Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hit & Run: Back with a few brief ... whatevers.

Hello, folks. Green Light on the blog for a day, anyway. It has been tough to think into things enough to feel worthy of placing anything out here in front of you, but I'll give this a try. Caveat emptor as to whether any of this makes sense. If not, hopefully it will at least be amusing.

The first bit of this is from DATA-NET. I dried up on this newsletter circa the early 1970s, not because the SITU collection ran out of them, but because for about two years there weren't many good cases to report --- and so the blog drifted into other things. Since D-N is easy to page through during "distracted" times, I recently ploughed on and found a few items in early 1973. I'll give you the ho-hum ones first and then the one which I think has more to it.

1]. York, ND. August 27, 1972. Multiple witnesses saw a light moving back and forth like a pendulum in the sky. It was bright red, changed to whitish-green, and vanished. An hour later it, or something like it, appeared again as a bright red light, staying red until it disappeared.

So far, essentially nothing here. A few days later, the lady of the farm was out swathing the fields of durum, and came across a bald spot in the middle of the crop. The bald spot was circular [12' in diameter] and the farming family knew perfectly well that it had not been there before. The bald spot was particularly odd for any area which had been continuously cultivated in the past, as it showed no sign of scorching nor digging and earth-moving; it was simply bald, and looked as if nothing had ever grown there. [Actually I lied earlier, folks, I don't consider this one a Ho-Hum case at all]. On the top of the bald spot, merely scattered about [i.e. not embedded nor in any way impacted in the soil] were a bunch of odd rocks. These things were like furnace slag, clinkers, actually airily light like volcanic scoria. They were certainly not "local". None of these things were even slightly "buried" and so obviously "landed"/scattered there recently, though without any force. There's where our mystery remains, friends. One should only add, that this seems to be another in a couple dozen or so cases that I have seen, where mystery "slag" or scoria-like rocks remain behind. No one has a clue about this. One desperate attempt at guesswork somewhere in the UFO literature wondered whether the advanced technology of the propulsion systems drew energy from chemical bonds in crystalline matter, or whatever, and that any minerals might do, and when "done", the detritus was discarded as slag. Don't ask me for the source of that "explanation"; I've forgotten it. If you want to claim that you thought of it, you'll probably get away with it, as most of us UFOlogists are so old by now, the guy who said it is probably "on the other side".

On to a couple of other less spectacular things but which are probably good bits of the database:

2]. Novi, MI. August 3, 1972. Multiple witnesses immediately reported their sighting to local police. The first witness heard a "peculiar" noise like humming or a drone in the air, which directed her attention. It was an oval-shaped object with white lights ringing it. Others were called out to see. Shortly later three bright lights appeared in the sky, and one of them suddenly shot off rapidly to the horizon. Then another object appeared, very much like the light-ringed disk. This one flew directly over the house. [at some height, however, so this can't be classed as a CE1]. Then, while the original witness was phoning the police, the others saw a huge white light travel across the entire sky, west-to-east. Then it stopped suddenly, made a right-angle turn, and flew off to the north. The police shortly arrived, interviewed the witnesses, and found them credible people, and their stories coherent within themselves and between one another. That's a pretty good Lights-and Objects case to add to our files.

3]. Georgetown, CA. August 6, 1972. Seven witnesses reported multiple lighted objects. They were apparently luminous and either discoid or rectangular in shape --- the witnesses insisted in using the word "oblong", and UFOlogists have known that to be used by witnesses in both ways. Sometimes the objects arrayed themselves horizontally and sometimes vertically. Beams of light, like searchlights, shown down from them. The beam colors were green, white, or yellow. [sorry you modernists, no blue beams]. Sometimes the searchlights were so bright as to light up the entire meadow. Occasionally, the objects seemed surrounded by a mist. The objects came over slowly, hovered, and then shot off rapidly to the East. Sometimes a small humming sound was heard. Behaving according to the Law of the Times, these things showed up at about 1:30am and 4am. Lots of witnesses; just enough strangeness.

4]. West Palm Beach, Fl. September 14, 1972. Perhaps dozens of people saw sky acrobatics from as many as eleven objects and lights. Objects pulsated red, yellow, white, green, and blue. So far one might say: unusual atmospheric conditions causing spectacular color diffractions for stars near the horizon [I have seen such an event in Kalamazoo all around the low horizon]. BUT... Objects were said to rapidly move about, flipping and whirling. They seemed to be actual objects not entirely illuminated but rather flashing their colored lights through, possibly, portholes. "When they accelerated they first turned like a ring and then the whitish color would turn yellowish and then all the lights would go on". When they rose, a red tail appeared at one end of a disk shape. Local Air Traffic Control said they had no radar contact but did see them. They said that they thought they were stars.

Later, another report came in of a cigar-shaped illuminated object. [there's a lot of confusion in this business about the connection, even datewise, between these two things]. The USAF made a statement on this that they thought that it was Venus. Or maybe a "weather phenomenon". This time local radars did track the object. A fighter pilot went up and said he thought what he saw was Venus. NORAD itself apparently was willing to approve the scramble. An Eastern Airlines pilot, however, said that he'd never seen anything like it. Nevertheless, the local USAF spokesman said it WAS Venus. The determining factor he said was that those radars that thought they saw the thing were only "height-finding radars" and not "search radars". If the latter it would have been a different story, he said. Later he was informed that Palm Beach International airport had ONLY "search radars". Whoops. Further research found that Miami International also had the thing on its own "search radar". The last military comment was: "This does put a new light on the situation." And silence again fell.

