Monday, March 23, 2015






Groan .... anyone want to drop in and help me understand any of this? 

Low pay ... Long hours ... No retirement benefits ...

Pretty attractive offer, eh? 

Folks, Wednesday is the "truck day" when I actually move into this place. I wish that meant that I'd fire the neurons and the data mountain right back up, and we'd be back to ab-normal, but ... wow ... plenty of "distraction" still on my plate getting truly settled. 

Back when I can. Happy Easter and the Resurrection of Spring Life for all. {The Druids and The Catholics can't BOTH be wrong! } 


  1. What a prodigious amount of work you've done. Every time I move (and it's frequently) I donate another small mountain of stuff to a library, As a result I'm down to one small bookcase that has some empty space. And you know what? That feels wonderful. I stand in admiration. I could never have done it.

  2. What a great library! I would totally help you, but I'm on the west coast. Hope you have a smooth move and Happy Easter to you.

    Mrs. C

  3. Yes, the admiration from Forteans is overflowing, because we all can identify too closely with your labor. My first reaction was, "I bet it never looked that organized when it was all at SITU!"

    Don't tell anyone yet, but our crew here is going to have to move the cryptozoology library and museum within the next 18 months. Over 40,000 books and 10,000 artifacts. It may kill me, but our five year lease (with its increasing rent, limited space and no street access) runs out and a new location has to be found. Thank you for what you do for Ivan T. Sanderson's legacy.

  4. I'm very happy to see all is coming together so well. I know it's been a lot of work with more to come, but may the rest be less physically difficult and more entertaining and educational for you and us as well.

  5. Hello "The Professor." My apologies if this is a double post (by me) - I thought I'd posted yesterday, but it appears as though the post didn't complete (for whatever reason). Anyhow, please email me at, as I may be able to help out this summer - depending where you're located. Kind regards - TODD

    1. The comments above about helping me understand all this information and the mysteries were a joke that I presume everyone got. If this response above is a follow-on to that, then "thanks for the offer, I guess." If the response is saying that you want to help me with the collection in some other way, then I can't imagine anyone being able to help me with the organization of my own files [minus one or two of my best friends].

      I once imagined having someone here to do internal organizing, filing, scanning, but couldn't come up with a method that didn't require my constant attention on site. Fortunately some of that DID get done, when I hired a nice just-out-of-high-school girl to do a ton of scanning of my UFO files --- now 60gigs worth of UFO case file and historical information on two flash drives. My "assistant", Nicolle, was a real warrior on that and worth the $2200 that she earned.