Monday, July 25, 2011

Quick addendum of the new film of the Alleged Alaskan Monster.

Robert's suggestion of going to a site and looking at the "latest" sea monster film was taken. The above and below are two bits of the film that are posted elsewhere. They seem to me to be as good a quality [that being "pretty poor"] as you can see while watching the film clips yourself, but maybe you have better eyes. Some would say "seals", but the witness says "No way". I cannot really tell enough to risk guessing what I'm seeing. But this is on the edge of Caddy territory, and since Caddy seems as good a candidate as we have for something real, well, maybe.

For some reason, the internet likes to "mate" the current Alaskan tale with whatever other more recent tale that is about, so the 2006 Lake Windemere, UK photo [below] is popping up too. I understand that people would like to dismiss this one as a fabricated hoax, but have read [as yet] no reason for doing so other than the usual "It's not true, therefore it's something else-style of 'analysis'". That may well be true in the end, but I won't go there without some actual information.

Anyway, It's nice to see that things still rise above the water level which would entertain Ivan and get his juices flowing.

Back to Michigan for two weeks soon. That may well create a blog pause. I'm always happy to try at least to answer questions about all this stuff, however. See you later.


  1. Windemere monster is a tire, split open

  2. Thanks; doesn't look too convincing. By the way, we'd always like to know where the information comes from or, no matter how logical it seems, we can't make our own judgements on things.

  3. Professor, sorry to be a pain, but do you have any futher information on the publishing date of your new book (government involvement with UFO's)?


  4. Believe me, John, your question is no pain, especially compared to the pain of getting a couple hundred pictures cleared for copyright. The book is not like a site like this which is non-profit and puts up one-time use pictures as illustrations for educational purposes [and in much degraded size]. With the book someone can argue that we're making money from it [which we won't] and therefore have to hunt down every last photo... even when it's an old news clipping of crumby quality illustrating a key moment in history. You have no idea how angry this impeding of the educational process this is to me as an old professor.

    All that is by way of saying that except for that sort of extreme pain, we are finished. I personally wrote the majority of the twenty chapter-or-so monstrosity, reaching maybe 600 pages. It IS finished. We are trying to clean up this legalistic crap---you would not believe how things can go wrong unpredictably there. If we had a professional organization handling this we'd already be published, but we are poor amateurs and must trudge through ourselves. [By the way, here and there on our blog I've "leaked" some of the "secret" content, without of course the contextual stories nor the scholarly documentation]. More than anyone on the planet, I wish that it was out there, even if nobody buys/reads it. It just needs to be. But when??? We begin to hack away again on the permissions this coming week. Fingers crossed.



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