Monday, December 26, 2011

Everyday Spirituality

I haven't done one of these in a very long time. They "come to me" when I have a chance to sit out with nature, and unfortunately that doesn't happen here in the middle of the city. For those of you looking for "anomalies" this day, this probably will not interest you. These are merely communing with nature moments. They are, to me, exactly the same thing at their base as some of the other sorts of contacts we sometimes have. But they are "everyday" [if we let them be] and so not very interesting to most. So, forewarned, this is a small moment of life.

It had snowed in Kalamazoo a couple of weeks ago and we'd had two subsequent days of hovering around freezing and thawing. The concrete was bare, but the grass was white. The snow crystals were diminished by the thawing and weren't showing any jewel-like light bursts this morning.

I finished morning prayers and decided to go for a walk around the neighborhood. Occasionally, little lightfields of diamonds would sparkle out as I passed, and they reminded me of the Light of the Creator "down under" the vernier of reality --- always present and powerful and beautiful. Up ahead on the other side of the street came an old man. He was walking his old black dog, as he did every day. We didn't even know one another's names, but there was a different knowing there. He stopped and said that he hadn't seen me for a while, and had missed me. Rather astonishing. I returned the sentiment...honestly. There IS connection between us ... again if we let there be.

Back at my home, I sat outside and watched the quiet neighborhood. And Nature began to speak. The chickadees flew directly overhead. Some diamonds manifested in the snow. A bluejay complained, and one of the smaller woodpeckers let out a beautiful call. Two geese flew towards the south. A lady cardinal peeped away, letting her boy know where she was.

Around the corner peeked an orange cat. It wasn't sure of me and looped away. There just where its head had been flared out a brilliant red-orange crystal light in the snow. The Sun and the ice then began having fun.

I heard a crunch, and saw that the last large icicle had detached from the roof, and lodged at a spectacular angle in the nearby tree. In the Sun's light it blazed like a light column, small internal Suns at intervals all down its length. I stared for awhile, and at the glittering jewel field below. It was cold, and it was time to go inside. A second crash. As I had arisen, and turned to go, the light baton had thrown itself to the ground. It had given its show just for me.

None of this can mean much to anyone unless they experience it themselves. But these communions ARE there to experience. Just be quiet... and let be.

It's wondrous out there.

Happy Spiritual Holidays.

And may the right sort of elves be with you.


  1. Dear Professor, your Everyday Spirituality posts always resonate with me so deeply. I really needed that today. After years of living in the country, in what is, in my opinion one of the most beautiful spots in my state (at the edge of a woodland canyon, I've recently moved to the city. It's good in many ways, but I'm homesick. You inspired me to go out and seek that communion, that I miss so much, here in my neighborhood. I found it, and it wasn't very hard, I just needed the reminder that it is always there.
    As much as I enjoy and appreciate all your amazing work here (especially when we go Out Protor, I like the weird ones) these posts are my favorite.
    Thank you.

  2. Yikes. I usually have better grammar than that...

  3. b"h

    I thought of Ps. 148 after reading this post.

    Holiday best.

  4. Thank you, folks. And Blessings. I'll try to get back on the horse with the Little Folk, but it's been hard finding energy lately. It will come. In a strange way, I believe that all these small reminders [whether everyday or all the way Out Proctor] are important to all of us. They in their various ways feed our souls. So, we'll get back on the "Forest Path" when we can.

  5. Take your time. We'll still be here.

  6. Prof.,

    Ran across your entries from last March re: GHW. I know his story from a slightly different angle, that of his association with William Dudley Pelley. I don't know how well his papers cover that segment of his career, but I do have all the issues of Pelley's Valor magazine, which include editorial comments, columns and finally disavowal to some degree by Pelley. I find that GHW was put in touch with Pelley by Stephen N. Green of Gem Village, CO. Also, one of the last die-hard Pelley aherents in his former headquarters of operation Asheville, NC was a good friend of mine and had also acted as secretary to Walter Siegmeister aka Raymond Bernard, who I see from your account that GHW had been in contact with... Get in touch with me if you'd like to compare notes on this various Out Proctor material. -Vance

  7. Thanks for the insight and the offer. Since you're probably a little new to this blog, I should tell you that my life is split between Kalamazoo MI where the GHW stuff is, and Wheeling WV where I help care for my 95 tear-old Mother. So, when I'm in Wheeling [as I am now until February] I'm pretty ignorant on most things as there is no hands-on access to my files.

    You and I might well be able to share some information which might not only entertain ourselves, but could go on the blog and interest others out in cyberspace. All of that sort of thing, in my opinion, should be preserved and put out there for people to do their own synthesizing and meditating as to what it means for them. Who knows, we might become a footnote in a scholar's book :-). But you'll be the only smart one of the two of us until February anyway.

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