Friday, July 1, 2011

SITU Board Members

Dear folks: I came across this image while unpacking a box. As usual, no labeling, except a date. It is of some interest to me [and possibly others] who these people are. If you can help, please do.

The picture could easily be some form of Board meeting. Hans Stefan Santesson is at left [#1]. Ivan is #4. Librarian Marion Fawcett is #5. The others I don't know.

Other board members in 1968 were Oliver Swan [President]; Edgar Schoenenberger [Deputy Director]; Peter Kamitchis [Assistant Director]; Jack Ullrich [Field investigator]; Walter McGraw [Radio/Films/TV]; William Peck [Science & Technology] ... [and Alma Sanderson and Edna Currie who are obviously not in the picture].

The five "unknown" guys could be from that six person list, but, not knowing what we're looking at, not necessarily. If you can help ID any of these folks, please do. We should try to make life as easy [and clear] as possible for anyone studying SITU in the future. Thanks.


  1. 1 Hans Stefan Santesson
    2. William F. Peck, who just happened to be visiting that day.
    3. Edgar O. Schoenenberger
    4. Ivan Sanderson
    5. Wife #2 Sabina W. Sanderson (Marion Fawcett then)
    6. Dr. Dick Palladino (plasma physicist, still alive in Barnegat, NJ)
    7. Jack Ullrich (aeronautical engineer and test pilot)
    8. Emanuel M. Staub (Philadelphia jeweler who made copies of the little gold airplanes from South America and crafted the first Hugo Award for the science fiction conventions.)

    I, (Richard Grigonis, still working on the Ivan Sanderson biography) have a copy of this photo, which can be found at the American Philosophical Society (I've secured publication rights for the book.)

  2. Thank you very much, Richard, for your identifications on the photo. They will be good for future visitors of the SITU archives who will wonder who the "originals" of SITU were and looked like. By the way, anything of this nature which is in the files you are welcome to use in your book from my point of view. My old philosophy as a teacher is to allow as freely as possible the responsible sharing of information. Although I cannot promise any success [mainly due to this non-ideal situation of mine, being in Wheeling WV caring for my mother], I will try as I can to do service in the files if you have requests for something. Let me know.



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