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YAKIMA: The Third Curtain

Alright. Weirdness is beginning to muscle in on the blog. The topic seems about to blow up into too many fragments, but we soldier on into the wilderness.

... but I have to admit that I'm just jumping in and winging it on this one.

Does the Yakima Glo-Ball phenomenon have anything to do with Bigfoot? Do the Yakima structured UFOs ? Why even ask the question? 

The question arises because our primary knowledge source, Bill Vogel, began to get quite a few Bigfoot reports right along with getting Yakima Lights reports --- not really AS many but a goodly pile nevertheless. Plus this is "Bigfoot Country", at least sort of.

This is one meta-compilation of Bigfoot sighting locations in the State of Washington. There are a lot. In fact, Washington ranks number one in total recorded Bigfoot sightings by several sites that I looked at. But so what?


Stan Gordon of Pennsylvania and Kecksburg fame would remind us that he has seen many reports of Bigfoot in association with UFO cases in his area, particularly in the 1972-1974 era, precisely that of the big Yakima Lights flap recorded by Bill Vogel. That's Stan to the left above, and a ghostly professor is holding up his book and a three-toed cast sent to the Society for the Investigation of the Unexplained --- MAYBE from Pennsylvania and Stan; it was not labeled. I do not know if Ivan was the one who received the cast, though Ivan was more skeptical of three-toed casts of anything but bird prints, if we were talking about a biological entity. Mark Moravec from Australia also collected a pile of Bigfoot sightings where some UFO claim was simultaneously made.

OK, so you guys have convinced me to look. Mainly however it was Bill Vogel who did.

Bill Vogel had accumulated over two dozen encounters around or near the reservation, but initially didn't want to talk much about them, at least to the press. This is normal "anomalies researcher behavior", you run into enough problems trying to get anyone to take you seriously on just one anomaly let alone piling several together. But Bill Vogel was a curious and relentless-in-pursuit-of-truth kind of guy, so he kept the cases and wrote them up in what he called his "on the trail" journal. Greg Long was ultimately entrusted with the material and wrote about it in his Examining the Earthlight Theory, mainly including the cases in an appendix. Then Long gave Peter Guttilla the On the Trail journal, and Peter included it in his Bigfoot Files as a separate chapter with Bill Vogel's authorship --- so you know where to go for the readings.

Bigfoot sightings and big claims are all over this area --- in the map above one notices that immediately to the south of Goldendale and the Reservation is the Oregon border town of The Dalles, one of the densest areas for sightings.

On that same map, Bigfoot sightings cluster tightly around Mt. Adams to the Reservation's west, and therefore from the direction that most Yakima Lights are seen by the fire lookouts.

On this map we see our favorite locations: Satus Peak, Toppenish, Goldendale, Mt. Adams. At the teardrop we see the name of Klickitat County, just about where our UFO case of the spinning pinwheel-of-colors from the previous entry took place. The teardrop, though, indicates a place named Skookum Canyon. And .... ?

Skookum is a Native American word, used more in Oregon than anywhere else, which has a few meanings, but two in particular. The more generic of the two meanings is "strong and good" --- meaning I believe a strong good as in something which excels the norm. The second more specific meaning is a "monster of the wilderness." It's not just guesswork that Skookum has been a word related to Bigfoot/Sasquatch, as people from local communities have told the rest of us that this is exactly what the word sometimes means.

So, UFOs all over the place, Bigfoot sightings all over the place, Bill Vogel collecting a pile of each ---- so do they come as a team?

I read pretty carefully every case in Greg Long's book and in Peter Guttilla's Vogel chapter. THERE ARE NO CASES CONTAINING BOTH ANOMALIES. The nearest thing to a case of such is of a police patrolman who was out on a reservation road responding to a UFO call, never seeing a UFO, never getting to the call site, but encountering three "human-like things covered in hair from head to toe" and he panicked and drove off as fast as possible. Data-wise there is no connection.

Still the idea is fascinating. Vogel wondered about the Native American legends of The Stick People, by which they meant the human-like people who live among the "sticks"/wilderness. These people were viewed as having great powers. He fixed his idea of a possible Lights-Bigfoot connection with a legend that he was told to be very old.

