Monday, January 11, 2010

Everyday Spirituality: Lightness

Out into the cold for the morning prayers. The part of last evening's meal [some corn], that I put out for whomever wanted it, was being eaten by one of the birds. I scared it opening the apologies. The early snow was a soft falling big flaked event--no wind--the snow falling rather magnificently straight down...taking its time heading for the Earth. Now it was changed. Smaller. Perfect six-sided crystals. The Math of GOD, Newton would say. Looking at them landing on the black winter coat, it is easy to agree with him. Off aways, woodpeckers are heckling each other from their trees. A girl cardinal is calling, rather more insistently than usual, for her boy. In he flies and sings her a beautiful short song. ---------All this nature-wonder is interrupted by the recycling truck coming down the street. It is one of few such distractions that I happily welcome. It brings fond memories. Twenty-some years ago, a little band of "eco-warriors" planned and schemed our way and somehow convinced the politicians [money-blinded and ignorant as they were] to establish our city's program. Days spent in one of the laboratories of the local college---eating pizza and figuring out how to cast a shadow which made us seem bigger than we were---and then, one of the best programs in the country.... Smiles... Today, the trees felt a gentle puff of wind and released a pretty secondary shower of snowflakes from the morning. Celebrate. We're doing at least one little thing for girl and boy cardinals everywhere....Lightness on the Earth. Just like them...the cardinals...and the snowflakes.


  1. As i see this beautiful picture of a frost pattern, it reminds me of a little anecdote i have read some time ago. It is about Burkhard Heim, who developed the fascinating "Heim theory". I read about Heim because of Illobrand von Ludwiger, a great UFO researcher who was a friend of him. Anyways, here is the story:

    "As a child, a friend of Heim had noticed that the frost on the windows had very different forms, and that these forms in their feathering is often reminiscent of plants. They looked at this thoroughly, and finally, the theory arose that the form of frost patterns may correspond to the plants, which were actually in those rooms. So the two friends eventually moved through the area and began to ring at the peoples houses: "Excuse me, but we just want to know if the plant in your room is a ... (Here followed the name of the corresponding plant that they suspected)? "The first impression was then confirmed in fact time and again. The shape of the plants had been reflected in some for us unknown way in the form of frost patterns", as you say it, the math of god ...

  2. Mind-boggling...and, frankly hard to believe without a lot of independent testing...but, without any other facts to look at I'll leave this in my gray-basket. Thank you for a rather "Out-Proctor" idea.

  3. Yes, i didn't want to present this little anecdote as a fact. But everytime i see an "ice flower" (that's how frost patterns are called in german), i have to think about if the story is true.

    Hope to see a new blog posting by you again, soon.



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