Sunday, March 15, 2020

Maybe a Return in a Small Way

Maybe a Return in a Small Way..... 
 Hello to all who once read this blog, and all who might find it. I told everyone that I was ceasing to write this thing, even though it had been a great joy to me. Some others seemed to like it too. That sad promise has been kept for several years now. Life has recently changed for me. My best buddy and housemate recently died, I turned into my 80th year, and I decided to give up the house and move into a retirement community. The transition is generally good, but the one thing that I can't lick is getting back on the horse and doing anomalies research. There just isn't enough of the natural energy in my life here to easily motivate. 

I love the exploration too much to lull my last years away, so I'm going to post things here as a desperation move to pressure me back into activity.  What I post might be very boring folks, so I apologize beforehand. It also (at least at the beginning and maybe totally) will be about exploring the existence or not of the Faery Kingdom, which is the relatively new area for me, and I'd like to walk those old "new" paths and see what I can see. 

What I'm going to do is this, so you might decide whether it will be worth reading from your interests: 

 Some of you who have read the old blog, know that at the end I was exploring the claims of folkloric entities being real beings rather than just made up figures for story telling wisdom reasons. To attempt that, I was (as usual) going back to the original sources when I could, and making a catalog of cases (a la what a UFO researcher should do.) I nicknamed that catalog "LEPRECAT" for fun, and there are now 8 notebooks of such cases and a few hundred somewhat culled-for-quality individual experiences/reports. Some of these things I may have mentioned before, but most of what I'll begin to post here will be at least somewhat, if not entirely, new to the blog. 

 As some will remember seeing, the individual cases are logged as pages in the LEPRECAT notebooks, often as scans directly out of original sources. It's just one way of grouping these things that I like. The details of the claims are so varied, that simple categories of cases are not too easy to pile up --- at least at my current level of understanding. But the tales are certainly intriguing to me, so on I will go. 

 Once I get some real numbers of things (as I have), I make up types of logs as old readers know. The above is a "first page" of cases from LEPRECAT Volume One, wherein I've picked out several entries that included either credible witnesses, interesting details, or both. This is how I'd like to proceed --- pick a page of cases, and just talk about them, mainly individually. I'm not smart enough to conclude upon the nature of the claimed entities, only walk the paths and talk the facts and the possibilities.

Maybe we might get a small hint of the answer to the questions in the following illustration. 

I'm going to shoot for tomorrow or the next day to begin this in earnest. I'll begin with that first LEPRECAT page, and then we shall slowly crawl through the years and see what we can see. 



  1. I have you bookmarked from years ago and wondered why you haven't posted,
    I'm always interested in UFO'S.
    But the Fairies also beckon.
    Keep at it
    Just think, every atom of your existence will probably be around through all eternity.
    At 75, I still enjoy the Hell out of Life.

  2. Welcome back.

  3. Sir, congratulations on returning to your research activity. The idea that myth creatures could have or once had reality reminds me of science fiction/fantasy novels on the 1970s-70s by Minnesota's Clifford D. Simak, such as 'Goblin Reservation,' 'Shakespeare's Planet,' 'Destiny Doll,' etc. I found mention of your page in the daily roundup site, where occasionally something similar is posited (shape-shifting, other dimensions bumping our own, past and present mixing, etc.). Good luck, Carter M.

    1. Thank you. This effort is definitely not inspired by science fiction though. If it were, I could simply occupy my time reading good authors like Charles DeLint or George MacDonald.

  4. Hello there Prof, it's good to see you venturing out to the Big Study once again. I lost my mojo for the mysteries some time ago and can empathise with your comment about lacking the "natural energy." Thank goodness your life-long urge towards exploration is overcoming your current shortage of energy. Your Big Study writings have left such an impression that I can't see a calm lake, or moonlit sea, without recalling your series on sea monster reports. I'll be following along and looking forward to any wanderings "Out Proctor."

    1. Hello, my friend. This material is genuinely energizing for me, and that's because the more I look into the mass of it, the more obvious it is that there is something --- maybe even important; maybe even profound --- there. There's lots of low-grade ore, and lots of just-not-credible tales and lots of frustrating lousy "interviewing" (FAR worse than Ufology) BUT there is still a lot of what seems to be golden grains scattered throughout. Stay along for the Forest Walk for awhile --- I like your companionship.

      And stay safe.

  5. Wow, you're back! You know, I always thought you would return to the net. Hope the years since you wrote last were good ones!

  6. I'm sorry I didn't catch on earlier that you were back, Professor! I offer my condolences for the loss of your housemate and friend. I'm glad you're writing and publishing this blog again. And I thank you once more for all the help you have provided in my own research.

  7. Hello professor, welcome back!
    Has your contact information changed? I would like to get in touch with you regarding an old case.

  8. Well, thanks for the sentiment. I of course am NOT "back", but just reconstituted the blog in earlier 2020, to disperse what I was learning about the possible realities in the world referred to as FAERIE. That having been (laboriously) done, I'll slip back away. Whether the blog resurrects anymore in the future may depend entirely on whether I fully recover from my current sickness (not COVID-related.) If I do, I could imagine having the Steam to put other ideas and data up here. But on the average day for the past couple of weeks, that is maybe the last thing on my mind.



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