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1959 UFO News from the 1947 Mountain

More CE2s from Jan Aldrich's stack. 

Although almost any CE2 UFO encounter is interesting,  a few of these seem [to me] more so. 

Freeport, TX: August of 1959.

Four persons, three young women and one young man [who was engaged to one of the girls] were driving to an outdoor swimming area at 9:30pm. A bright object neared their car and the engine stalled and the headlights went out. Two smaller lights which seemed not to be parts of the bigger object, flew ahead and circled over the road, going on to seemingly land in a wooded area. The bigger object followed them. The big object was extremely bright and constantly changing colors. The guy wanted to stay and watch, but the girls objected. The car was restarted and they went on to the swimming area [a beach spot called The Duchess, which closed at around 11pm]. 

Returning around midnight, the UFOs were still there in place. This time the guy voluntarily stopped the car and got out with the intention of investigating. As he began to walk, the big object brightened considerably and the two small lights appeared. The UFO began generating a penetrating low humming noise. The guy was thoroughly scared and ran back to the car, where the girls were hysterical. No conversation was needed and they drove off as fast as the car would take them. 

Although newspaper stories differ on what happened next, it seems that the witnesses reported their experience promptly to the police, and returned to the scene, whereupon the UFO was gone. The report says, however, that there were two other witnesses to such an object flying in that vicinity that evening. APRO ultimately interviewed in this case. 

The event is interesting not only for the "electromagnetic" vehicle interference effects, but because it seems to include a direct response to a behavior by one of the witnesses. ... and it is a multiply witnessed case reported to authority. 


Cumberland, MD: October of 1959.

This encounter was reported by a New York newspaper columnist who was a good friend of the witnesses [three in number]. They were driving from NYC down to Maryland, had their vacation and were driving back early the following Sunday evening just after dark. The witnesses were an engaged couple and the older brother of the to-be groom. Upwards and just to the right ahead appeared a circular, metallic disk, hovering and emitting an energetic [like a "mercury arc"] bluish-green light around the edges of its ring. The driver slammed to a stop. 

At that moment, the disk dropped down to about fifty feet altitude. It then "side-stepped" to align itself directly in front on the highway. It hovered precisely in place --- no motion and making a slight humming sound. The brothers decided to get out to investigate. As they reached for their door handles, the car shut down --- no engine, no headlights, no radio. The young woman said: "I think that you should stay here with me ... please." The guys thought that this was wise and stayed put. 

When they settled back, the UFO seemed to turn 90degrees, tilt, and whisk away upwards. Just as it was entering the cloud layer, the car's lights and radio came back on. The driver was then able to re-start the car and drive the rest of the way back home. 

This seems to be another case of a "display" of the UFO for a limited set of witnesses --- note that for the duration of the event, no other car appeared on the road. The UFO also, as in the previous case, seemed to respond to the witnesses' intentions. The case has credibility due to the personal nature of the relationship of the witnesses and the reporter. 


Alvin, TX: November of 1959:

A driver of a gasoline tanker truck was going from Corpus Christi to Houston, when he noticed that he was being paced by an unidentified object very high in the sky. Normally, this would mean some kind of misidentification by an excited observer. But this thing did something nearly unheralded in the UFO literature which puts it FAR outside the norm of close encounters. 

Several times this object descended towards the road ahead of the tanker. When it got low, it seemed to "spray out" billows of fog across that localized area of highway. When the driver would tentatively enter these fog patches, and if the UFO lowered over his truck, his truck would shut down. These delays ultimately made him six hours late for his arrival in Houston. Though not clearly stated in the text, apparently the UFO would regain height, the fog would dissipate, and he could get going again. 

The last vehicle stoppage occurred just outside of Alvin, TX, and this time the truck would not restart. The only thing to do was to stop a passing vehicle and ask the driver to inform the police in Alvin [The Chief thought it high humor that a gasoline truck was stranded, assuming it was out-of-gas... the part of the message naming a UFO as the culprit also evoked rolling eyes.] 

