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Back to the Little Folks briefly. Readers really need to take the following "data" for no more than they're worth. As you know, I've gone through two hundred folkloric entity cases from my randomly [well-undisciplinedly] collected files and reported on the contents in recent past postings. The third hundred hit a mental bog and was hard sledding. What I've done here is to skim that 100 and just extract the entity height data out of the stories [there was a lot of "no comment" on height in these unfortunately]. Getting what I could within an already poorly-collected database, I combined those cases with heights with earlier ones to get to 200 cases stating that feature. Those accumulated numbers are part of the graph below.

But we wanted to compare Faerie Encounters with UFO case encounters here, so I needed a UFO data set --- of which there are several out there. I've used one which fell into my lap. Way back in the late 1960s, the French journal Phenomenes Spatiaux [the publication of the fine French group GEPA] published a study by the South American UFOlogist [sorry, I don't know if he was Argentinian or Brazilian] Jader U. Pereira. It was quite good. It was loaded with statistics and had approximately 200 hundred incidents. [The reason why I tried to get to 200 Little People cases on "my side"]. Of course, entity height was one such stat.

I particularly wanted to find a study like this, because it was pre-image pollution; that is the witnessing public hadn't yet been told that UFOnauts could only look one [or two] ways and were relatively "psychologically free" to report just what they saw. As you can see from the illustrations, they reported quite a variety of critters.

The above is the comparative graph that I've tinkered together [hmmm... "Tinkered".... quite the Jungian slip, methinks]. The red bars are for the UFO entities [200 cases]. The green are for the Faerie encounters [200 cases]. The yellow are those same Faerie encounters with the ones added from the two websites which seem to appeal to persons very Tinkerbell-oriented [239 cases total].

Again, please don't make too much out of this. I tender a few humble observations: a). The faerieworld cases are weighted to the smaller sized beings even without the Tinkerbells added in. Almost no UFO case has entities less than two foot tall, while Faerie cases of such critters are abundant.

b). Both groups, however, diabolically peak at about three-footers. It's almost a borderline: three foot and up= "aliens"; three foot and down = "The Good People". Around three foot: Ha Ha, you can't catch me!!!

This "finding" is so soft that I wouldn't let it drive you crazy if I were you --- there are exceptions to all these rules as we know --- but it still has the intuition for me that it is another indication that that two anomalistic phenomena are different. We saw another indication of this [in my mind anyway] on the earlier post about the dominant aerotech nature of UFO cases generally in the WW2-1950s era.

Pereira had several illustrations in his compilation, and you can see some of them in the seven picture panels above. For UFO old-timers they will bring us back to an age where it seemed that witnesses were describing a whole Zoo of UFOnauts with almost no holds barred as to what they looked like, except the humanoid form. The FACT of this nearly universal humanoid form has been one of the elements of UFOlogy which most convinced me of the veracity of these reports, and long ago I wrote a piece on the essential forced nature of such a form based on physical laws and convergent evolution. As I look back on the years, I still wholeheartedly believe that. That does not stop me, however, from looking at Pereira's "beasts" and wondering if among the UFOnauts we are not seeing the occasional folkloric entity in those drawings.

So, once again: WWHOOOO goes there?. Or is the Universe just having a great cosmic laugh at us??

I'm not sure when I'll get back to the Little People as far as the blog is concerned. The Wind of the Mysterious blows its own mysterious way in my life, so all that I can say is that I'm still on that forest path.... listening for what I can still hear of the Druids and thinking somehow that they-of-the-forests and they-of-the-lakes somehow "knew" one another. I'll probably never be able to uncover much of that, but I'm giving it an awkward try. With luck, someday I may have something to share that neither of us will have to be too embarrassed about.

Till then,

May the Forest Path Rise Up to Meet You, and the Moon Shine Bright Upon Your Face, and God and His Adjutant Manitou Always Hold You in the Palms of Their Hands.
The Old Irish Blessing, St. Kevin Style.



    ‘For you must remember they are not of our religion,’ said she, in answer to his surprised look, ‘but star-worshippers.’

    More grist for the fae/alien connection?

  2. Since the quote is from a fiction book it is tough to run very far with it [despite that I respect Dr. Beachcoming's intensity in searching out such matters]. If one wanted to give any force to such a thing at all, I'd say that the quote was likely to refer to almost anything celestial before it referred to "aliens". The druids of Caesar's times could easily be referred to as "star-worshippers" and I suggest that it would be in those directions that one should search.[not for Aliens but for Faerie lore]. I have an 'itch" which says to me that maybe the highest of the three druidical schools [searchers into spiritual knowledge] could have had some "commerce" or at least occasional interaction with this world-alongside, and that something truthful may have come from it. And that is not to limit the thinking to any one-way influence. All of that is BS piled on top of nebulosity, but it is a thought that I feel worth keeping as I walk this path seeing if there is anything to see.

  3. prof

    tall (more than 7ft) entities are known to inhabit empty houses, tall trees and a known type of appearance here in java.

    but these entities they can use any form as they wish, from very beautiful to very scary and even to animal form. in my opinion they adjust their appearance according to local belief. thats why we in java never see irish faerie and you in USA never see the kind of spirits that exist in our culture.

    IMHO we cannot classify them by physical size measurement since they can change at will and what they show to us are not their true form.

    im pretty certain after seeing how these entities operating hour perfectly match UFO phenomena operating hour, with same M.O aka scaring lonely traveller, behind whatever mask they wear they are all from the same agency. UFO are just their latest mask , to keep up with the times and scientific advances...

    off course its all just opinion after reading case reports of encounters



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