Sunday, August 23, 2015


This will be short.

I thought about whether to post this for about a week, since it was so personal to someone that I know. I've decided to do it, and expect you folks "out there" to treat it with civility, given this is from a woman that I've known for thirty years, and who is the daughter of one of my best friends. Even though I have great confidence in the inherent goodness and common social intelligence of most of you who have been reading the blog for years, I'm not going to name her. There are jerks and trolls out there in abundance.

The narrative in brief: this youngish woman had a grade-school-age son, who recently died in a tragic accident. She is one of the tougher-minded persons about warrioring through rough patches in life that I know, but of course this death of her only child was too much for anyone to just shrug off and soldier on unaffected. I don't know how she made it through the funeral [which I attended].

A few days after that funeral, she was alone in her house when she noticed a light on the ceiling. After staring at it for awhile, she decided to get her phone and film it. [as I said, a tough-minded lady]. She filmed the light for about two minutes and then sat the "camera" aside to climb up and investigate more closely. The big deal here was: she could not block the light with her hands. The lightform was on the surface of the ceiling itself and not being "beamed in" from somewhere external. Without the context of her life, we would say only that this was an extremely anomalous light.

Here are a couple of snaps from the "movie":

A snap from the video as it came to me. The lightform stayed centered in the same spot on the ceiling throughout the 2+2 minute camera periods (after coming back down from her "testings" she filmed it for two minutes more, until it faded out --- so, whole experience was about 4minutes filmed and about three minutes elsewise.) Although centering in the same location, the form itself was quite dynamic, changing shape and sending out short streamers.

I darkened the shot here for better seeing the lightform.

A second shot --- I cropped this one to get it "closer" for you.

A second artificial darkening by me.

I don't KNOW what this was. The lady involved doesn't know either [as she's said directly to me.] But I know what both our "leading hypotheses" are, and she has taken some consolation from that.

For what it's worth......

Peace, folks.


  1. You entries are very, very interesting. Some of your writings do more than you might think to give us hope. Thank you for writing your blog, and thank you for this very personal one.

  2. Interesting that she couldn't "block" the light -- that suggests when she got up to more closely examine the light that her body did not interfere with the light, suggesting it was not a reflection from some shiny object within the room from light coming in through a window, is that correct?

    It would be most interesting to post the video, if that's possible, since still photos provide less data than video.

    Too bad she turned off the cellphone when she went to look at it more closely -- if she'd left it on so that we could both see the dynamic motion of the light and her physical approach
    to it, we'd be able to get a more detailed and interesting view.

    Do you know if she'd be willing to let you post here the two 2 minute segments for our edification? That would be most intriguing, if so.

    Just a thought.

    1. I've thought about this, but decided not to do it. I just, right or wrong, don't want to turn her personal experience into an internet circus. Putting the entire filming out there is asking for the thing to catch on somehow and get wide distribution and then here come the socially-unconscious "shredders" and their outrageous remarks, which "analyses" are FAR less important than the consolation that she has received from this. The momentary "interest" that even good-minded people would get out of seeing this isn't a good enough reason either, as the experience would still leave people in a "Faith" conundrum and not solve any of their profound questions about reality. However, if anyone wants to come to my archives and see the SITU/Sanderson collection or the other anomalies materials, I'll be happy to show the video to anyone "eyes only." I have shown this to my house buddies and will do so for the UFO group which is coming in October, so I'm not hoarding it. Wider publication, if ever, will be the lady's choice not mine.

  3. Looks like a luminous butterfly. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  4. You know it's times like those that make the idea of a communion of saints not just comforting but almost necessary. I remember when a close loved one of mine passed (I won't nor do I need to go into specifics) and the thought of the loved one surrounded by other people who have already "crossed over" was one of the only things that let me move on in peace. If that thought is comforting then I got to think of that same communion also being able to manipulate photons as also being reassuring to us earth dwellers as well.