Ultimately the tanker was towed to town [a high-up "balloon-like object" being still seeable when the Chief and the tow-truck arrived.] A mechanic from Houston HQ arrived soon also, to pronounce the tanker now ready to go with no perceivable problems. 

The credibility of the case isn't as strong as the previous two, but the driver had reported his saga to more than one police department along the trip. The strangeness is high. It is a "stalker" case supreme, and the mist production is rare --- see the paralysis and involuntary arm movement case of Leominster, MA, and the Aveley, UK saga for other examples. 


Between Roswell and Corona, NM {in air}: August of 1959.

This is a particularly intriguing thing since it involves effects on compasses. 

A pilot flying [unfortunately] alone between Hobbs and Albuquerque, NM noticed that his "Magnesyn" {electric} compass was revolving in full 360degree motions at about five second sweeps. The plane was staying on course, but he noted that his other compass, a standard magnetic compass, was crazily gyrating. 

Now he saw three elliptical objects approaching. These gray slightly-fuzzy-looking disks passed in front of him at a distance of about 150-200 yards, and proceeded to circle his plane. As they circled, the Magnesyn compass kept pace with them, always pointing towards the objects. The bogies made two and a quarter circuits then broke off and flew away to the rear. Both compasses then settled down.

Going into Albuquerque he reported the encounter. The tower told him not to land there but to proceed instead to Holloman AFB nearby. Upon landing at Holloman, Goldsberry was interviewed by the base UFOB officer, a major, for two hours. He was told to keep quiet about the experience [which he did for 6 years] and that if he got ill to report to hospital right away, inferring that radiation exposure could be involved. 

What I think that I know and maybe others have not connected with this, is that in 1958 two ladies had a close encounter with a UFO at Alcalde, NM and were extensively examined [at the Air Force's insistence] at the Lovelace Clinic in Albuquerque for radiation effects. The investigating officers here may have been from Kirtland rather than Holloman, but both bases were heavily involved with UFO phenomena and investigations in that era. 

The big phenomenological thing here is the compass effect, and the difference between the compasses. It's another tribute to Air Force incompetence that this case wasn't pursued with a second-level [laboratory] investigation to deduce the type of force needed to create the different instrument responses. 

With an eye to perhaps publishing a little UFO research [which seems not to have happened to any extent], someone on the west coast collected the Compass Effect cases seen in the not-overly-helpful listing above [I tried to locate just which cases these were and succeeded in only a little over half of them --- if any of you folks have a list I'd like to see it.] A rather pretty graph was created, and it, as usual, shows the notorious drop-off of CE2 cases worldwide c.1980. 

Oh, those uncooperative UFOs!! 


{Last one}, near Proberta, CA: December of 1959.

Although this case IS a CE2e effects case, I prefer to list it as a CE2physiological event. 

A single male was driving to work in his truck at 5:45am [his shift started at 6.] His radio began making a snapping noise. Then his lights began to dim. He stopped the truck and got out to look at the headlights. As he glanced about, he saw a large bright green crescent [concave side upwards] following behind him about 60 feet off the road. This scared the heck out of him and he simultaneously noticed that his clothes were close to soaking wet --- he seemed to think that this was a UFO effect, not "just" his system's shock from fright. This was because his outer clothes were moist too. 

The big deal physiologically was that he felt great pressure to his guts "as if he was being crushed inside". He also felt as if the object was "drawing him up" towards it. Who knows whether all this was produced by his terror or whether the UFO had "forces" associated with it which directly acted upon him? 

He went for his gun [a rifle] in the truck. As he did, he clumsily smashed into his rearview mirror and sent himself reeling. When he got back up the object had gone. Looking out the opposite window, he saw the object rapidly flying towards the Sierra foothills. It showed no trail exhaust as it went. 

