Thursday, July 24, 2014

Coincidence Again, and Again, and....

Off into the Out Proctor Ozone we go again. We seek new life, new civilizations, new stuff to boggle our already boggled minds. Maybe we'll be able to answer the age old question: would you rather be a mathematician or eat pie? The answer to that probably says volumes about human history.

But, on to serious matters....

It's December 10th, 1982. Weir, Lancashire, England. A husband and wife with their four-year-old son were traveling near the small village of Weir near Deerplay Moor. They saw an odd fast flashing light and stopped their car to see. It, however quickly disappeared. But now the wife saw a bright white light  directly in front of them in the distance but approaching,

As it grew nearer, the light resolved into two lights with a red rectangle between them. It's motion was peculiar. It would zig-zag but more than that it seemed to do so "in steps"--- sudden changes in direction, side-to-side and even backwards sometimes. Despite these motion peculiarities, the thing was ultimately to pass directly over their heads. It was always slow, and dead quiet. As it approached, the couple felt that they were seeing more of the object, from the "frontal" lights and red strip, to part of the arc of lights extending backwards, and finally to the whole object of two red strips connected by semi-circular bands of white lights [these were either lights packed very close together or an actual band of light]. 

While directly overhead, two white lights raced rapidly to the horizon in the direction that their slower moving visitor was heading. The lighted array seemed all one object, which they presumed to be shaped like "a rugby ball". Strangely also, the streaking small lights scared the wife and child while the big closer one did not. The family re-entered their car and left for home. The whole encounter took 8-10 minutes, and the object must have been fairly large as it seemed well below the cloud cover. 

Hmmmm.... strange days indeed.

March 22, 1983. The local [Armagh, Ireland Observatory] Astronomer skeptic was doing his preferred hobby of smearing UFOs in the papers. He was smirking about a recent case which happened at nearby Lurgan/Craigavon. 

Several witnesses had reported odd lights in the sky. Two of those witnesses decided to drive home puzzling over what they'd seen [ten red lights "swarming like bees"]. But it wasn't a completely peaceful drive. As they proceeded down this country lane, their car was "buzzed" itself and followed by an odd object. This thing didn't stop stalking them until they reached a larger road. 

What was it like? A large object [twice the size of a helicopter], with two red rectangular lights connected by semicircles of closely packed white lights. Uh oh.... 

Asked what was the object's whole shape, the guys said: it was shaped like a "rugby ball." 

No one unfortunately knew both cases so as to be able to ask the smirking anti-scientist from the observatory what he thought about that. 

I find these two more interesting than most "coincidences" because these UFO descriptions are just about unique in the literature, and they are not "simple", such that some random mental invention would be likely to come up with this sort of thing twice. 

So what have we got here? True duplicate UFO craft? Some really odd witness information deciding to use the Weir case in a hoax? Trickster working overtime for a good laugh [this was Ireland and Britain, afterall]? 

Anyway... I like the two of them. At a minimum great fun. And, probably a better than average data point that weird stuff of some sort is really going on Out Proctor. 

Peace, friends. 


  1. Professor Swords.
    Contact me.
    Richard wilbur science and parascience 432 (1982)
    softciy2001 at

    1. hello, Rick. Why do you want the contact? Remember that I'm 74 now and don't have a huge amount of time for external "projects".

      .... and, just like way back then, I don't get involved with "field research."

  2. The lighthearted air of these "Coincidence? I think not" posts is refreshing. But is this really Out Proctor? More like "Near Proctor", or at least "Greater Proctor Metropolitan Statistical Area". (3/5ths-of-the-Way-Fool?)

    Really Out Proctor to me would be something like the Simonton Pancakes, or Ingo Swann's account of telepathic contact with a pulchritudinous alien agent inspecting artichokes in a Hollywood supermarket (and a pink halter with yellow polka dots, short shorts, purple sunglasses and 8" platform shoes). (in: Penetration: The Question of Human and Extraterrestrial Telepathy.) Any such accounts of in the archives would be appreciated, especially if with pictures. Or just the pictures, really.

    1. the ingo swann encounter with alleged 'bio android' in LA supermarket and with the agents that following her was really surreal.. if ingo told the truth about that incident (from 'Penetration') , he might be 'taken' or 'put on' by some agency messing with his mind.. i mean , the 'coincidence' of ingo swann meeting that 'suspicios female bio android' and the 2 agents following her at the same time with ingo's grocery shopping is rather strange.. or if i could borrow the professor's term 'Coincidence ? i think not'

      i would like to believe Ingo's adventures with the goverment agents , remoteviewing the moon for aliens, watching UFO materializing in alaskan lake and others but it seems when one deals with some kind of Intelligence Agency (like what ingo did), you can expect certain amount of 'manufactured coincidence' and 'manufactured evidence' to dillute the sense / percieve..

    2. Hello, Mr. Harris. As you have no doubt sussed, I do not think [myself] that most of these are "mere" coincidences, but rather good, maybe even strong, data points for the reality of the UFO mystery. They are meant to be light-hearted reliefs to the grinding drudgery that UFOlogists and UFO sympathizers face continuously from ignorant or jerk-type exclaimers who DO in fact wave all such awkwardnesses away as coincidence. My use of my "Out Proctor" catch phrase for the nearly unbelievable-no-matter-what is to quietly mock back at such individuals. At my age and with a life of unpleasantries from these asses, I take some perverse [beneath dignity, I'll admit] pleasure at giving "Italian Semaphore Signals" in their direction, as they have certainly given many in mine. I believe that we have been "polite" far too long.

      Joe Simonton's could actually be some sort of real mystery case, but, yes, the absurdity of the pancakes places it [true or not] pretty far Out Proctor. It resides distinctly deeper up the holler than anything I've been blogging about in this latest series of "coincidences". As to Ingo Swann: his experience has somehow eluded me [and I take some small pride in that if your description of the claim is accurate.] But really, 8" platform heels, if she really could navigate in them, that would have to make her an alien wouldn't it?

      Sadly, no pictures of this, or any such similar phenomenon, exist. There WAS, however, a UFO researcher in Britain in the late 1950s, who looked almost exactly like Gene Tierney --- sigh......

    3. Thanks, Professor. I'm glad you're having fun, too; if you feel like mocking a bit louder, I'd enjoy it.

      Gene Tierney sure was a beauty, Googling her name delivers just the sort of pictures I hoped you'd come up with. If the aliens look like that then it's a pity there aren't more close encounters.

      Sorry I don't have anyone her equal to point out, though I did post some of my West Virginia ancestors' photos on my blog; some pretty, some a bit alien-looking, one or two a bit both.

  3. Ingo's book is great fun, no matter whether you believe any of it or not. It's also very easy to find in free download form on line, or was the last time I looked. I'm pretty sure it was posted with permission. If Ingo's um, claims, are actually true, then we live in a very bizarre and fascinating universe or at the very least, Ingo did.



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