where he lives. He has a set routine where his wife walks out with him down their driveway at 5:25am in order to make a 5:25am carpool. This event occurred on October 27. Prior to this event, the wife indicated that around the 17th of October she had noticed a strange stationary light pulsing near Orion.

    On October 27 at 5:25am, the husband and wife had walked down their driveway. They had been paying attention to the stars the last few nights because of the wife’s seeing the pulsing light in Orion several nights before. That morning they noticed that the star Rigel in the constellation Orion would brighten and dim in a pulsating fashion. They described the color of the star as pure white. At its brightest they indicated the star was brighter than Sirius and almost as bright as the planet Jupiter. The husband first thought that perhaps Rigel was a pulsar, but after researching the topic he realized that was not the case. He described the pulsating feature as about 3 seconds of gradual brightening; the star’s brightness would hold steady for about 10 seconds and then this was followed by 3 seconds of dimming to its normal brightness; the light would hold steady at the lower magnitude for about 2-3 seconds and then the cycle would repeat. This process was repeated about five times.

    Near the last cycle an orange-red orb appeared to the 9 o’clock position of Rigel. The orange-red orb was only seen by the husband as the wife had turned away to scan other areas of the sky for unusual star activity. The orb appeared when Rigel was at its maximum brightness. The orb was not bright and the witness described its size as large enough to be easily discernible as a circular object; not a star. The orb disappeared after about two seconds. About two seconds later either the same or a similar orange-red orb appeared to the 3 o’clock position of Rigel. It was equidistant in location from where the orb had appeared at the 9 o’clock position. The witness originally indicated that the orb was one inch from Rigel based on an arm’s-length distance. After further clarification during our discussion, he indicated that the orb was 1 to 1.5 orb-diameters from Rigel. The second orb appearance also remained visible for only about two seconds and also at 1 to 1.5 orb-diameters distant. Rigel made no more pulsations after the orb disappeared.

  3. Hello Professor,

    This is Albert S. Rosales (the humanoid guy) just to let you know that I really enjoy this blog and I appreciate your effort very much. I have a question, I have been updating, correcting, adding, thousands of new cases to my case summaries (not in the UFOINFO site yet) and I have a question about a case that I have been after for years. Since I believe you have access to the Data-Net publications and files, you might be able to assist me, the case is supposedly a CE3 said to have occurred in
    Tiller, Oregon on January 1961 is mentioned only as location and date in FSR 17/5 page 6, quoting Data Net 5/90 which might be wrong? have you ever come across such a case? I appreciate any help in advance here is my main email

    1. replied to your e-mail. Do you want me to delete this post now?



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