Monday, April 6, 2015


The slightly puzzling response that I got the other day on the entry two back [offering to help me with the mess, I think --- which is not necessary at the level the mess now is] made me wonder if it was not really a sideways request to come and use the archives here. THAT made me think that it is my current duty to inform folks what to do if they wanted to do that, now that the shift has been made.

Rapidly: what's here? This is primarily a two-headed chimaeara. It is a UFO-heavy anomalies research library and a depository for the Society for the Investigation of the Unexplained {SITU} archive. These are two different things with some overlap.

On the personal research library side, there are lots of books, journals, and case files.

There are files copied from significant UFO repositories such as the McDonald files, the NICAP files, the Colorado files, plus some originals such as Ed Ruppelt, John Timmerman, and George Hunt Williamson.

Though a UFO research library primarily, there are other subjects covered both as to texts and journals.

Because Ivan Sanderson's SITU is here, that might be the main target of potential visitors. Sanderson's main personal files, as located at SITU anyway, are the three-ringed notebook collection, some of which shows above. That is ready to be viewed. Other SITU material is still boxed, Frankly, this is mostly MUCH less interesting than the notebooks, as it is mainly published material --- occasionally something in here is rare, however, though not as much as I would have hoped.

So, knowing what's in situ [no pun intended though it is an accidental rather good one], how does one go about seeing the stuff?

No. Gene Tierney doesn't have anything to do with it, but I just like looking at pictures of Gene Tierney, so sue me.

If one wishes to see the archives, "UFO/Anomalies" or "SITU/Ivan" or both, you need to give me fair warning --- that's basically all. I'm not available 100% of the time, and also wouldn't mind the visits to be of reasonable length and period of time during the day. Civilized behavior and a dash of seriousness --- I'd rather people had some honorable goal they were about --- is about all I'm hoping for.

For persons not able to come to Kalamazoo, but still want to get some information, I will try to be helpful, but requests should be VERY specific. Life standing at a scanner or copier is no life.

Thus, Duty done.

Back to staring at Gene Tierney.


  1. WoW! If only I lived closer.......

  2. That is very nice! I would begin at the McDonald files if I were ever lucky enough to go.

    Mrs. C

  3. If you could just arrange to move to England (ideally in or around London), that would be very useful. :)

    1. Hah! Yep, Isaac, the shipping costs of the archives would be a little prohibitive. I enjoyed my several trips to the Isles very much, but if I moved there it would probably be along the more "magick-filled" western side, methinks. Somewhere between Iona and Boscawen-un maybe. {though I'd probably go for more ease and pick a town like Glastonbury}.



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