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SHAKE, RATTLE, and ROLL: Is There Evidence That UFOs Project Attractive or Repulsive Force?

Trying to squeeze something in during busy times.... I went to the files over the last seven to ten days to log some cases. I was interested in the category that I call CE2EE {I actually use and infinity sign rather than an "EE", but this keyboard doesn't have one and "Everything Else" will do fine}.

The focus became "carlifts", then expanded to Lifts and Shakes and Pushes and Pulls. When I got it rounded up to that, I found almost fifty cases in the file drawer with which to do a small study. "This ain't brilliant, folks", but maybe it will at least be somewhat entertaining.

For a stretch here I'm going to show you my case logs for these sorts of incidents, and just say a few words to each sheet. The Case #1-7 sheet contains three incidents for which I have some confidence [Outlined in blue] but no really outstanding ones. The BLUEs are all different. One is a horselifting; one is a carlifting; and one is a car shaking. As usual, my evaluations are my own. I try to caution myself with "credibility guidelines", but each case is unique in this field and credibility is often pretty intuitive.

Case #8-14 sheet contains two more BLUES but also two YELLOW/ GOLDS. These latter represent cases that I accept as outstanding. The Herman, MN trucklift incident is starred as I consider it extremely sound and therefore foundational. In that case we have a single witness but the unusual circumstance of a multiply witnessed "impossible" non-track in the snow at the site. That is, the truck "landed" well off the road without any intermediate sign of having touched ground. Case #11 is also extremely solid due to its scientist witness giving very good detail to investigators including Jim McDonald.

So in this group we have a trucklift, a car semi-lift, another carlift, and the lifting of a small girl. I am severely tempted to upgrade the girl-lifting case to high level, but I really need to see something closer than what I have to a primary investigative document.

Case #15-21 sheet is loaded with quality. Jonestown, Westhope, Plattville, and Quincy are high quality. Parshall and Hillsboro are OK, but Parshall might not really have force projection in it, and Hillsboro lacks a good report. Of the high quality reports, we have a carpull stop, a person pulled at, a car semi-lift and shake, and another carlift. The Plattville semi-lift/shake is outstanding. In it a wife is driving her husband home, when a weird cone-shaped UFO confronts her, raises the front end of the car up towards it, awakens a soon-to-panic husband, and slams the car back down. Secondary nearby witnesses see the light phenomenon, and there are EM effects in the neighborhood. This is one of my personal favorite cases in the files.

Case #22-28 sheet is much more modest in quality. Here the Gleichen incident appears to be excellent, and the Helleland Norway incident good. Gleichen is a carlift, while Helleland is an odd instance of a person being pushed or knocked down by some invisible force, coincidentally with his car's window smashing. Witness claimed that this was not anything like "wind". I have an intuition that Ojebyn could be a good case too, but I have no access to a report. AND on this sheet are three of the teasing South American type cases with no good provenance whatever. You cannot in honesty give them more than your interest.

Case #29-35 sheet has "the honor of hosting" the second greatest case in all ufological history: The Coyne Helicopter "tractorbeam lift", over Mansfield OH. What a case!!! Muliple credible primary witnesses; multiple completely independent secondary witnesses; very high strangeness {Close Encounter with discoid object which pulled military reserve helicopter several hundred feet up in sky}. Case is foundational; for practically any basic claim you'd like to make about UFOs.

This case sheet also has the Ely, NV trucklift case studied by Hynek et al, and two other incidents of subtance: a carpull, and a carlift. Two marginal cases { a person-pulled, and a person levitated} could maybe be OK.

Case #36-42 sheet is also loaded with quality. Two extra-solid cases { the holding of a boat by invisible force, and a carlift}; two strong cases { a carshake, and a motorbike and car-pull}; and one good case { a car-rock, maybe lifting}. All these "yellow-gold" cases have the common quality of good investigations usually from people that I know their work quality. That is to say: the GOLD vs BLUE vs Nothing is not based on "Strangeness" { all these claims are plenty strange}, but on "Credibility".

