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Faerie? : A small data-set indicating the possibility that folkloric entities or something very much like them could be real, Part Two.

UFO Aliens. Folkloric Fairies. Non-terrestrials all, but who is who?? As I plough through my various files, I find a very strong thread of technological flying machines extending from WW2 to 1952, and then a big interruption of this technological "sanity" in 1954. There then begins a "dance" [in the files] between the far-in-advance technologicals and the relatively simpler but strikingly whacky folklorics. Is this "dance" a dance between two very unlike groups of entities? Or is it a dance staged separately by each for us? Or are the dancers the same beings wearing different masks? I have not earned the evidentiary right to answer such questions. I will just say that my files are polluted with these matters, and it is my belief that it is a cross pollution between two ontologically different groups. That is just the feeling that I have. Call it intuition only, or call it intuition buttressed by a very long career studying the UFO and military intelligence documents and seeing therein a consistent technological phenomenon making, for me, perfectly good sense as advanced physical technology. I have no convincing proofs. But I can do one small service: show you a bit more of my Little People files and some of the "polluted middle", and let your own intuitions go to work. One last thing: my studies and my files tell me that a large number of these sorts of encounters are true.

In my opinion one of the best places to begin the oversight of this pollution is in Kelly/Hopkinsville, KY in 1955. All of you already know this "UFO" case. It, on almost any criterion, is a great case. It has multiple witnesses, several investigators [including the military], and good character bona fides on at least most of the family by the local sheriff and other town members. Something very strange happened that evening. But what?

Many of you know the Kelly/Hopkinsville case. If you don't just google it; it is all over the internet. In a thumbnail, one evening, with a large family celebration going on, one man stepped outside and saw a rainbow colored round object coming to Earth in the woods some way off. Another man joined him and the two saw weird silvery glowing creatures approaching from the forest.

Scared at the weirdness, they went inside only to see the creatures keep coming on. A type of siege ensued with creatures going all about and climbing on the roof. Shots were fired at nearly point blank range to no avail. This strangeness continued most of the night. In the morning, upon going outside, no evidence that anything had been there was discernible except for empty cartridges, and damage by the bullets to farm property. [I'm telling the story off the top of my head, by the way, so a small detail could be off here or there].

The police were informed and the family gave witness. The military sent an investigator [he was from the Army base] to also write up a report. The two drawings on yellowed paper [on the left of the accompanying illustration collage] are his, [It is possible that the Army guy just took the drawings made by Bud Ledwith who was on the scene rapidly] taken from the witness descriptions. Following that, many news outlets also came by, and most importantly, an engineer/scientist named Bud Ledwith, who had worked in the Moonwatch Program, and knew Allen Hynek well. [He was working at a nearby radio station at the time].

Somehow, not exactly known, Ledwith's very positive views of the veridical nature of the family testimony made it to CSI-NY and two of our finest-ever UFO researchers, Isabel Davis and Ted Bloecher. Isabel and Ted collected all the data associated with the incident and several others in what seemed to be a mini-creature flap going on. Exactly how long after the information collected by the military and Ledwith Isabel and Ted got involved, I don't know, but it was they who put together the bigger picture. This is published in the well-known but rare-to-own monograph called, I believe, Close Encounter at Kelly and Others in 1955, by the Center for UFO Studies in the 70s.

As was said, although the family literally felt the physicality of the experience, no such physical evidence persisted. The whole thing smacks not only of the Uncanny but also the paranormal. These were country people who don't miss shooting things at close range. These are outdoors people who would laugh at your face [if you were lucky] if you suggested that they couldn't recognize an owl [certain "intellectual" clowns have recently suggested that this was nothing mo0re than owls protecting nests --- note the "unusual" owl crawling on all fours behavior in one of the drawings --- these sorts of people are societal criminals deliberately confusing the search for truth with their hung-up garbage].

Throughout her life, the central female figure in the Sutton family was engaged in reflection about that night by prominent townspeople. The sheriff said that there always came that time in those reflections where she would just go silent with a look of awe on her face. The Kelly-Hopkinsville event happened, whatever it was. My belief is that it was not "biological"; that is not part of the evolution of lifeforms of the Universe of physical laws. Why? Even setting aside for the moment the apparent unhittability by rifleshot, and the floating slowly about the landscape, the form of the creatures is "unlikely".

