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SLOW SWAN SONG, part two

Hello, folks. Part two of the final walk-in-the forest.

Today's opinions: the world of PSI.

People can object that I haven't earned much of an opinion on these matters, since the core interest of my research on anomalies has been UFOs. OK. I'll accept that. But my biased view is that I and almost all of us have plenty of personal reasons to know that much of the PSI world is real. For better or worse, here goes:

1). Clairvoyance and Telepathy are real; we just aren't very good at them. This is, in fact, such an obvious truth for anyone with even a crack of openness in their minds, that it is stunning to me that the established intellectual community is in near-total rejection of the phenomenon. Some MIGHTY sociology is going on here and we, as a human race, would do well to understand it, face it squarely, and obliterate this barrier to seeing the bigger picture of reality.

I'll wager nearly everyone has their moments of seeing-around-the-corners. I have had many, despite being a rather severe critic of my own experiences therein --- since they are so "scientifically weak." But I used to take long car rides with a very good friend [with a lively and diverse set of interests] and nearly every trip between Kalamazoo and the Center for UFO Studies in Chicago, he'd suddenly break away from the discussion we were having and blurt out something entirely different, which, however, had just flashed across my mind. Once I began relaxing about this and began facing reality a bit more openly, I saw how frequent [and frequently repressed] these little "anomalies" were. As I say, I believe that almost all of us have them.

The lady and gentleman above are my maternal grandparents. The lady was a Wisconsin farm girl and she could look around the corners more frequently and clearly than most. In my family both my mother [her daughter] and my father were rather in awe of her gift, even though you almost had to bully her into trying it. The point of this is that some few of us seem better, though far from scientifically perfect, at this gift. I suspect more folks have been embarrassed away from their gift than encouraged to pursue it.

This is Eileen Garrett. She was one of the best at the gift. Read her biography and do yourself a favor in terms of expanding your consciousness. I don't know how many times she essentially proved [under test conditions of various kinds] that she had the gift, but apparently no number would be great enough to allow the idea that this is real to enter the Hallowed Halls of academe.

The military was impressed though. In a rare moment of synchronicity between my UFO "hobby" and another anomaly, one of my favorite guys, Colonel Howard [Mack] McCoy, the head of the Intelligence Division at Wright-Patterson AFB [and thereby the UFO investigation, Project SIGN], had in his files [now in mine] a document showing military testing of Eileen Garrett in the late 1940s. The document was QUITE interested in her abilities, and possibly as a long-range spy technique. 

Much less-Secret-Project-like testing has been done of course, and although the gift resists the artificiality of the unnatural laboratory setting, taken as a bulk the data impresses me. Plus, you and I know that this stuff happens without the lab work. Still, you might read Dean Radin's stuff, as the most creative guy who's ever been involved with all this difficult-to-test phenomenon. 

2). Psychokinesis is real, at the very least at the very micro level. The mind/ consciousness/ intention can influence matter at the subatomic level. Can it influence mass amounts of matter? I don't know about that. My instinct says "if so that is very rare." 

But I'm down to essentially zero doubt about the subatomic influences, and Bob Jahn's studies are the reason. Bob is the fellow who at Princeton began testing whether people could influence the results of a random [theoretically non-controllable] process like radioactive decay --- he used random number generators sensitive to radiation from the decays to produce graphs which the "willful volunteer" would attempt to make diverge from a random result. Guess what? Almost anyone can do it. It's a small effect and on small matter, but it IS an effect and THAT's HOW WE MAKE THINGS HAPPEN IN OUR BRAINS. Bob Jahn saw the Thumbprint of our brains' "willpower" to choose one action rather than another. I'd never thought of that. I owe Bob Jahn a great deal for one of the most important insights that anyone has discovered. .... naturally the established academics refuse to even consider the work. How ironic THAT is. Bob just showed them that they had Free Will to therefore possibly live a purposeful life, and they're "willfully" desperately ignoring him. There are people who refuse to accept a drink of water on their way to hell, I guess.

Because Bob Jahn is right, Roger Nelson might also be onto something. Roger trained with Bob so this would be no surprise. So I'll say this:

3). It COULD be possible that groups of humans might in some not-understood way be able to "contribute" to a group action-at-a-distance effect similar to the ones measured by Bob for individuals. Translation: if one person might influence a random subatomic process in one of Bob Jahn's machines, might an isolated machine be influenced by numbers of minds who happen to be "thinking" the same way, or emoting the same way?

