Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Book News

Just a note to say that I was just told that two copies of the book are going to be mailed to me soon. I only mention this as it indicates [unless I've fallen into some whack parallel Universe] that the book's being printed already.

As an unrelated aside: the Internet here is acting up --- very spotty for me. I am hoping that this stabilizes. If not it's going to be tough to enter long posts on the blog. Let's keep our fingers crossed [except when typing].

Till later.


  1. I'm still reading and re-reading Grass Roots UFOs and looking forward to this new book. As soon as it hits Amazon, it'll be winging its way to me with all the efficiency (ahem...) of the renowned Royal Mail.

    It's somewhat ironic that UFOs have fallen on such hard times, and frequent ridicule, when once upon a time the leading lights of the military and Intel took them so seriously.

    People forget.

  2. The book arrived today and looks very well-presented. It's usually an indication of quality when so much effort has been made to provide references, bibliography and indexes. Academic standards have rarely bothered the UFO/ufological literature. Although these are superficial comments, I haven't begun to read it yet and can only offer the judgement of 'first impressions.'

    If I'm honest, 'Grass Roots' initially disappointed me. It appeared to be nothing more than a collection of anecdotes. As I read it, it was tempting to flick through the reports and skip chapters.

    Further in, it began to catch both my attention and my imagination. Since then, I've returned to re-read it and it's taken on a wholly different light. The second half in particular has been fascinating and the 'little grey cells' have been firing away.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is that it took a little effort to really enjoy the book and let some of the accounts bleed in to inform what passes for my understanding of the UFO enigma. Likewise, 'UFOs and Government' will lend some extra insight into the nitty-gritty of UFO history.

    Unfortunately, you might find yourself being asked a dozen questions as I read and re-read it. :)

  3. Well, I'll try to shed light. I guess if I can't few can. The thing WAS big though, and not everything can be kept in memory.



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