Monday, July 28, 2014

Coincidence? Yep, that's the explanation.

Well, the above may be even beyond Out Proctor, but the following isn't.

Mr. Leo Chaput was a pulp mill worker and also owned a farm on Allumette Island near the town of Chapeau, Quebec. A full-time job AND a farm was plenty for anyone and all that he and his wife wanted that evening was to get some sleep. Nope. UFOs had different plans.

At 2am the family dog began a terrific racket. The barking made the Chaputs wake up and go to the window to observe the cause. Outside in their field was an intense light-broadcasting object. It was hard to see due to the blindingly bright white light which it shown on the ground from what they estimated to be no more than 15 feet from the surface. The impression of the object, as best as could be seen given the light's brilliance, was of a disk with a flat bottom from which the light emerged. Chapeau went outside then and noted that the light was casting shadows everywhere, including his own. He heard a soft "purring" sound similar to that of a quiet outdoor motor. When he averted his eyes briefly, to get some relief from the light, the UFO was gone. He heard the soft purring as if receding in the distance.

The next morning, Chaput and two of his children went into the field. What they found, approximately 600 feet from the house, were three circles of scorched/singed plants. [by the way, folks, the reporting on this case seems to have been roundly bolixed by the informant who wrote to Duplantier at Saucers, Space, & Science and even Hynek seems not to have gotten it quite right. Thankfully NICAP got direct intelligence from Canadian researcher Henry McKay, a pretty respected guy, so I'm going with their specifics.]

So... three circular burnt areas. Each of the circles was of approximately 27' in diameter. Within one circle were two small damaged trees. These were sent to the Ontario Dept. of Lands and Forests, but their report said that they could find nothing unusual about the damaged plants. I'm now going to shift to Ted Phillips as he apparently later contacted McKay and another respected Canadian UFOlogist, Brian Cannon, for more detail.

Phillips reports that the three circles were 32', 28', and 28 1/2' in diameters. The two smaller circles had [additional?] outer [annular] rings of approximately 2 1/2' --- this would make all three footprints about the same size if there was a one foot separator between the scorch mark and the annular rings, but we need a field report with drawings. Inside ring #1 were three round depression marks set in a 15'-on-a-side triangle. Inside circle #2 was the same array, but closer to 14' apart. Inside circle #3 was a 2' pile of rocks aligned 18' long. Cannon and McKay reported a small 4-5' circle with no scorching and no additional features.

All of this makes things that much weirder but I've found that this slight screwing around with patterns is so universal as to appear deliberate. This took place on May 11, 1969.

June first, 1969: The McLaren family was going about their normal business at their farm near Meath Hill near Petawawa, Quebec. The farm is a rolling property and the hilly section to the northside of Highway 17 is clearly visible from the house. When the McLaren children went out towards the road on July 2nd to catch their schoolbus, they saw a circle on the hillside which was not there the previous evening. This marking had occurred the previous night between 1am and that morning. This ring, as reported to Phillips by McKay, was an annular barren-of-plantlife circle, "embossed" into the ground. The outer diameter of the ring was 33'. The annular ring width was between 2' & 3'. Three years later that barren area was still without plant growth.

All of this is, of course, extremely peculiar. The Chaput experience seems directly caused by a "UFO" even if only one such "thing" was observed and four traces were ultimately found. No UFO was seen at Meath, but coincidence? Doesn't seem legit. Again, we are treated to four ring traces of about the same diameter, each of which is different, while two are only minorly different while two others quite changed. .... teasing. Everything about such behavior shouts "teasing" to me. But it is there that I find myself roaming Out Proctor.

Well, what the heck? With enough wandering maybe we'll get on the right track.

Peace, my friends.


  1. these cases reminded me of edwin fuhr's encounter with 5 shiny silver UFO on this farm :

    Farmer Edwin Fuhr's Strange Sighting in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada - September 1, 1974

    On Sept. 1 1974, the skies were grey and threatening, but Edwin Fuhr was on his swather in a field of rapeseed (now called canola).

    Moving up a small incline, he glanced up to make sure he would skirt a grassy, dried out slough just ahead when he spied something made of metal in the grass. His first thought was that someone was playing a joke on him or had dumped junk in the old slough. As the swather moved up the incline, the slough came into full view. The metallic “something” was one of five machines rotating rapidly and hovering just above the grass. Fuhr, startled, stopped his swather, climbed down and took a few steps toward the hovering machines. Then, overcome with fear, he stopped and began slowly to ease back to his idling swather.

    The machines continued to hover and spin, then slowly lifted. About 100 feet above ground, they maneuvered into an echelon formation and rose at a much greater speed. Each vented a brief puff of smoke and in seconds. Disappeared over the horizon. At the controls of his swather, Fuhr was almost paralyzed with fright and barely able to put the machine into gear. At lunch, he was unable to eat. When he inspected the site where the strange visitors had been, he saw five circular depressions.

    Most of the tall grass was pressed down, and, in places, was twisted as it would be by a spinning object. The circles were exactly 11 feet (3.3 meters) in diameter and there was unflattened grass in the centre.The shaken farmer reported the incident to the RCMP. In a few days, a newspaper story brought hordes of curiosity seekers to the farm, all expecting to see the landing site. Fuhr could not allow that because the estimated 3,000 people who arrived would have pulverized his crop.

    Fuhr said the mystery machines were made of what looked like stainless steel, but had a “brushed” finish. Each was about five feet (1.5 metres) high at the peak of its dome-like structure. There were no windows or portholes, no antennae or other projecting parts except something resembling a short exhaust pipe, the source of the vapor the objects emitted as they rose through the overcast. The Centre for UFO Studies in Illinois sent a specialist to the farm and he found no reason to dispute Fuhr’s report

    1. Fuhr's case is very probably an outstanding one. "His" circles were smaller than Chapeau/Meath and had no added structure to them, and he saw them in the daytime, though, so the case is distinct [as usual]. I have the honor of "owning" two very good audio interviews with Fuhr [one from CUFOS and one from the Timmerman Files.] Both portray a simple straight-forward man telling a story which was a little scary to him, but, even more so, an irritation, due to the messing up of his crop field and the stream of gawkers who began showing up there.

      The Langenburg case [it's usually called by that location] would probably be a powerhouse CE2trace anchor case if it was not a single witness case. Many UFOlogists have liked Fuhr's credibility, including one of Canada's finest, Chris Rutkowski.



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