Monday, January 6, 2014


{For those unacquainted with the blog: on rare occasions I post a non-anomalies short entry about what I consider to be our direct experience with the Spiritual through Creation. And I always warn those who cannot tolerate overt familiarity with such that this is happening, so that they can pass up this entry. So done.}

The day of the picture was an odd weather day. Here in Michigan, Kalamazoo was having a narrow 30-degree window tightly flanked by two sub-zero days. ... odd stuff ... great for snow.

I was sitting out in front of my garage as is the norm, saying morning prayers. .........and, I go into my mindspace of two days ago :

" It's Snow World today. Loaded everywhere. You can see the simplistic math of humanity overlain on the complex Math of God. Those straight technological things ... and the trees, stretching thick to thin in their fractal construction.

It was one of the great "wow's" of mathematics, when the Mandelbrot sets and all the fractals begin to be seen --- they seem to be part of the mathematical basis of created forms.

.... a mathematics so powerfully applicable that its discoverers have nicknamed the most famous expression "The Thumbprint of God". And here I am looking at it snow-decorated in the trees.

A noiseless day. Fractals everywhere. Just bird sound and the antics of squirrels doing things un-understandable on such a day. The birds, a small flock of chickadees just in the bush nearby, a cawing crow, a pair of resolutely faithful cardinals, a whacky woodpecker who has decided that ramming his head into a telephone pole repeatedly is proper action --- but it's all LIFE --- LIFE right in the depths of winter snow.

So a semi-crazy squirrel treats me to a wild circus act jumping and falling and scrambling around in the snow-filled tree --- to absolutely no identifiable end, except maybe joie de vive. It then runs into the bush scattering the chickadees, one of which flies a display three feet in front of my face, then goes on to a confrontation with a tufted titmouse claiming priority on a tree limb nearby.

It's just LIFE reveling even now. And it's math --- deep inside me, and the squirrel, and the chickadees, our fractal branching bloodvessel systems carry LIFE around in each of us.

How deep ... how universal ... these creative Words of God??

How much of what we see, what we are, are those words still being spoken?

.... ah. Snowblowers starting up. The humans are awake. Time to retreat and contemplate the snowshovel, and that foot deep layer of fractals that arrays before me.

Blessings to us all, and may your fractals be functional ones all your days.


  1. It's the conquerors rewriting history again, Professor. I wonder how many more advanced people have been shown out the door of history. Much like the elves and others who were probably a more advanced people who were conquered, a few saved only a little by their craftsmanship.

    1. agree generally with the comment, but think it belongs with the post about the Druids.



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