Sunday, January 24, 2010

Everyday Spirituality: Spectrum

Cold, clear, brilliant morning sunshine. Last night's snowflakes are just the right size to put on a dazzling diamond display. ....... The Hubble telescope would be proud. The miniature stars are shining so brightly that I can see them in the snow of my neighbors' yards two homes away. ....... The birds like the day, too. They are hollering and peeping and winging about. Plenty of life in a season at rest. ...... The boy and girl cardinal give me a close pass. She stops in the nearest branch and hops about and poses for a while....seeming to say that a little something special is true of this day. The nearby diamond-field blazes. In one spot is a dull violet fuzz...funny how your eyes can fool you. I keep staring at it. A light emerges from the fuzzy snowflake burning violet-blue in the all-diamond field.
I watch. .... Blue .... blue-green .... it's going to give me its display. Green .... I wonder if the little thing can make it through the spectrum before it and the Sun become too intimate for comfort. ....... Yellow .... it's trying mightily. I've thought, sometimes, that we are like the crystals .... each with our special wavelength of color .... each transmitting our special part of the Light of the Beginning. When we come together, in coherence, in harmony, together we shine a brilliant diamond light of our own. .... My little snowflake has made it to orange .... red-orange ....It fights its way towards its destiny. Reddish now .... like an ember of a fairy-fire on the snow. ....... Should I mourn for my snowflake as it reaches its end? Should I mourn for any or each of us? .... My snowflake has done what it was meant to do. .... It displayed every color in the rainbow in its time .... I wish that I could say that. .... As it goes, I become aware that not one other snowflake of the hundreds shining in front of me has displayed the spectrum .... not one tried to steal the spotlight from my personal colorful performer. Maybe the girl cardinal knew. ..... now the others begin .... Two violet ones.


  1. Your spiral graphic is breathtaking in its gradation of colors and the elegance of the detail. Is this a well known work? I wish I had as many beautiful things in my library as you seem to.

    Thank you for sharing!

  2. I wish that I could give you a web citation for this.Some math laboratory, I believe, was producing graphics of Mandelbrot sets and made this and many other spectacular things. A friend brought several of these over one evening [prior to a UFO bull-session] and presented me and another UFO buddy a handful of them. He told me the site at the time but that was long ago [three years?] and it's slipped into my dark hole of a memory. Maybe if you googled Mandelbrot sets you'd find it---you'd certainly find many other spectaculars, as this math, which has been called "The Fingerprints of GOD" seems to take you right to the basis of existence.

  3. P.S. the Cornell Supercomputer Lab [some time ago] produced a video where you "dive-into" Mandelbrot sets [leisurely] to the sound of soft "new age" music, and experience their unlimited dimensions. I don't know whether it's still available somewhere but it is entitled "Mandelbrot and Julia Sets".

  4. Yes, thanks, I've been fascinated by the fractal images I've seen online, especially the Mandelbrot sets. But their colors are usually more garish, not as soft as in yours. I didn't recognize this as a fractal at all.

  5. A beautiful meditation on entropy and life-path. The rainbow is a very powerful symbol for my 2 year old daughter these days. We have prisms hanging around our house to catch the light when the Earth in is just the right position. She always seems to catch them during those small moments in the day they can be seen. She runs in to tell my wife and I every time, "Bunos! Bunos!" she calls them. Awesome!



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