Monday, October 14, 2013


Folks: This is a rare moment when I'm recommending a new "product".

Larry's book has just been published. He writes in his notice to some of us:

  "This is the best book I have ever written. It can change lives by giving

hope and meaning."

I don't do this, but Larry is special.........


  1. I placed an order. I sure hope he speaks at next years SSE. I really enjoyed his talk this year and I hope he gets more time to present. Thank you for reminding me he had a book coming out. As an aside, I am still working on the scanned list.

    1. Larry has been pretty regular, so he'll probably be there. If I go, then we can corral him for some small group discussion.

      I may have to ask you for advice on buying an easy-use scanner and whatever else I need do to help the project out, once we decide a few more specifics.