Trying to concentrate on what he'd just experienced, he pictured the object hanging there over the road, gently rocking side to side. It was colored a deep vividly penetrating bluish green. There was no noise at all, and no cars on the road throughout the event --- something very odd for that road. The witness said that this had never been true before or since. When the object left, the headlights came back on. He resumed his trip but at no more than 200 yards smelt rubber burning. Stopping again, all his battery caps had blown and the battery was bulging out of shape. The generator was destroyed, the wires and armature melted together. Only a short distance from work, his truck was able to limp the rest of the way.

he reported his story to the night foreman, who noticed that the driver's clothes were damp. Later on his shift, a fellow worker came to him to say that his new radio had gone dead at 5:45am that morning and came back on 5 minutes later. He lived within a mile of the encounter. 

The sad thing about this story is that there are no other persons who were involved who remembered much nine years later when NICAP was made aware of the case and went out to interview. Only the wife remembered how scared her husband was as he retold his tale to her. 

So, although the strangeness of the case is high, the credibility factor is mediocre. There's no reason in the investigation to suggest that the witness was a bad guy or incompetent, just that there is little corroborating information. Still, the "pulling up" sensation, the soundless car-less OZ factor, alongside the CE2p and CE2e effects make the case worth keeping. 

So, here are some of today's culprits. Once again there is no sense that extraterrestrials want to buy identical looking models to buzz lesser technology planets in.


Till next time folks. Who knows whether it will be back to the Cryptodumps or more wrestling with the Close Encounters.... 

..... or something REALLY unbelievable.

Peace and Happy Joyful Beltane.


  1. Very interesting, professor, and nice image of the different shapes. As you say, there's "no sense that extraterrestrials want to buy identical looking models to buzz lesser technology planets in", which I think is kind of important. We often hear that the immense variety of shapes & forms is an argument *against* the phenomenon, on the grounds that they are so different. How could there be such a bewildering assortment-? But if we look at our Earth-models, certainly much of our spacecraft/landers/probes are quite different: some basic shapes, but much different, and looking at ground-transport, the variety between car models, trucks, semis, motorcycles, etc etc is as varied as the assortment of UFOs in your drawing. Furthermore... who's to say the UFOnauts are part of any organized "mission" or getting their craft from some central repository or assembly line? Now we on Earth have 3-D printers. Let's say our space-friends have the next step up and can essentially create/put together transportation craft at home... they create the ship in the form that appeals to them... maybe some like an Adamski look... others like a tube, a cigar... others like a more nebulous look... we can imagine that aside from a basic form (perhaps-- most of these tend to be symmetrical or rounded/spheroid in some way) they can be customized any old way by the occupants...

  2. My drenched-with-ignorance theory about this is that the ET agents do not want to give us anything which would make the entire world begin to go over to the view that they are physically real. One, to me essential, quality that they would have to make part of their plan [if they are going to show themselves locally many many times] would be to alter the outward appearances associated with their displays. If the preponderance of reports described identical craft, the theory that all these experiences were based in some objective reality would be harder to ignore. Same "ships" producing same effects begins to sound very physical and "lawful" to science. Similar effects but different "objects" every time does not. This is just another way of saying that Science is convinced by repetitive patterns. The UFOnauts have gone out of their way not to give us any.

    When we look as deeply as we can [speaking for myself anyway], it is notable that the vast majority of the objects have "radial symmetry" [disks, ellipses, globes, even tubes and eggs looked at down their axes.] It struck me some years ago that this might be a hidden pattern indicating something about the technology of movement that these things utilized. Radial symmetry is the characteristic of the one-over-r-squared-forces --- the action-at-a-distance field-projecting forces. This thought is so insubstantial that it is perhaps not worth mentioning, but maybe it is a shadow of the force-projection technologies that "they" use.

