Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Small Post For Jerry

As people reading the comments will know, this is an unscheduled post in favor of an old friend. Jerry Clark is one of the very rare best anomalist scholars anywhere, and, although it's like carrying Coals-To-Newcastle, anything that I can do to empower his multifaceted writing I am privileged to do. [by the way, any resemblance in the above drawing to persons 20+ years ago is purely coincidental]. Specifically to Jerry: the following references come from, as you'll be able to see, an old JASPR [via Nandor Fodor], Ray Palmer's Flying Saucers, Loren Gross' UFOs: a History [1958], and two cases from the About [Paranormal].com website, which seems to be the electronic version of the old FATE magazine feature on readers' experiences. I find these latter things interesting, despite the weakness of a non-investigated source, as some of them have a valid sound, and all of them add to phenomenological "piles" which might be anchorable to better case reports elsewhere. Anyway, these are the sources such as they are. I picked the cases because I didn't want just to repeat things widely available [such as in Fortean Times] if I didn't have to. To all those who are not Jerry Clark [even if you'd like to be] : BUY HIS BOOK when it comes out. I've liked all of them [even the old one that makes him cringe that we tease him about-- :-) ]

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