Sunday, January 15, 2012

UFO Portals??: A small add-on.

Briefly back again due to someone sending me a very interesting fairly recent case which seems to describe a portal effect. I'll throw out a few bits of trivia and then give the case at the end.

The pictures above are from a fairly recent dust-up where many persons in Norway saw an odd looking feature in the sky, which began to be talked about as if it were a UFO portal. Probably not. The Russians shortly admitted to firing a "new" missile, which seems to regularly be giving them trouble, and it went spiraling haywire. Was it the missile? Or was it something else? Even if it wasn't the missile [it probably was], there seems no good reason to bring UFOs into this.

Also, here is another of those interminable Mexican UFO videos. As above, this was rapidly trumpeted as showing a UFO portal. This one is a bit excruciating, as the camera worker is, to my eye, obviously overboosting the magnification during the filming and creating a ring image with a voided middle. I'm always willing to admit that I'm wrong on such matters, but this is no UFO portal for me.

Not a UFO portal this time, but a still photo [cropped as you see] from one of our best "romantic" locations: St. Michael's Tower on Glastonbury Tor. Glastonbury Tor is one of those places not only involved with King Arthur and Grail Lore, but has a long-standing Faerie tradition. The legend says that on a certain night of the year, in the hillside of the Tor, the hill will open and reveal an entrance to a Faerie King's world. Well, that would indeed be interesting. When I was there, some civil engineering excavation work had made a slash cut well up the hillside. To show you what a romantic I am, I picked up a piece of the unearthed rock and packed it back to Michigan. But even given that, I have to say that the photo above isn't in the proper place for the legendary Faerie portal, has no UFO relationship that I can tell, and I have no idea whatever as to what this lightspot is. Others of course disagree, and someone claims to see a figure on a staircase shaded in the light. Hmmmmmm...not I.

So on to the report which elicited this post: a good friend sent me a notice about this case, and then followed up to get the actual letter in which the witness describes the incident. I'm going to keep respect for the witness of course and not name names. This occurred on December 8, 1992.

The witness was returning to his shop just before midnight when he saw an unusual low-hanging "star". That "star" just vanished. Suddenly, directly above the van, was a 40' diameter disk with a dome and orange areas like exhaust ports. The color of the thing was "rusty red" as if the craft was made of metal which was cooling down from a very hot state. The disk rotated clockwise as it slowly moved across the sky. There was no sound throughout this 5-10 minute observation, which seemed to be quite closeby.

The "exhaust ports" were not "on" initially, but as soon as they manifested, an area of space in front of the disk began to shimmer and take on the appearance of a mirror. As the craft penetrated the shimmering mirror, it gradually disappeared in a piecemeal smooth fashion until it, and the "portal", were gone.

Well, what do you know? Cases like this are not unique in the files but they are VERY rare. There are various hints both in the air and on the ground that such a phenomenon may be going on, but it's an unusual case which describes it as graphically as this. Too bad that we have no other witness, or at least an actual investigator interview.

So that's my contribution to your enlightenment and edification for today. I could well be wearing my WHACKHAT on that one, but it seems that the thing at least has a chance of being a true portal case. Peace, and till we meet again.


  1. That effect in the "disc" illustration is very much what we see in stop-action photos when jets breach the sound barrier, is it not? If that effect could be created internally, perhaps a purpose could be served wherein a displacement would occur - whether from a manipulation of sound or even light. I'm just sayin'...

  2. I'm slow today, I guess, but I can't quite get what you're driving at. I'll just mumble a bit: the disk in the incident was moving very slowly at about 5mph, so the breaking-the-sound-barrier concept doesn't apply much. The concept of the "effect being produced internally" --- I'm not grasping what that might mean. Whatever it might mean any effect would have to express itself externally to get the famous jet-fighter-cloud-donut effect [which this doesn't look like anyway --- it was a "mirror"] extended far away from the craft. The "mirror" here was "flat" like a slice of space, and not radial, thick, and expanding in 3D. The craft was not visible on the otherside of the "mirror" to the eye, whereas in the jet-donut cases, the body of the plane is viewable on both sides. .... etc. I guess that I'm not getting the point, as this seems to me not to relate to that well-known phenomenon.



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