   "The Yakimas have one concerning a large man with red eyes who came to live with the tribe. 
   One day he knew he was dying and asked the Indian people to take him to a particular spot or 
   location so that he might die there. They did, and shortly after he died, a huge flying object came
   down from the skies, took his body aboard, and flew away." 

Wait a minute there, Jack, would say Michael Persinger. There are plenty of Earthstress incidents all over that area, AND there are plenty of Bigfoot hallucinations all over that area, AND there are plenty of structured UFO hallucinations [ I actually like the Michigan farmer's way of phrasing this during the 1966 Swamp Gas reporting better --- he called it Hullabillusions. ]

So we have Earthquake stresses and all manner of Lights and Hullabillusions ---> OBVIOUSLY I'M RIGHT!!!

Hmmmm .... I guess that anything's possible, but I don't think so.

I would theorize rather that IF the Earthstresses Theory was correct, and IF those mysterious fields created Hullabilliusions [by an even MORE mysterious and undetected brain mechanism,] THEN, since both the UFO and Bigfoot imagery is widespread and persistent in the area, one should see plenty of Hullabillusions containing both images.


I'll keep a slightly open mind about this, but I don't see the data.

In fact, if we go back to that earlier map, when I stare at that thing I see the reservation as an eerily "empty" area for Bigfoot sightings. The Yakima Lights and the Washington Bigfoot phenomenon might be two separate things, which happen to coexist in nearby but not too overlapped geographic locales.

Greetings small hairless humanoids!!

Hello, big fella. Don't take this the wrong way, but I prefer my UFOs without much Sasquatch in them.

You know, multiplying anomalies and all that.

Yeh .... exactly .... little over the top for academia.

But Yakima is not finished.

The Glo-balls have more to say.

Perhaps literally.

The fourth Curtain, next time.



  1. Anxiously awaiting the fourth curtain! I have found this quite interesting. I live in Colorado and, while I have no data, reports (I have heard) seem to connect the strange light phenomenon and Sasquatch.

  2. These are very interesting posts. I'm delighted you like to write them! Thank you.

  3. the clown sitting beside the bigfoot is scarier .. if one met both of them in the wilderness.. its kinda like the ufo phenomenon as a whole.. is it just a clown / trickster behind it ? causing people to wonder but never giving out any real concrete evidence ?

  4. is bigfoot physical / biological beings ? or paranormal / psychic / interdimensional beings ? they looked physical, sometime left physical traces, but never proven by hard evidence that they existed.. hey that sounds like UFO phenomena

    1. I mentioned in a previous entry that one of the guys who worked on my house [and I got to know fairly well] used to live near Sweet Home, OR and go up into the mountains to camp. He felt that he had many interactions with Bigfoot, but mainly sounds and messings around the camp. But once there was a fairly close face-to-face. After an exchange of grunts and gestures, the Bigfoot just disappeared.

  5. my opinion is the same, i think it is not physical being ,more like psychic being.. prof, there's a book called Missing 411 by david paulides , about people missing in american national forest , missing with no obvious explanation. Mr paulides was a bigfoot researcher prior to writin the book , he was approached by park rangers and got information about unpublicized strange disappearances in national parks.. then he collect data and found disappearance cases with interesting pattern.. he stop short of giving away his opinion on the cause of disappearance, but he hinted (in the book and case list) of something unearthly doing the snatching..

  6. I think "High Strangeness" might be the term you're looking for here: UFOs seem to like company. Often reports of flaps will have accompanying reports of Bigfeet or Big Hairy Monsters (BHM) and poltergeist activity and just some seriously weird stuff (buildings appearing/disappearing in one night, etc.). There was a UFO flap in Montana in the 1970s that also involved Bigfeet and poltergeist activity - I read a PDF that I downloaded years ago that was a very fascinating accumulation of the occurrences, called "They Stalked the Prairie." Unfortunately, I can't remember where I found it. However, for a reference that's easier to find, look up John Keel's "The Mothman Prophecies." He goes into the possible connections between all of these things. I'm not sure it's a comfort, but just thought I'd jump in and say you're not the first person who's noticed a possible connection between what seem to be disparate anomalous occurrences. Good luck!



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