These things, if biological, are not water creatures and are sizable. They look sort of like they should be like mammals or something which would have a chance for a large brain and intelligence, and if they are to be guessed as UFOnauts must be quite brainy. But their heads are absurdly gigantic in proportion to their bodies. This next thought doesn't HAVE to be true, but if it is not someone needs to do some real thinking as to why not: Those heads could never come through a birth canal of anything remotely shaped like the creatures drawn. Could the females be wildly different in shape than the males? If so, there is nothing on Earth remotely comparable in terms of divergent sexual morphism in large animals. Could the things be birdish and come from eggs? Eggs have real structural size limits and so the heads would have to be small and do a tremendous amount of growing while "outside" exposed to natural threat. Growing and remaking skulls to accommodate growing brains would take a very great risk-taking time using soft malleable skulls. Anything's possible, I suppose, but these things REALLY don't look like normal evolutionary biology to me. The only hope I'd believe would be that they were artificially grown. If so, why bother with the out-sized ears if you had that technology? Nothing about these critters says anything but "bogan" "bauchan" "trickster" to me.

And the Bogans were out those nights elsewhere. Isabel and Ted found several other cases, none of which sound UFOlogical, scattered both near and far in the US, on and around that night. The drawings above are from some persons driving near the Georgia border [I think this one was] and passing a group of "gnomes" standing as if mock-working on something on the road. It has also been suggested that these were owls. Large owls. Large owls manifesting very un-owl-like behavior like not budging as a car passes close by. Yeh, Owls... that's the ticket.

This cluster of very strong but very non-UFOlogical experiences serves to somewhat anchor my opinion that many explanation-resistent folkloric type encounters still go on, and that some of them fall into UFO case files. Let's look at a few of the others.

I start inauspiciously with an apology: the drawing above is my own, and although it COULD be representative of the case intended, the amount of descriptive material in the case is insufficient for me to defend my whimsical details. I based my colorful drawing on Otto Binder's black & white line drawing, but Binder's description didn't indicate the details that HE put into it. If Binder had more info than he printed, then maybe the illustration is not too bad. Well, here the case is anyway:

A). Person was fishing in upper NY state. [1960]. He heard a humming and an object came low over the water and landed. Two small beings left the thing dragging a waterhose, and stuck its end into the creek. Both creatures began playfully jumping around as if gravity wasn't much of an issue. While they were outside their "object" [this isn't described] they began "creating colors" out of the air as if exchanging information, or whatever, with one another. Well, whether my drawing is accurate or not, I kind of like the idea.

B). 1956, Chester, CA. A deputy sheriff of a local community was out bow hunting with other family members. Hearing movement on the slope, he turned to see a 4' tall man clad in green and gold. He had fine [i.e. not gnomish] facial features under a red and gold cap. Brown leather boots. He leapt away in twenty foot jumps. The deputy, who hadn't been drinking, retreated to camp where he remedied that oversight. [from MUFON Journal].

C). 1965, Luumaki, Finland. People were out picking berries. One heard an odd bubbling sound from higher up the hill. Looking closely, there was a small man staring at him. The 3' tall being began walking towards the witness. It was stoutly built with skin-tight green coverall and a carrot-red face. One of the other berry-pickers saw this from a greater distance. The being abruptly changed directions, walked to the edge of a bog, and vanished. [from the UK UFO magazine SPACELINK].

D). 1973, Bedarrides, France. A person was out collecting mushrooms. There at the edge of a clearing was a 4' tall man clad in beige coveralls and black beret. Soon he was joined by another who could have been a twin. They looked at and laughed audibly at the witness and ran into the woods. Shortly thereafter the witness saw a blue-gray oval rise from the woods, make a whistling noise and shoot off, its rising greatly disturbing the dead ground-clutter leaves. The researcher on the case said that he had at least six other cases of beings laughing at the witness. [From the MUFON Journal].

E). 1968, Coleraine, Quebec. Several kids playing near a cemetery saw a 4' tall dwarf on three consecutive days. Bald head, black beard, naked chest. The skin was red and scaly [lizard-like]. Some kind of craft colored red, white, and blue then rose trailing smoke. On a subsequent day, the kids' uncle alleged to have also seen the creature. [From Saucers, Space, and Science].