Re-reading those cases, they're better than I originally felt. Pretty good actually.

The last case for that DATA-NET was an older one: El Infiernillo Observatory, Chilean Andes. May 17, 1967. This is a photographic case and a blow-up of one of the three photos is above. The larger light is the one of interest, and the smaller one is from a second observatory, El Roble. You can tell from this that the bigger light is below the mountain chain peaks [as El Roble is significantly higher].

The three photos of May 17 were sort of a culmination of a series of odd lights [termed by observatory personnel FPE, Fenomeno por explicar, and logged as such; FPE means "phenomenon requiring an explanation"]. A few such events had been appearing since October of 1967. All of these things seemed about the relative size and brightness of "stars" of magnitude zero to one --- i.e. they would be the brightest stars in the sky, had they been in the sky. They did move but mostly hovered in one spot. The astronomers added that they appeared to have "luminous rings of Fresnel diffraction".

The observatory is a professional facility connected to the University of Chile, and information about the incidents came directly from a university spokesperson. These observations, whether an unknown natural phenomenon or something else remain mysteries.

So, leaving that there, let's go on to something that I really know nothing about.

Some of you will have heard that recently particle physicists have created conditions wherein an event took place but was not seeable by any of the instruments. This event was microcosmic but apparently true, as the predecessors and the resultants of the event could be detected, even though the event itself was not. Many persons are profoundly puzzled by this, but, foolishly, I am not [particularly].

Why? Because I've bought into the extra dimensions of the physical force world long ago, and the fact that "things" can vanish in one location and reappear in another without going through the intervening three-space. Electrons shifting orbits do this every time. So, how??

It has to do, of course, with these "superstring" dimensions or arenas of force relations or whatever they will turn out to be. Whatever their nature, they form a complex web of interactions "beneath" our ordinary spacetime reality, and those deep interactions "project" their effects onto our threespace. Really? How?

Well, the question asks too much, but a crude diagram by me might give us just a small chance of relating to what's going on. Frontier thinking in particle science has abandoned "commonsense" ways of seeing reality and now considers the three dimensions of our observable space essentially "empty", until "force" is projected upon it. Space sits there as an empty "canvas" waiting for the superstring dimensional force relations "below" to project upon and manifest forces and mass [in this view just another form of force manifestation]. Material particles are just specific projections to a spatial coordinate where they manifest as a point location of force. The only reason that we think these "points" have size is that they have force associated with them, which produces a distance-of-integrity within which it is difficult to encroach without tremendous energies. "Size" therefore is an illusion.

Size is doubly an illusion when uncounted numbers of the force-point projections associate together to form macroscopic objects. The entire "object" is composed of points of no "material extent" bound together by the character of the force projections involved with these zero-extension particles. We are not only mainly empty space as we were taught when we learned about the distance that our electrons orbit from their atomic nuclei, but in a sense we have no absolute material extension at all. A bizarre universe which takes some meditation to come to grips with. But what does this have to do with those guys who made something happen that you couldn't see?

Let's try my diagram again. The previous comments and the diagram are saying that the real primary causal "happenings" in reality are taking place "down there" in the Dimensions Beneath the World. If meddlesome scientists can get the trick right, the Dimensions Beneath the World will still do their work of force-interactions and subsequent production of a new happening "down there", but not necessarily project that happening onto our familiar spacetime. In other words "It happened, but we couldn't see it".

Could these guys have found a way, no matter how minute to begin with, to block whatever the transmission or projection mechanism is from the Underworld to the Spacetime "surface"? They must be doing something like this or how else did they facilitate an event [which must take place "down there"] and yet not allow it to manifest "up here"? Somehow the "path" to the dimensions of Space was blocked.

That's interesting enough to me, but I find that when one finds that one can manipulate a natural mechanism one way, it usually means that one can also manipulate it the other. In this recent experiment, we "blocked" a physical event from tunneling up its ... "portal?" ... into Spacetime. Might we not then be able to facilitate some physical array to "vanish" in place "down" such a portal? And, since the integrity of the true "thing" exists still in the microworld dimensions beneath, might one not be able to manipulate where its integrity would be re-projected to? That is: vanish here... re-appear there. Is the Portal Technology hinted at by the recent "curiosity" physics experiment? If so, projections coming from there to here might manifest through such tunnels or portals, manifesting force through small areas of regular space. Maybe....

At El Infiernillo, the astronomers said that the light manifestations exhibited Fresnel diffraction. Fresnel diffraction.... an effect caused by a light source projecting through a narrow gap or tunnel opening. .... Fresnel diffraction .... narrow tunnel projecting ... nah, can't mean anything ... can it??

Yours for the fun of the Mystery Chase. Don't know when the next will be, folks, but I'll be thinking of you. Peace.


  1. I had a dream last night that I was building this donut-shaped structure out in space (in Earth's orbit). The donut-shaped structure was made out of a bright white-blue light. I made a portion of it at a time and put the parts together. There were also straight, short pieces every so often like inner spokes on a bike wheel. But, they only touched the outer tube and were quite short (but tube-like also and made out of this same 'light'). I felt, in my dream, that I was making something that would be a portal for our spaceships to go to other worlds. Felt like it could be a real thing, so I went hunting on the 'net for others who may have also had this vision.

    1. There are quite a few images in science fiction novels and movies/TV shows that are similar to this. They are common in our culture now. That doesn't mean that there's any physical truth to them. A "ring" of light or technology is the simplest artistic vision of such a possibility.



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