Monday, June 10, 2013

The 2013 Annual Meeting of The Society for Scientific Exploration: post one.

Hello fellow travelers on the path. I'm just back from the meeting noticed above, and though all these things {especially the travel and the change of physical environment [i.e. allergies]} are a bit of a strain, this was a particularly nice meeting for me.

Some of my favorite people in all the anomalies world were there and I got a chance for some quality time with almost all of them. In the picture above, my friend Henry Bauer [of Loch Ness research fame] holds the mike during a session comparing and contrasting the different anomaly subjects. Hidden behind him is Patrick Huyghe, the publisher of UFOs and Government. Next to Patrick is famous sociologist Ron Westrum, and last but not least is Roger Nelson of the Global Consciousness Project.

Here's the Grand Old Man of the SSE, plasma physicist Peter Sturrock. A very old friend --- I guess in both senses of that word "old". Peter is still EXTREMELY sharp, and I hope we have him with us for a while more.

I neglected to take an in-house photo of my buddy Larry Dossey, so this picture of him and his recent stunner of a book will have to do. Larry and I got in one good one-on-one session before I had to shoot off to the Amtrak station early. I'll tell you about that later.

Here's Roger, wowing the audience, as usual, about the recent results from the GCP --- the array of random number generator "EGGS" [as they are affectionately nicknamed} spread across the world. And yes, the EGGs are still "misbehaving" when some of the emotional{?} situations on our old planet occur.

Here's Eddie Bullard waging a pre-talk battle with the communications equipment {he lost} much to the amusement of Mark Rodeghier, who was giving the second UFO talk behind Eddie's.

I'm going to attempt to give you some of the content and flavor of these guys' talks, and of my private get-togethers with them in time. BUT, I'm going to delay on that a bit [yeh, I'm disappointed in that too] because I've ordered DVDs of their talks, and I'd like to factcheck a lot of what I was just absorbing casually.

In lieu of plowing right into these "Works of the Masters" then, I'm going to "present to you my own presentation" since I think that I might just be able to accurately remember that.

So, tomorrow [I'm sorry folks but I'm still pretty tired --- I sometimes feel older than Peter looks] I will begin to put " MILITARY and INTELLIGENCE-SPONSORED UFO RESEARCH: Was Science on the Agenda?" on the blog. It's "long" and so will take a few entries. Maybe by the end of that, I'll have the DVDs of Roger and Larry's talks particularly and be able to shut my own mouth and tell you what some really smart people are thinking.

So, with a map of the locations of Roger's EGGs to inspire us, I'll say "till next time" and may the "Force" that those EGGs sense be with you.


  1. Unfortunately, meetings and photo essays like this reinforce the notion that Forteans are "middle aged and old white men." I have found the field remarkably diverse and more gender-balanced today than even a decade ago.

    1. SHEEZ! Pardon me for writing about a very enjoyable time that I had with my good long time friends, all of whom happen to be brilliant contributors to the anomalies research in their way. I must have missed the notice that all blog entries are required to stretch themselves out of topic and mindread the audience's needs for whatever's bugging them at the moment. Thanks for the unnecessary slap and casting of negativism on what was a joyful entry --- no sense enjoying oneself when there's political work to do. Maybe if Brenda Dunne would have been talking ... or maybe Marsha Adams on mystery lights... or... wait! They're not "youngsters" either, nor of unusual ethnicity [though Brenda is part Native American], and aren't we supposed to be dumping these hang-ups anyway? .

      Why in the hell would anyone decide to post this sort of comment in this context? Are you just taking something that's bothering you out on the next guy you met on the street?

  2. Prof,
    just a verification because of ...mild-disbelief on my part at the above (if that is possible given how jaded I am -
    "Saucers - psychic and civility vampires" sounds like good pulp title that comes to mind)

    Begging the best, expecting primate behavior, that is No Trollish pretender, perhaps?!

    THANKS for the SSE recap. Unfortunately I missed your talk, arriving late Thursday, so I am glad to see this! I actually kicked myself when I realized my flight time. Again, Thank you!

    Proving you can be white, under 60, at SSE, still care enough to read good info AND retain civility and ability to self-censor!
    Dr Tim Brigham, cryptoultraterrestrial and Respecter of The Old Guard (well, SOME of it!)

    1. hello Tim. Yes, I too had to bust out of SSE early to get back home to welcome a good UFO buddy, Steve Purcell from Tennessee. We had a wonderful two days rounding up all manner of Tennessee cases for exploration and maybe in the future a regional UFO book by Steve. It was another joyful time.

      I could not help be disappointed in the "offending post" which, even if not intended, crudely pointed at my entry as reinforcing something bad, when obviously there was not even a hint of bad intention there. That is the sort of personally-pointed negativism that I don't deserve, let alone entirely out of tune with my desire to make this a happy place to explore our favorite mysteries.

      And, I know that you won't mind, but, yes, I am going to delete the post just below, because I don't want to belabor this any more than necessary. Lets get back to a happy place as quickly as others allow us to do so.

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  4. Thank you sir for the photos and review!
    Where can I buy these DVDs & of past presentations of the SSE?

    1. Google Society for Scientific Exploration; the page that comes up has an information spot on it to inquire about the DVDs. It seems that they are being slow about this, and may not be producing them for two more weeks.



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