F). 1950, Canby, OR. a woman working outside in her yard saw a 1' tall man. He had a heavily tanned face, coveralls, and a plaid shirt. He was stoutly built and wore a skullcap. The being waddled away, walking right under a nearby car. [HUMCAT].

G). 1905, Perm, Russia. While visiting a cathedral, a young man [12] was walking in a dark corridor, when confronted by a red light of fiery color. This "aureole" was uncanny in that it radiated no heat and just hung there. Inside the lightform, a black 3-4' creature jumped around and stuck out its tongue at the boy. It had large owlish eyes reflecting red, a small beaked nose, large pointed ears, and a huge mouth. The boy, showing courage created by his belief that this must be someone tricking him, rushed at the lightform only to see it keep its distance from him. When he reached a position that he could see that no such trick was possible, he began shaking [and, presumably, ran away.] [Letter to Dr. Hynek].

H). 1942, Prouvy, France. A woman came into her garden and found herself face-to-face with three dwarves. they were c.4' tall, bearded, with large round heads. Their eyes were large and luminous yellow. They were dressed in metallic shiny monk-like cowled clothes. They were absolutely motionless. She ran to call her husband, but they disappeared. [HUMCAT, from an unpublished Ms.]

I). 1925, La Mancha, Spain. A man was confronted by a dwarf. The being was c.4' tall and wore all-green clothing. It held a blowpipe-like thing in its hands. It was standing atop a vertically-oriented disk, which was rolling along the ground like a wheel. It passed soundlessly six feet away. [Ballester-Olmos' Spanish Close Encounters catalog].

J). 1956, Derry, NH. A man was out in the country gathering Xmas greens, when he saw a 2' tall dwarf colored green. It had a large-domed head, floppy ears, and a face and skin with folds like at fat bloodhound dog. Its eyes were snake-like. Both arms and legs were stumpy. After watching a few minutes, the witness decided to move forward. The dwarf then broke into a scream and charged. The witness beat it out of there. [HUMCAT; Letter to Walt Webb].

K). 1973, Springfield, IL. This is a tale from the Timmerman files. This is an elderly lady who was walking her dog outside her house and getting an object she needed, when she saw a slow-moving light in the sky. Shortly, a little man [<4'] just appeared floating in the air beside her. He had on a black coverall with a pointed hood. His face was ghastly pale. His feet seemed pointed. He smirked at her. Unnerved, she decided to brazen it out and kept walking as if he wasn't there. Shortly he just vanished. [Interview by John Timmerman, CUFOS].

L). 1920, Nontron, France. A bunch of young people returning from a dance, when near a small woods, noticed a lighted area in the sky. That area was a group of beings of small stature moving through the air producing musical sounds. The scene was pleasing to view and not frightening. You could see the beings' legs move about and fiery colored balls move along with them. [HUMCAT from an unpublished Ms.].

M). 1914, Caerphilly, Wales. Two children were going home on the side of a mountain when they encountered a large but localized white mist. At the edge of the mist were two small entities [apparently child-sized or a little smaller] who were white all over. These beings had, comically, very tall chef-like hats, and, much less comically, piercing eyes. They advanced on the children who ran. [HUMCAT from an unpublished report to Contact UK].

N). 1974, Chingford, UK. Two men, one a BUFORA UFO researcher, watched through binoculars a "woman", almost as a silhouette, with long blond hair, a long black dress, and a featureless face. This figure never moved. Then a second like figure was seen moving among trees. The first figure then vanished. The second did likewise shortly. The first then reappeared 150' away standing motionless. It then vanished again.

Less than an hour later, the witnesses again saw two figures dressed this time all in white. One was again motionless while the other darted about in quick movements. These movements were not biological but gliding/floating type. At this time they were distracted by a lighted object rising up over the trees. It seemed lens-shaped with central white light, blue light revolving about its edge, and two other lights blinking. It passed directly overhead making a throbbing or thrumming sound. [HUMCAT; from a personal report to Allen Hynek].