Roger has set up [with host volunteers] a set of these devices literally worldwide. He calls them "Eggs" [I like it]. The hosts only make sure that the devices are powered up and working, and then leave them alone. The EGGs continuously send Roger their status data. What he's looking for are instances where the EGGs [or many of them] seem to wander off non-randomly and mysteriously. Could, the hypothesis goes, these "excursions" from statistical randomness in multiple EGGs be due to something that is engaging many minds on the planet to get into an unusual and similar mind state? An example would be a huge tragedy, or a great Space Program moment, or an economic collapse, or maybe even a Soccer World Cup match.

The jury's out, but the results tend to point to YES, this happens. If it does happen, it's like a widespread telepathy combined with Jahnian micro-PK. Some might rather call that "the signature of an epiphenomenal World Mind. Poetic. I'll stick with unconscious telepathy plus micro-PK for now.

All this scares the bejesus out of academe [Boy, we REALLY need to understand this pathological socio-psychology]. One guy it doesn't scare is my friend Larry Dossey. {I have been privileged beyond my ability to repay to have known such wonderful and gentle and brilliant people as Larry, Bob, Roger, and Dean --- what a treat it would have been to know Eileen.}

Larry is partially responsible for opinion number four.

4). Healing-at-a-distance and by "touch" is real.

Long before I met Larry I had a nun for high school biology who kept her light under a bushel. When she was reassigned from Charleston (WV) Catholic High School to a small college near her Mother house, she became known to the anomalies world as Sister Justa Smith, scientific, controlled variables tester of alleged laying on of hands faith healing. And she found it. I blew it there. Never knew anything about that side of her, but I WAS a typical high school knucklehead, so...

But Sister Justa "proved" this sort of healing, even though the established authorities ignored her work. Others followed and finally there was Larry, collecting all the work together into a mass which should have been enough to drastically alter some fields of research. But no. As usual.

I have had a few good friends who have had unexplainable near-instant healings, and, being a Catholic this does not surprise me. I've read the Lourdes Commission work, and it all fits together. {I know that many do not want to hear this, but I am being frank here --- having grown up a Catholic with a Dad who saw the wonders possible in these things and did not mock them, and a Mom with a second-sight mother, this life foundation gave this to-be-academic science teacher good insulation against the crippled character of the overly analytic mind.}

This is part of my family. Three of my four brothers are there plus one of my sisters. Mom is the little lady in the center. There are some amazing anomalies stories represented there. The broad fellow in the maroon shirt is my brother with whom I witnessed our CE1 domed-disk UFO in 1958. The giant in the middle is my Olympic weight-lifting coach brother, who, against all type-casting, has REGULAR clairvoyance episodes, occasionally quite spectacular. But the people I want to direct attention to are the brother at top left, and his wife at bottom right.

We are getting photographed in their home in Wheeling WV. It is a poltergeist house.

5). Poltergeist phenomena are real, though what's causing them isn't at all clear.
6). Apparitions of formerly-existing persons are real, and can be associated with poltergeist houses.
7). Occasionally encounters occur wherein an apparently, tangibly physical, person or entity is engaged in some way, and later vanishes or is found not to currently exist.

I've read about all of these things and have been unimpressed by my readings and particularly the typical investigations, and, worse, the speculations of even famous "ghostbuster-type" book writers.

But then my brother and sister-in-law moved into their old historical house. Their ghost, trickster, faery, djinn, or whatever it is, is a friendly sort of mischief-maker, but undeniably real for them. There are the "normal" sounds, messing with doors, turning on of radios and tvs, and occasional weirdnesses of a more spectacular sort such as a flying whisk in the kitchen, a set of "thrown" nutcracker toys falling all over the floor, and some strange helium balloon behaviors which seemed responsive. These things have happened so often that my sister-in-law's log is quite long.

Apparitions occur in the same house, all of which seem based upon a family who lived there between the 1880s and about the 1920s. Two figures are prominent: the patriarch of the family, a very important doctor in Wheeling, and a young son. The young son is interactive with a young girl of the present when she is visiting. The reality of this was pretty much proven when "he" introduced himself to her with a name not known by anyone, but much later found to have been his nickname [from an old relative still alive but not in town.]

That assertion number seven above came utterly out of the blue for my family and has been retold as the "Helen Lane" story [a version of the Phantom Hitchhiker --- and by far the best one I've heard about]. Look the re-telling up here on the blog. {It's way back there in 2009}.

As I said: most of these categories of things I used to read with an open-mind but with little positive feeling. My family's own experiences completely changed that. I don't blame anyone for tossing this sort of thing into the gray basket, I surely did. But don't throw them into the trash. Now, when I read about such claims elsewhere, I say "maybe, maybe not, but this doesn't stun me at all."

And that's the exact mindstate in which to read my favorite girl in history --- Catherine Crowe, who wrote her Nightside of Nature in the early 1800s to try to save us from rejecting all these indicators of the Spirit world. I'll praise "St." Catherine later.


Peace friends.

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