  3. Just a note on Proberta, CA sighting. This town is located in Northern California, Tehama County and it is 7 miles south southeast of Red Bluff. I'm sure that rings a bell with a many readers here. The two officers were south of Red Bluff and driving east when they saw the 100 ft object. Although the objects have differing shapes, they seem to be in the same vicinity.
    Mrs. C

    1. True as to proximity in space, but not so much in time, reporting-wise.

      The Great Red Bluff case [one of the best cases ever] had as one of its elements the near-real-time reporting of a highly strange Close Encounter by multiple observers and distant independent ones --- top of the charts quality for both credibility and strangeness. Proberta on the other hand has modest at best credibility and at least in-need-of-analysis strangeness, and was only reported years later.

      Clarifying that: a]. as to strangeness, what we have in the report are the apparent memories of one witness who was admittedly scared practically out of his head. How accurate were his memories of detail? How "wet" were his clothes? From what source did his feeling of gut-pressure and pulling up come from --- was he radically unnerved and light-headed? How bad of shape was his truck when he started --- he describes it as old. It would have markedly helped the case if anyone else could have remembered anything about it except himself.

      b]. as to credibility, the investigation lacks there in my opinion. The reason is that it was conducted by Paul Cerny. I knew Paul and liked him. And Paul was quite intelligent and technically trained. But Paul was quite a romantic when it came to UFOs. I don't think that Paul would ever fudge anything about a case, but I don't believe that it was his nature to look too hard for certain things either --- like character issues, or those sorts of "personal" things that might make you wonder if the witness had his act entirely together. Paul was a very nice guy who trusted people.

  4. I'm glad you pointed out the difference in time I forgot to mention. I agree with you on point A and I'd bet he wished there was someone else on that road with him. As to point B, that name rings a bell with me. There are so many people I've read about in the ufo field over the years that I think I need a little book to keep the names straight!
    Mrs. C

  5. Hello.

    Thought I would put this here, as I don't know where else to put it. Back a while ago, I sent to SITU a letter I received from Apollo 17 command module astronaut Ron Evans about a sighting of something he had seen on the Moon (a light flash or something similar) that he called "Vostok" or "Vostog." I believe he mentioned he thought he had seen an actual meteor impact. I would like to know if I could possibly either get the original back, or at the very least a copy of the letter. My first name is Peter, and my last name begins with a letter "P" s well, and the letter Ron sent had on its letter head was from an aerospace contractor he had been with at the time. If you could kindly attempt to locate this letter, that would be tremendously helpful to me, and let me know of a way of how I can obtain it from you. Many thanks in advance.
    I will come back to read this line of responses here, and see if you can respond to this request.

    1. I'd be happy to send your letter back to you if it exists anywhere in the massive chaotic unfiled dump boxes that were dropped on me. The chances that I would stumble across it are almost astronomical themselves. Maybe if I clarify the situation here with SITU it would help: The collection was delivered to me as a literal mass of garage-filling boxes, most of which were unlabeled and many of which were falling apart, a few of which had provided sustenance for various species of mice. I did what I reasonably could.

      Thankfully Ivan Sanderson's personal research notebook files were easy to recognize, clean up, and stack in order on shelves. The book and journal/newsletter collections were just a matter of extricating them from the messes and shelving them in categories. The administration files were mostly separated in decaying file boxes, and rescuable with enough time. BUT WHAT WAS LEFT WAS/IS A NIGHTMARE. {and not particularly fruitful for the boxes that I've ploughed in to}. These boxes contain WITHOUT ANY DISCERNIBLE ORDER piles of old bills, unopened letters, old pre-print work-ups for articles, actual unrelated trash, plus the occasional interesting thing.

      Frankly, after too many hours to remember, and tossing out recycling bins full of OBVIOUS useless junk, I just gave up. I have probably six rather large boxes which I have marked "CHAOS". Maybe your letter is in one of those, and very maybe not --- I am certain that not everything valuable that SITU had was kept secure and ultimately got to me.

      I wish that I could walk over to a pair of filing cabinets, open the right drawer, and pull out your letter. Not possible. The best that I can do is offer for you to come to Kalamazoo and go through the CHAOS boxes yourself. Let me know when you want to do that.



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