O). 1922, nr Estoraoa River, Portugal. A young man was walking and crossing a bridge. He spotted a 6+' tall figure dressed in a monk's habit but having no facial features. The figure passed to within about 6' of the witness giving him a "sense of strangeness". This is related to the next incident.

P). 1976, nr Estoraoa, Portugal. Many years later, the brother of that witness and his wife had their own encounter. While walking they were approached at a distance by a 6+' tall figure, appearing slightly transparent and gliding more than walking. It was dressed in a one piece long garment, dark-colored which reached the ground. Their dog cowered and slunk away. No noise was discernible as it passed. [HUMCAT, from Joaquim Fernandes].

Q). 1936, Kazakhstan. A teenage girl was going home in the snow. Ahead in the air a dark object was approaching. It was a man-like figure, normal height, dressed entirely in black, and seen only in profile. It had on a helmet and a napsack, and held its arms tightly to its sides. Then it suddenly changed to come directly at her. Now she saw that it had no features, only a black surface. It emitted a rumbling sound. The girl panicked and ran. Turning to look, the thing had vanished. [HUMCAT; from Rubtsov in FSR].

R). 1968, Ulfshale, Denmark. A lady went outside at night and noticed a light shining through the hedge. It was some "thing" gliding over the near hillside. It looked like the silhouette of a powerfully chested man in a dark monk's robe and cowl. The object itself was dark with a shining aura around it. She crept out further and saw three more of these things passing over a brook. They seemed identical except that the lead "thing" had a dark red aura. She estimated the things as 9' in height. [SUFOI Reporter].

S). 1952 or 53, Rouge Valley, OR. A family was driving along when three weird objects glided in front of their car. They braked to a stop and watched as the things crossed the road, slowly heading into the trees. They were 3 to 4 feet tall, completely white, and featureless. The bodies were egg-shaped, with neck extending and rounding off to no head. They looked most like the strange comic creations called "shmoos" by Al Capp in Li'l Abner. [this is, admittedly, putting the mind well into the twilight zone]. [HUMCAT; letter in a magazine].

T). Lastly, for this set: 1948, Yuste Monastery, Caceres, Spain. A sheepherder had to seek shelter for the night in a distant cabin, due to the sudden arising of a bad storm. He heard voices outside and opened the door. There was a short "man". The herder invited him in and the person walked by without speaking. The herder took a closer look and saw that the visitor had goat-like hooves instead of human feet. Screaming in panic, he caused the [Pan-like?] creature to run from the cabin. Shortly, he thought that there was a fireball which rose into the sky. [Ballester-Olmos catalog of Spanish close encounter cases].

That is enough of that for now. All the cases in today's post are from my files which originally were included in the UFO filing cabinets, rightly or wrongly. Many other "UFO-ish" sorts of things [such as the incidents illustrated just above] could lengthen this list until it was very long. The point is, of course, that many such things exist which either "muddy the middle" between the Faerie World and UFOs, or are "purely" FaerieWorld candidates which the witnesses knew of nowhere else [but UFOlogy] to report them to. What we can make of all this boggles my mind at least. But more from this first 100 set will follow when I can manage.

Through all of this, I get the image of the neglected denizens of the Faerie Kingdom watching the naive ETs come in here with their technological disks and thinking: Well, how can we have some fun with this? It's probably a Middle Kingdom HOOT --- and not with luminous owls.


  1. Hiya Prof, thanks for posting these accounts. Many people shy away from them, over-explain them or mutter 'hoax' and dismiss them; fair enough, that's their prerogative.

    Personally, I'm content to read them and let my imagination enjoy itself for a while. No doubt, some are hoaxes and others will be a story told that went too far and the teller had to stick to it. Not all though, and that's where the speculation (the 'what ifs') and idle thinking comes in.

    I like a scenario wherby the erratic spread of the genus, homo, saw our elusive folk retreat in the face of our migrations. From cave to dappled grove, they were usurped and pushed and squeezed into isolation. If not for a few skirmishes and rural encounters, their subtle existence would be so much folkoric history. The remaining bastions of the Fae Folk found sanctuary in the last great land-mass, the Americas, but were eventually marginalised into the pages of children's books and the meanderings of the paranormal crowd.

    No doubt, the flying saucers were here to visit the fairie folk and had only a passing interest in the more 'showy' endeavours of humanity.