Case #43-49 sheet is my last. It contains the Bellwood car-tipper, and three "OK" cases { a personlift, a carshake, and a trucklift}. Once again, a thing like Bellwood gets gold by having a very detailed investigation by known caseworkers, plus a competent witness. Allen Hynek wouldn't let himself include single-witness cases in his confident-case lists, but I do. If the investigators are good, they will vet the case well, and objectively evaluate the witness and her narrative. I believe that Keith Basterfield and friends have done exactly this with the very famous Mundrabilla alleged carlift. VERY thorough looking at everything including quality of witnesses. The analyses left me completely at sea as to whether to believe any of it, and if so, what exactly?

I am going to stop this post here and come back to this subject in a day or two or so. Maybe I'll have something interesting to say, maybe not --- both you and I will wait and see. For the moment, although I wasn't sure what I'd find, I believe that we have enough evidence in our little pile to say that UFOs do indeed project force of both a push and pull variety.

What say you, Ed? You buying it?

No chance, eh?


  1. Hahaha, I love the tip of the hat to smilin' Ed Condon!

    Good show, Professor!

    1. Yeh, couldn't resist that.

      A lot of people don't know that a relaxed Ed Condon was himself a hilarious jokester. It's a diabolical shame that UFO clowns like Moseley and Keel got to him so badly at that NYC convention of theirs that he returned to Colorado an intensely angry man. UFO history probably would have been different; not that Big Ed would have written an introduction to his report which blessed UFOs, but his overseership of the final write-up might have been far less damning. SOME scientists then might have felt that the subject was not viciously taboo.

  2. Wow! Ed Condon's final write-up was purposely unfair to the subject of ufos because Jim Moseley and John Keel got under his skin? What does that say about Condon? [BTW, Keel wasn't really in the same league as Moseley, was he? Keel had some very interesting ideas and reports - especially noticing similarities between occultism and ufos, ufo occupants, mibs.]

    ~ Susan

    1. Well, it's complicated, but here is the jist: Condon would have written a negative report about the USAF continuing the study of UFOs regardless because that is what the USAF told him they wanted; but that report COULD have been couched in relatively mild terms {Bob Low wanted to do exactly that, perhaps recommending that NASA take the study over}. . It was not so couched because Moseley's and Keel's "behavior"/wild opinions at the NYC convention convinced Condon that the study of UFOs [when done by either underpowered or non-serious or naive people] was damaging to a person's mental health, maybe permanently so. Condon was also getting requests from school children for information about UFOs so they could do term papers on them. Condon put this two and two together and came up with the conviction that the study of UFOs by schoolchildren would probably irreparably damage their mind's reasoning ability. Condon was a big fan of school kids and science education and that thought so infuriated him that he was motivated not only to go along with the USAF desires to fold up Blue Book, but if possible to destroy the UFO subject.

  3. Huh, then Condon may have agreed, in part, with Keel, when Keel had written (can't remember if it was in UFOs:Operation Trojan Horse or The Mothman Prophecies) that teens shouldn't get involved (school projects ect.) with UFOs; warning about the deleterious effects the subject had on some people because of its possible occult aspects.

    ~ Susan

    1. I'm sure that Dr. Ed didn't know that ironic fact about Keel. I've listened to John's talk at the 1967 conference, and I'm afraid that Keel DOES sound like he is out of his mind. This was probably Keel at the paranoid and wildly-speculating worst. Moseley was, of course, was just Moseley the irresponsible clown. What with the viciously opinionated John Robinson, the globally-megalomanic Yonah Aharon, and the rest of Moseley's pals, one might easily get the impression that one was witnessing an asylum breakout.

    2. Oh, by the way, Brownie, if you want to further respond, great, but just to say that I won't be ignoring you, this weary old man is going to bed. See you later.



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