Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I like Eleven. Eleven feels good to me. The Olde People seemed to like Eleven too. You can always find good and bad about anything in this great big world, but generally speaking, the Olde People rated Eleven high. Idealistic. Visionary. A Teacher. An Inspirer. A Spiritual Person. Someone attracted to the Unknown. Yes, Eleven would be a good number to be.

And....Eleven is a PeaceLover and a PeaceMaker. Much to live up to there.

We, our Old World, are about to be flowing over with Eleven of course. It is Eleven/Eleven/Eleven coming now, as it does once a century. Maybe a special day??

Some folks are certainly gearing up for it. Big idealistic, romantic, and often slightly dotty celebrations are being planned. All hoping that the whole world might become Eleven. Even just one day would be nice.

Applause for a World of Interconnectedness! But I thought that we already were. It's our lack of respect and concern for that interconnectedness that's the problem.

A Kundalini Yoga Festival in India...wish them all the best. The music at least should be inspiring to the properly oriented soul.

Harmonizing the New Consciousness... hmmm... doubt that we have a new one, but Harmony is our friend.

Entering into the Love Portal of Oneness .... double hmmmm. That seems about a thousand percent over-the-top to me. But whatever makes you a Lover, I guess.

Las Vegas has their own ideas of course. They are on the bandwagon with Platinum Wedding Specials. Somehow I doubt that Spirituality and the search for the Unknown plays much of a role here.

Eleven, noble as it is, seems to be taking a beating in all this ... ummmm...."activity". There are many people "out there" on the internet, who are sure that Eleven is creeping up on them. They whisper that they are seeing Eleven everywhere, and it is somehow coming to get them and us... for good or evil, I haven't been able to decipher. Seems almost like a Rapture concept. There are people who say that Eleven is everywhere, if you just try to look for it. I am, apparently, supposed to see Eleven in the painting above. .... I just can't quite....

And to all that I just.................................. oh well.

But none of that can break me apart from Eleven. Because you see, The Creator allowed The Universe to welcome me into its wonders 71 years ago on Eleven/Eleven. [Pssst... It's my Birthday]. For that astonishing gift, I absolutely Love the Great Maker. What a privilege to lead this life and explore this Universe.

Some people will, of course, try to diminish anything. Before any Xtian Hypernuts try to demean my Elevenish "numerology", just remember that it was we Eleven guys that hung in there. Hah!! I'm even Biblically approved!!

... and I'll take the role of the Eleven Pipers Piping their joyous Christmas song as well.

We Elevens have to do our things. We have to get into our colorful world traveling, exploring balloons and see what we can see. No comments about Hot Air please!! And no shooting us down. We're the Good guys. Someday we might fly so high that we'll reach that heavenly land where all the colored party balloons go, carrying their birthday love and magic. As Bob Dylan said: "You can be in my dream, if I can be in yours".

So, on Eleven/Eleven/Eleven this old professor begins his post-seventy walk into the sunset. I don't know how many circuits of the Sun that I have left, but the ones I've had have been filled with wonders. Don't let your Sun Circuits go by without the same.

I hope that we can walk a little further together along the Deep Forest paths, wherein as the druids believed "Truth becomes perceivable". It has been a good life.

What's on the other side of the Portal?? .... and, you know, I keep seeing these Elevens ... :-).

So, as the old Irish panhandler that I am, who'd sit down and beat out a rhythmic tune for whatever the public might give him, I leave you with:

------------"This Old Man, he played Eleven; he played Knick Knack up in Heaven........"


  1. A belated Happy Birthday from me too. All the best

  2. Happy (belated) Birthday, Professor. Play on!

  3. Happy Belated Birthday Uncle Professor! Many more meaningful circuits of the Sun to you!!!
    -JB, of the 25th day of the 4th month

  4. Thanks folks. Every Day is the Day We Have of course, so for all of us every day is new. Blessings.

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  6. It was a year or two ago that we sat in your basement with Dave, and I tried to pry your birth date out of you, with no luck. But here it stands - Happy Birthday, profesor! Hope all's well.

  7. Hopefully once another year goes by, it will be again forgotten. 11/11/11 however was too much to go unmentioned.

  8. what sprang to my mind when i read this post is the Bilbo’s eleventy-first birthday party


  9. Yes, it seems 11 has something positive resonance. I was born on the 11th of the 7th month myself in the same hour as Tesla but just after midnight instead of before. But my conclusions are purely objective founded mostly by observation of third parties; if such a thing is possible, and even though I have more direct and firm evidence in and of myself, it never sounds as good praising oneself and is not really my department anyway.



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