    Tongue-in-cheek, but these extraordinary encounters are like episodes from books whose narratives we know not what. Whatever they represented (if anything), they've fascinated me in recent months.

  2. Hi Professor, thanks for this ongoing series on the evident overlap between UFO reports and the older realm of faery. I like your idea that these are from some parallel realm, hence the puzzling physicality yet non-physicality of the Hopkinsville goblins. Read 'The Secret Commonwealth' by Revd. Kirk for a 17th century take on this realm (it's available as a free PDF in modern English)

    Question: are you finding that some areas have recurrent sightings over the years? This is like the "window theory" and chimes with folklore that some places were faery haunts. The reason I ask is that the Caerphilly sighting of 1914 followed an unusual 'phantom airship' encounter in almost the same place in 1909. This found in Charles Fort's 'Lo!', chp 11:

    Daily Mail, May 20 --that a man, named Lithbridge, of 4 Roland Street, Cardiff, Wales, had, in the office of the Cardiff Evening Express, told a marvellous story. (5) This story was that, upon the 18th of May, about 11 p.m., while walking along a road, near the Caerphilly Mountains, Wales, he had seen, on the grass, at a side of the road, a large, tube-shaped construction. In it were two men, in heavy fur-overcoats. When they saw Mr. Lithbridge, they spoke excitedly to each other, in a foreign language, and sailed away. Newspaper men visited the place, and found the grass [133/134] trampled, and found a scattering of torn newspapers and other debris.

    This is usually seen as part of the contemporary 'airship scare' in the UK in 1909. What if it were related to the 1914 sighting too?

  3. From "Robert Kirk: Walker Between Worlds" by RJ Stewart, which contains Kirk's original text starting on p23:

    "The Siths, or fairies [are] intelligent fluidous spirits, and light changeable bodies (like those called astral), somewhat of the nature of a condensed cloud, and best seen in twilight. These bodies be so pliable through the subtlety of the spirits that agitate them that they can make them appear or disappear at pleasure.

    "[...] Their chameleon-like bodies swim near the earth with bag and baggage; and at such revolution of time [during their quarterly changes of abode during the year] seers or men of the second sight [...] have very terrifying encounters with them even on highways."

    Chris Knowles over at Secret Sun has a good summary of Kirk's concepts (scroll down on the page):

  4. Enjoyable but unanswerable questions/thoughts guys. All I have is my "prejudices" as the honest man says. They are: The Old Folks were generally correct. The "World Alongside" is the residence of spiritually-founded and paranormally-empowered beings, who God relegated to that existence; as the Irish say: "The Middle Angels". Some of these critters are getting their spiritual acts together; some are not --- i.e. their free will choosing is still going on. They're limited as to how much havoc they are allowed to create when they occasionally "slip over" into the physical universe. Otherwise nothing here "on this side" could thwart their impacts. The exception would be if we ourselves are so stupid as to willfully request that they show what they can do. Then that's "on us".

    How the "slips'/interfaces occur, I haven't a clue. But the relative absence of "modernity" in some sense seems to be part of it. Raw "Nature" seems to be part of it. Even getting the Sun out of there may be part of it. It may be that our own state-of-consciousness is part of it. When the slips occur, the otherworld alongside manifests. "things" come across, or we go the other way, briefly.

    Since the conscious entities of the world alongside are paranormal, they can manifest in any shape-shifting way they wish. Faeries, Nessies, ABSMs, Pookas, even obvious biological impossibilities such as dragons, if they wished. Biology and evolution don't matter in that realm --- the textbooks of the physical universe do not apply. The manifestation does its thing and vanishes back to its place, leaving no physical aspect of itself behind, since it has none of that to leave. Impacts on our physical world, OK; bits of Nessies, no.

    So tends to go my prejudices today. Next week there will be a new [improved??] version.

    As to "windows"? Places where I like to say "The World Grows Thin"? If I had to launch myself towards "faerie", I'd do it in places like Northern Wales, or Isles like Arran, or far rural Ireland. Certain North American locations like the NE shield of Canada, or the less traveled British Columbian coast, might be good. The dreamtime area of Northern Australia, if you could get away from tourists. Doubtless any true forest or jungle. If I knew more about all the cultures still close enough to the Sacred in their pasts, I'd probably see that there are still many places, if one can just "get away" both in body and mind.

    As far as any "airship" connection: I am completely flummoxed by airships. Jerry Clark might have ideas as he is one of the very few guys who has really researched all these areas and has earned the right to an opinion.

    Concerning Bob Stewart: I met him once; very nice and interesting fellow. My views of these mysteries are less Theosophical than his. Perhaps it is just that style of language that doesn't resonate with me, and if differently phrased would find more coherence to my thinking.

  5. In my last book, in IUR, and elsewhere, I have argued that at least a few 1897 CE3s -- encounters with ostensibly American crews making unlikely claims about their motives and origins -- were not mere tall tales or newspaper yarns. I came to that view after investigating the reported April 19 landing at Beaumont, which had witnesses who were real people, one of them a local rabbi named Aaron Levy (universally judged a man of sobriety and credibility), and who were affected by the episode. These certainly do not indicate that secret aeronauts were piloting advanced machines over the American landscape, but they are another manifestation, in my opinion, of the phenomenon I call experience anomalies (not to be confused with anomalous events). In other words, these are things that can be vividly experienced in perception and consciousness, but aren't demonstrable elsewhere. I suspect the same dynamics apply to a wide range of extraordinary incidents, including the kind you're discussing currently.

    A riveting thread, by the way. I just wish we could chew this over face to face.

  6. Me, too, my friend. Come to Kalamazoo once the ground thaws or maybe we could get Rodeghier to get us together in Chicago. If KZOO, you could get your hands dusty in Ivan's old stuff while you're there, and I have extra beds.

  7. Hello, Prof.

    Regarding the Hopkinsville article and the impossibly large heads of the 'creatures' for a birth canal. If these entities were clones, there would be no problem. It is a possible option/solution. It works for other sightings of identical-in-appearance alien beings. Also, a most excellent, interesting post - thank you!



  8. Well, with respect, "cloning" has nothing to do with it. Cloning is merely the production of identical genetic copies of something. Clones may be live-born from wombs [via artificial implantation or simply identical twins as occurs naturally].
    I suppose what you probably meant was any beings produced in an artificial womb. Such production methods solve the head-to-birth canal ratio problem simply by having a large "lid" on the equipment. You must have missed my sentence above where I already covered that option.

    This method of producing weirdly shaped creatures is, however, not a walk-in-the-park, as the managing of the inputs and environment of the gestation period of many months in the artificial womb is a gigantic scientific and technological problem compared to something as simple as cloning. [I hope that you have not been faked out by popular movie treatments of this, which are hilariously preposterous scientifically. You don't just throw stuff in a pot and stir.]

    All of this is not to say that a very advanced civilization could not produce genetically engineered beings [clones or not] with exaggerated physical characteristics, but if the civilization was so technically advanced why go to the trouble? Couldn't their advanced tools do anything they wished?

    The idea if a very superiorly advanced civilization going to the trouble to make weirdly constructed lifeforms using artificial wombs when they could "immediately" accomplish nearly anything with simpler technology, strikes me as most unlikely.

  9. b"h

    These links go to a 4 part YouTube of Jerome Clark's address to the SSE, "Subjectivity in Anomalous Experiences." A very similar discussion as above. Must see!


    Best wishes


  10. Well, we must be careful in praising my buddy Jerry too much. Don't want to have him get a big head and be mistaken for an alien.

  11. Prof,

    the last picture, the top right image (2 big eyed aliens) , are they from the villa santina sighing? whats your opinion on that case? they are 1947 case if i recall and the witness see the red coloured Flying disk embedded in a rock before take off..


    1. Sorry, no opinion on that case --- illustration was just for type.

      I tend to be skeptical of many entity cases, but if I've not given them a fair hearing, I have no opinion.

  12. I don't know if somebody will read this, but a strange thing is that all of those encounters happened in 20th century, i was thinking about this century, if these encounter still happens or men in black, now, is pretty good on silence people.

    1. Hardly strange. There have only been rare close encounters of real detail since 1980 worldwide. Note that these listed cases are from 1970s and earlier. "Men-in-Black" have nothing to do with it --- there's a blog entry or two which addresses the concept.



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